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Dream Demolisher


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Published in: Technology
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Dream Demolisher

  1. 1. Yo stop droppin shit, its high time ya clean it, I'ma kill ya motherfucka, and this time i mean it, Ya rap's really loose, where tha fuck is it goin, its like ya pissin in tha toilet, its a liquid waste and its flowin, I am a SHREYASTRIV nigga, Tha rappin animal, Fcuk Emcees like ya, I eat em like a cannible, Beat up ya girl, Eat up ya clones, Digest ya flesh, Digest ya bones, Check ya rhymes dude, Forget abt tha stars, I can defeat ya on earth, Even defeat ya on mars, RAppin against me, I say ur brave, man ELVIS can defeat ya, Restin in his grave, There's no fuckin second round, ya cant even defend it, Bitch ya started this game, I am gonna end it, Inteded or pretended, false or ammended, i dont give a damn if saddam is offended.............. there are many stars in tha sky, but only one does glo, read my name twice, Before and drop dead on tha flo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!