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Chemtrails - experiments in weather control


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Chemtrails - experiments in weather control

  1. 1. A normal day over the English Channel
  2. 2. And Italy
  3. 3. France UK Chemtrails Climate control experiments over the English Channel
  4. 4. UK France Chemtrails
  5. 5. Chemtrails … and over Italy (Sardinia)
  6. 6. chemtrails
  7. 7. chemtrails Southern Italy
  8. 8. What are chemtrails? The are trails of floating particles consisting of: barium aluminium and silica polymers (fibers) that are released by the thousands of tonnes in all the skies across the globe by properly equipped aircraft
  9. 9. Equipment for releasing chemical substances
  10. 10. Aircraft that spray chemical substances
  11. 11. Other examples
  12. 12. These are not aircraft belonging to airlines. Airline planes do not fly in formation nor do they follow such flightpaths.
  13. 13. They do not draw designs… Nor do they switch their engines on and off…
  14. 14. When asked by citizens or organisations, governments :  generally dismissed the queries (Italy, France... )  when they replied, they gave vague answers, such as  these are experiments for global warming (USA)  these are experiments in the war on terror (Germany) In reality they are investigating ways to control climate at will.
  15. 15. Blocking rainfall over the Adriatic Sea
  16. 16. Effort to control a hurricane
  17. 17. The ability to control climate is equivalent to possession of a weapon of mass destruction infinitely more powerful and effective than nuclear weapons :  nuclear weapons destroy and pollute everything within the range of their activity with radiation: living organisms, the soil and precious resources ( oil, precious metals, etc.)  Drought, floods, typhoons ‘only’ destroy living organisms but leave precious resources intact, at the mercy of the “climate masters”  They may also be used without agreement from public opinion ( the action of the weapon cannot be distinguished from a natural catastrophe ) . Eg., if an area is hit by drought this may be attributed to natural causes rather than to a country that wants to take control of the area’s wealth .
  18. 18. Images from the ground shortly after chemicals have been sprayed
  19. 19. The wind then disperses them , and, after the course of a few hours ( 3 - 4 ) … .. Artificial dust clouds form that hide the sun
  20. 20. The artificial clouds form rainbows due to the dust that created them
  21. 22. Their shape and form differs from that of natural clouds …
  22. 23. … depending on the substances used to produce them
  23. 24. … and the process to which they are subjected (clouds bombarded with microwaves – Pro ject H.A.A.R.P)
  24. 28. Clouds with holes …
  25. 29. ...dropping, what?
  26. 30. Traces of chemical dust forming shadows that shouldn’t exist
  27. 31. Clouds that form : A sphere! angles !!! ???
  28. 32. The chemicals used to produce artificial clouds may be freely bought over the Web …
  29. 33. … and one may also find expert advice !!!
  30. 34. It is obvious that this dust released in the atmosphere poses great dangers to health. This is the case because :  They all cause respiratory problems  The polymers are silica fibers and inhalation of silica causes silicosis  Aluminium dust  has a short term negative effect on memory and concentration  Causes symptoms similar to Alzheimer’s in the long term  Barium dust causes  chronic fatigue ( through chronic increase of muscle tone )  Suppression of the immune system , increasing the possibility of illness
  31. 35. To learn more you can search the Web using the keywords Scie chimiche and Chemtrail . There are many relevant clips on YouTube, and one in particular teaches how to differentiate between vapor condensation clouds (Contrails), produced by aircraft under particular atmosperic conditions and chemical trails (Chemtrail) used in climate control . Good introductory websites : in Italian : website devoted to chemtrails in English : contains a large selection of links on the subject Please distribute this document !!