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Rules & regulations


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Rules & regulations

  1. 1.                 Gurgaon Service Jam - Rules of participationA Jam is a gathering of people interested in co-operation of a design approachbased on creativity, problem solving and, of course, in the design of services. Itsaim is to encourage experimentation and innovation: participants meet without acomputer, without an idea and are given a topic or theme to incorporate into yournew design to the world while meeting new people.The Global Service Jam, is a community event that occur worldwide during thesame weekend. All Jams share the same themes of initiation and publish theirresults on a local transport hub. The theme of the participants in the GlobalService Jam will be released at 18:30 h (local time) on Friday February 24, andthe results should be shared at 15:00 h (local time) on Sunday 26.Each local group is free to structure and manage the Jam to fit your situation andlocal needs. There are rules for organizers and participants, and if you want yourJam is part of the global event, you have to follow them. In addition to theserules, we expect the local teams continue many of our recommendations so wecan share a common experience and everyone can work on equal terms.Rules for participants:Collaborate with new peoplePlease try not come to the Jam with a team. Each one will have time to think andput together an idea. Collaborate with new friends or colleagues you will admire.Arrive on timePlease be timely with respect to the set times.Use your own toolsParticipants use their own tools, including hardware, software, communicationsand what stationery is concerned. If you need a computer and certain software,be sure to have it loaded on your computer. ThoughtWorks is not obligated toprovide the materials that you may require for your ideas/prototypes orpresentations, etc. We will try our best to provide you the basic material as maybe required.Registration: individual and teamAll participants must register with the web platform of the Jam and registerthemselves, their team and their project in the database in the time interval inwhich the duration of the Jam.  
  2. 2.                Be part of the conversationEveryone says that one of the more valuable parts of the Jam is to be part of theonline community. For global communication among participants use Twitter andother platforms. Please add #GSJ12, #GgnServiceJam to your tweets, mentions@GgnServiceJam and tag all your photos and videos GSJ12 and Innovation JamGurgaon for the world to see!Or you can also post on our facebook page Fun!As a Work Play Experience initiative, the Global Service Jam is designed to befun, and we are trying to keep things simple. The golden rule is that teams shouldnot illegally exploit the intellectual property of others and that in turn, everythingwe create becomes public domain. Participants, through their participation in theGlobal Service Jam, are satisfied that no person is liable for any damage or lossof property.The rules on intellectual propertyAll results should be published and archived on the website of the GlobalService Jam under the Creative Commons license.All participants of the Global Service Jam will allow the documentation ofservice is filed on the website of the Global Service Jam, in the way that waspresented at the end of Jam. Participants may request an update of thedocuments published with the notice of information on the version.All work will be licensed under the Creative CommonsAttribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 ( Global Service Jam prohibits the use of prefabricated content (thisincludes graphic designs, processes, models, audio, software code, etc..)Unless it has been publicly released, at least one month beforethe ServiceJam. Please also make sure that when using prefabricated content,they are used with an appropriate license (CC or Public License).All materials may be used for demonstrations: all materials purchased JamGlobalService can be used for demonstrations and lectures at conferences, schools orplaces of industry with the approach of the Global Service Jam Play andWork Experience.  
  3. 3.                PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT:I agree that I and my heirs, family members, guardians, legal representatives andassigns, hereby release, hold harmless and forever discharge its employees,representatives and assigns, from any and all liability, claims, attorneys fees,demands, actions, and causes of action of any kind arising out of or relatingto any loss, damage or personal injury, including death, which maybe sustained by me or any property for me pertezca my participationin the Gurgaon Service Jam organized by ThoughtWorks India Pvt. Ltd.I also pledge to actively participate, contribute and be present during the days ofthe event, from 24 February to 26 February 2012. The breach of thisagreement or the rules of the event may be grounds for my immediateexpulsion from the event.Name:___________________________________________________________Date: February 2012 ____Signature: