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The Dirty Truth Report... Secret Affiliate Code 2


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Secret Affiliate Code 2 | The Ugly Truth Revealed...

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The Dirty Truth Report... Secret Affiliate Code 2

  1. 1. The Dirty Truth Revealed... - Secret Affiliate Code 2 Forget all the Hype and Hollerin'... Here's the Dirty Truth behind Secret Code 2, please read on... My Secret Affiliate Code 2 Review... quot;Craig Beckta has promised us 'Google Killing Strategies.' But is it a promise that ISN'T delivered? Keep reading below...quot; Dear Fellow Marketer, Let's be REAL here... I could give you some long, drawn out speech about how great the following product is and how it changed my life after finding it, but we both know that you're only here for the following reasons: ● To see if quot;Secret Affiliate Code 2quot; really works... ● If you will actually be able to use it (to make some REAL money...) ● And if I have anything else to offer besides the item itself... In other words, you want the truth... Well, before I reveal the Dirty Truth about it, let me tell you real quick why I even tried it myself... Who I am My name is Coty Schwabe, and I'm a decently successful internet marketer. I'll be the first to admit that I'm no Guru or anything like that, but I do make enough to live on (and then some)... Now, I dabble in all the major areas of making money online: (1 of 18) [10/12/2008 7:26:42 AM]
  2. 2. The Dirty Truth Revealed... - Secret Affiliate Code 2 ● Affiliate Marketing ● Blogging ● Product Creation/Direct Selling ● Adsense (and other ads) ● Cpa Offers ● As well as a few others... In order to be as profitable as possible, and stay ahead of the competition, I'm always looking for new, cutting-edge techniques to push me further ahead. So when a new buzzed about item, such as Secret Affiliate Code 2, hits the IM community, I'm usually one of the first people to preview it (I generally get free review copies)... While many jump on the bandwagon to promote it, and push tons of copies, either not knowing its quality or not knowing exactly what it does, I like to show these items for what they really are... Thus, here we are... Overview of Secret Code 2 Secret Affiliate Code 2 is an affiliate marketing product that guarantees to teach you quot;Free Traffic Techniquesquot; and that you'll quot;never have to pay Google again.quot; The simple truth is this: As great this sounds, there really is no such thing. There will always be more work involved, but I honestly think, Affiliate Code 2 is as close as it gets. In fact, while it may not be perfect, it is (2 of 18) [10/12/2008 7:26:42 AM]
  3. 3. The Dirty Truth Revealed... - Secret Affiliate Code 2 very easy to use. The product is easy for anyone to come in and use, regardless of past experience. Creating your own Secret Affiliate Code, is really just a matter of using either Adwords, SEO, or tons of content in order to be profitable. Each one of course will have its drawback... With adwords, you'll be using up tons of money (and time) in order to make that money back, plus more than investment. When it comes to SEO, time is your biggest enemy, since SEO generally takes time to get ranked, and stay there... And when it comes to content, unless you have it all outsourced, effort becomes a real pain, as well as time killer. Back to Secret Affiliate Code 2... Affiliate Code 2 is made mostly for free traffic users, as it cuts down on the start up time it generally requires to actually become profitable, using this method. It also covers a few cheap ways to get instant, reliable traffic... You can use it for: ● Twitter ● Youtube ● Hubpages ● Squidoo ● Blogs ● Other Free Traffic Sources Basically, it's a formula that's designed to help you create killer Affiliate campaigns. Now that you have some insight was to what it is, allow me to unveil the truth about this item, from the inside out... The Truth about Secret Affiliate Code 2 (3 of 18) [10/12/2008 7:26:42 AM]
  4. 4. The Dirty Truth Revealed... - Secret Affiliate Code 2 I'll say upfront that this product has it's flaws... I know that there are tons of quot;Affiliate Reviewquot; pages out there, telling you what you want to hear... Guess what I say? Screw that! Here's Secret Affiliate Code 2 for what it really is... Proof that I do have special access to it BEFORE it hit the streets.... (4 of 18) [10/12/2008 7:26:42 AM]
  5. 5. The Dirty Truth Revealed... - Secret Affiliate Code 2 The Pros First off, Affiliate Code 2 is very detailed. While at heart, SAC2 is similar to it's original predecessor at heart. Still covers great free traffic methods. And it's 121 e-book + mini companion guides, and 10 Videos revealing all of Craig's affiliate secrets is nothing to look past…... The videos show you in depth ways of killing Clickbank for profits, while also teaching any viewer cheap and Free ways to massacre Google for profits. Second, Affiliate Code 2 covers everything that you should know about blogs, free traffic pages and a few other secrets I've been told not to tell.... On top of that, he's giving audio transcripts from some of the top marketers in the world like Willie Crawford and Alex Goad... (5 of 18) [10/12/2008 7:26:42 AM]
