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Cypher 1


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Cypher 1

  1. 1. hi its me shreyastriv tha bad boy from tha east, ruinin tha feast and gobblin up stuff like a beast, shittin back in tha same plate and returnin u tha stuff, slammin tha desert on ya ass coz i simply had enuf, thrown outta tha gym coz i raped tha instructer's daughter, warned tha bitch to shut up but she kept talkin abt harry potter, shoved a dumble down her throat and grabbed her by tha tits, " HERE IS A MAGIC WAND THAT EXCITES AND SPITS", and whatever happended next is parental advisory, got no HIV so tha bitch said " WHY WORRY", then came her father with a tusk of ivory, threw tha dumble on his balls and his daughter in my hurry, ran off from tha gym and ended up in tha sheriff's department, put out what my heart meant , to never step in his apartment, never to knock his kid again at high speed with my own car, "I PROMISE I WONT TELL ANYONE UR WIFE IS A PORN STAR", tha faggot got pissed off and he tried to shoot me, motherfucka tried to loot me , and even tried to pollute me, so i jumped outta tha window and ended up in a mortuary van, " U WANNA TORCHURE ME MAN , FCUK UR FORGERY PLAN", rushed back to my home and assembled tha sniper, killed all tha mother fuckas and started this cypher, niggaz enter into it if u feel ur life is worth it, most of tha emcees here really dont deserve it, so keep followin me and please stop pretendin, do all tha wack shit before tha world is ending, i think i talked enuf shit my brain is throwin tha grease out, so i am leavin it up to u now coz tha niggaz screamin peace out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!