  6. 6. The Dirty Truth Revealed... - Secret Affiliate Code 2 Also, this isn't just more videos and ebooks about teaching you how you *COULD* make money online, this is the real deal. Real methods that can make you real results. A few examples of his methods are: ● Video 1: The SEO Code Uncovered ● Video 2: Cash-Sucking Blogging Tactics ● Video 3: Using XXXXXX For A Secret Swarm Of Traffic ● Video 4: Video Marketing On A Shoestring With all that being said, Secret Affiliate Code 2 sounds perfect right?.. Wrong! Nothing is perfect, and here's why... The Cons A small issue that SAC2 has is that Secret Affiliate Code 2 does touch on some areas that many people will know, including how to create videos, setting up blogs, and finding niches. The only REAL problem I had with quot;Secret Affiliate Code 2quot;, is that there is a lot to it. I find that most newcomers will be overwhelmed by the information itself (each video is at least 10 minutes each I believe)... What I mean is this: When you buy Affiliate Code 2, I guarantee that you'll get good support from Craig Beckta's staff and all that, but getting the methods to work for you may be the biggest challenge. Even with the video instruction, the user may still feel lost... On top of that, if you really know nothing about creating traffic for your campaigns, you may find yourself lost... But it's actually ok... Why? Because I have great supplement for you, that will make you a super affiliate (or Affiliate Rockstar in their case) in no time... quot;Most people that use the product will enjoy it. I have no doubt about that. (6 of 18) [10/12/2008 7:26:42 AM]
  7. 7. The Dirty Truth Revealed... - Secret Affiliate Code 2 What I have problem with is that beginners may need a push in the right direction first...quot; Look, the truth is this: The package is one-of-a-kind, and it really does work. But in order to maximize your profits with it, you may need some help with creating the best templates, and content for your pages... This is where I come in again... I thought of a great way that I could help others to get a better start over the competition. I wanted to include a bonus that was both Unique (not saturated on the net) as well as Actually helpful. Here's what I came up with.... After some serious thought, I came to a conclusion. Here's what I came up with.... If you purchase Secret Affiliate Code 2 (also titled quot;The Second Code Revealedquot;) below, I'm going to include 10 affiliate marketing videos - all of which I sell separately for $77 (no joke). I actually created these videos a few months back for my own product. The package sold for $77 a pop, and helped lots of people in these exact areas.... While Affiliate Code 2 is based mostly about free Traffic Marketing, my Affiliate Training videos are as well, thus I knew that these videos were the perfect compliment, and here's why: ● The Videos covers things like using Squidoo, Hubpages and So on, just like Affiliate Code 2 ● There's no wasting time reading through some long, drawn out Ebook ● This isn't PLR garbage, I created these myself, and they total approxamtely a FULL Hour of Content ● The video are SCREEN CAPTURE, which means you see EVERYTHING that I'm talking about ● There's even a bonus video covering some great Adwords techniques And that's just the basis. Here's what the videos are all about: Video 1: Finding Your Niche (7 of 18) [10/12/2008 7:26:42 AM]
  8. 8. The Dirty Truth Revealed... - Secret Affiliate Code 2 Video 2: Finding Subniches and Long Tail keywords (8 of 18) [10/12/2008 7:26:42 AM]
  9. 9. The Dirty Truth Revealed... - Secret Affiliate Code 2 Video 3: Finding Profitable Products for those Niches Video 4: Setting Up Your Review Site (9 of 18) [10/12/2008 7:26:42 AM]
  10. 10. The Dirty Truth Revealed... - Secret Affiliate Code 2 Video 5: Social Bookmarking 411 (10 of 18) [10/12/2008 7:26:42 AM]
  11. 11. The Dirty Truth Revealed... - Secret Affiliate Code 2 Video 6: Creating Videos for Extra Exposure Video 7: Creating Distributable PDFs (11 of 18) [10/12/2008 7:26:42 AM]
  12. 12. The Dirty Truth Revealed... - Secret Affiliate Code 2 Video 8: Creating Quick Articles (12 of 18) [10/12/2008 7:26:42 AM]
  13. 13. The Dirty Truth Revealed... - Secret Affiliate Code 2 Video 9: Creating Static Pages and Blogs Video X: Setting Up successful Adwords Campaigns (13 of 18) [10/12/2008 7:26:42 AM]
  14. 14. The Dirty Truth Revealed... - Secret Affiliate Code 2 But I should warn you: if you plan on trying to make money with Affiliate Marketing either by yourself or with the help of some of those quot;guru'squot;, be prepared for a long and arduous journey. And if you don't want the help of these free guides that I'm offering to you today, then that's on you. Just don't say I didn't warn you. JUST ADDED Oct 12 2008 : Ok, so the Videos were honestly the only Bonus I had for this item, but I'm so confident in Craig's newest release that I personally am going to add EVEN MORE value to the mix... My Entire Affiliate Revolution Package (14 of 18) [10/12/2008 7:26:42 AM]
  15. 15. The Dirty Truth Revealed... - Secret Affiliate Code 2 So here's what else I've added: ■ My Affiliate Revolution Guide - My core AR core manual. Everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, using free traffic methods. Worth $247, Sold for $77 a pop. ■ My Extensive Traffic Guide - Covers over 70 of the best traffic methods known to man. Retail price $87, yours FREE... ■ 7 Things to Save you Thousands - This guide is short report that I wrote for struggling marketers looking to cut costs as much as possible. Worth $37, sold for a cool $7... ■ The Affiliate Revolution Affiliate Code 2 - This is actually a supplement Affiliate Code 2 that goes with the videos and the guide. Use it to rake in the profits as you see fit... Worth $47 alone.... And that's just my core package. That doesn't include all of my supplement bonuses which include: ■ Squeeze Page - Don't have a squeeze page to build your list? This simple squeeze will get your started in no time... ■ Affiliate Rockstar Status Summary - I wrote this summary of ARS becuase I found the book to be great, but stretched out. Same tactics, shorter version... (15 of 18) [10/12/2008 7:26:42 AM]
  16. 16. The Dirty Truth Revealed... - Secret Affiliate Code 2 ■ Email Writing Course - This course is THE MOST CONCISE email writing course ever written. Covers everything from Headline to Signatures, and everything in between... ■ Write a Damn Good Ad in Under 6 Minutes - Master Resales Edition - For anyone that wants to write simple Adwords ads in under 6 minutes, to start making money as quickly as possible... ■ Affiliate revolution Report - Master Resales Edition - My own report. Anyone on my list has this guide and have used it's great FREE techniques. But guess what, you get the Resell version, so you can turn around and make your money back.... ■ Affiliate Money Machines - Know nothing creating profitable affiliate campaigns? Then you most certainly need this report for you arsenal... ■ Affiliate Revolution Traffic Video - Learn the secrets of the Affiliate Elite in this easy to follow, easy to implement traffic video... ■ Top Ten Internet Marketing Questions Answered - I answer the top ten Biggest question ever asked of me... In audio form, and lasts a good half hour... ■ New quot;Quickest Affiliate Profits Videoquot; - I just created this video a few days ago. Over a half hour of Nothin' But Useful Content... All of these items are real items, worth real value... Over $500 in Real Value, as a matter of fact... No Private Label Rights or Master Resales Rights garbage here... To get these *Exclusive* Items WITHOUT paying for them, just follow the easy directions below. You're just a stone's throw away... 1. Click on the link below 2. Order Secret Affiliate Code 2 right here 3. Send me your purchase receipt - forward it to - and I will send you access instructions to these awesome video supplements (and everything else...), as soon as I have confirmed your order. (16 of 18) [10/12/2008 7:26:42 AM]
  17. 17. The Dirty Truth Revealed... - Secret Affiliate Code 2 Click Here to get Craig Beckta's Secret Affiliate Code 2 AND get my Affiliate Marketing Package (RRP over $500) But if you want this incredible package, you're going to have to act fast because I won't be including this bonus package forever... And if you miss on both Google Wealth Software and these exclusive bonuses, you'll lose your edge on the competition. I guarantee it... Remember that these Marketing starter videos are only available from this web page; no-one else is offering this, and no-one ever will; which means you have a massive advantage over people who have quot;Affilaite Blueprintquot; but don't have this extensive bonus, AND a massive advantage over those who don't even own either at all... UPDATE: Wait just one second... Just TODAY, I added one more UNADVERTISED Bonus... This bonus is unlike the rest because it's actually not something you're going to get... Just yet. You see, my last bonus is actually a new product I'm working on; a complete video series... This product is actually in the works as we speak, but I can promise you it's going to be good... And you'll get 100% COMPLETE, No Holds Barred access to it; BEFORE it launches... Look, I could go on with meaningless text, but really from this point it's all you... You really only have 3 options from here on: (17 of 18) [10/12/2008 7:26:42 AM]
  18. 18. The Dirty Truth Revealed... - Secret Affiliate Code 2 1. Order Secret Affiliate Code 2 from no one and get nothing in return... 2. Buy Secret Code 2 from some guy giving quot;thousands of dollarsquot; worth of ebooks (probably mostly garbage) 3. OR, you can order it from me, and get some stuff you ACTUALLY WANT and WILL USE... The choice is yours... It's time to make a decision. Coty Schwabe >>> Order Secret Affiliate Code 2 AND get my Affiliate Training Package - FREE <<< ......................... Contact Me | Order Secret Code 2 + Training Package Here Secret Affiliate Code 2 Review Order SAC 2 Here Secret Affiliate Code 2 Site Map (18 of 18) [10/12/2008 7:26:42 AM]