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  1. 1. Ceejay man u r fromuk, so stop thinkin, BLING BLING BLONG BLONG, that shit aint no more blinkin, I am tha Pro rappin MC, U are a pile of shit, Is that a blowing girl, Or it is ceejay sucking his mama's tit, whatever may it be, i dont care , i dont give a fuck, Who is ceejay, That mofo that curses his own luck, man ill pull ur teeth out, Make u look like EDDIE MURPHY, I ll aim at ur ass, and kick it all tha way to NEW JERSEY, I am a flame spitter, spittin fire 24/7, I rose from tha bloody hell, when u learnt shittin in heaven, Tha fate's gun would pop out, tha RAGE of mine would drop out, i call tha shots here, u r just a piece of trash, ill rip that smile off ur face, and stick those lips on ur ass, CEEJAY CEEJAY, U make me sick, and wat separates me and u, is dat i have a DICK, U wanna defeat me man, Thats ur desire, then i wont even piss on U, to put out a fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CEEJAY man, U CANT SEE ME, fuck seeing, U cant even be me, Being triv shady, requires lots of guts, and not some united kingdom asshole, impressing all tha sluts, I speak truth to tha bottom, I am not a hypocritic liar, competeing wid me????, man tha aftermath is dire, may god bless U, and then u hit back ur way, so i say FUCK U,
  2. 2. AND HAVE A GUD DAY......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! man u practice rap, and sing it like jazz, man get down, u can kiss my ass, hit tha buzzer, u cant bear shit anymore, get off tha mic, go enjoy wid a whore rohit rohit, tha poetic bitch, take ur dick off, U can play quidditch, hey wait, U arent harry potter, U aint even got a penis, but ass gets more hotter, u can impress women, and dream about them i dont care, cause god built me, to fuck up ur dreams like a nightmare u aint preachin, its shit that ya spit, so what if i am fat, i am a fast food junkie, and i have a friend called rohit, whose father looks like a monkey, fuck tha world, i dont give a damn, bcause his papa tapes his mom, takin shower wid a handy cam i can cum on ur face, and piss on tha same, fuck u u bastard, U dont know, what is fame, U wanna defeat me, U know tha game, Suckers like ya, know only to bend down in shame.............. shit shit shit shit, oh sorry its rohit's name that i tried to spit, u aint nothin, i saw u that day in tha trash can, fuck tha pussies, Is ur father, really a man??????????
  3. 3. U mean that shit, man i can just shit on it, like u are impressin ur mama, and have ur penis wid her butt on it, u need to go in tha dark, ill lend u a taper, shut up mother fucker, ill staple ur balls, to a stack on paper that is trivshady who raps, and same one who rocks, its CEEjay thats busy, all day sucking cocks, stop talkin about them, they dont give a damn, U say i cant fuck, check tha stomach of ur mam, i am tha real shady, more famous than pam, i ll hit u in tha groin, till ur penis gets JAM.................. common rohit, lets get it started, stop talkin shit, as if u are retarted, u arent rappin, u are talkin crap, if are a toliet hole, then this can be called a rap stop this shit, get back to work, u havent washed ur ass, and u still smell like shit jerk, u r are talkin about hogan, well u call urself strong, u call ur self a man, man my dic is feet long look man, dont piss me off, cause my ass will then demand, U to kiss me off, I ll put flames in ur pants, and burn ur little penis, tell take ur balls, and play table tennis u fantasize about those bitches, and then accuse me of tha same, rohit rohit, thats what spells in their ass's name,
  4. 4. they cant see ya, they cant love u, they cant hate me, but i can definitely shove u i can still whoop ur ass, and blow it into pieces, shut up philosophical slut, i can break ur penis into thesis, u call me gigolo, well u are a slut, that wasnt ur mom, it was u who slapped ur father's butt cant u talk about anything else, or there are movie tapes in ur butt, ok ok i see, must have fallen in when u got fucked like a slut, but, take this crazy advice, put some hot water there, and then to ur penis apply some ice............... funny stuff haan, well i dont care, well i am born, to turn a dream into a night mare, DREAM DEMOLISHER BABy, whooping rock and jazz, born to break hell loose, and shove dollars up ur ass count em or flount em, i dont still care, bcause u step on lepricorns, wid feet that are bare, i know u can impress babes, and still listen to snoop dog, i know man , u r tha one, who got himself a boob job i may look cute, swolen up like a teddy, but beware man, i am tha triv shady, i give u a punch in tha face, like one never given before, i ll send out ur caps for bras, and sell ur GF as a whore philosphy rules,
  5. 5. well who does dig it, well rohit surely does, he might even lick it, might fuck it and suck it, lick it and spit on it, well in personally prefer, we all should shit on it william shakespeare, well philosophy shakes here, shit on ur face, shit on ur grace, shit on ur fame, shit on this game, i can piss, i can shit in ur body, and especially on those muscles of urs, that u think are too gaudy Ur time is up, ur game is done, u r runnin out of lyrics, i had a lotta fun, pissin on ur strife, shittin on ur life, fuck tha grace and that shame, i suppose i have almost won tha game FREESTylin and shit, amn i rule here, look at ur pants, they are wet with fear, look at ur underwear, u scary little fellow, u have shit on it, yes yes its yellow............................... man i can yawn on ur lyrics, and then put in tha trash, rohit rohit philosophic poet, come and kiss my ass, i can kick ya in tha groin, and then drag u to tha death, and shove punches in ya stomach, and fuck u off with wreath i dont need to wear that shit, Bcause u r tha one who needs it, i know u have a baby, and its u who feeds it, milk milk, come here take it babies, u are a true DOG yo,
  6. 6. who has multiple rabies balls balls, all that u can speak, is that ur penis, then how can it tweak, well u cant increase its size, well no one can do it, look that barbie dress, exactly fits into it i wont give up till u run out of breath, i wont stop till u cry holy creath, u like any girl that passes, and stare at their asses, fantasize about them all night, masturbate with all ya might, guess what does finally pop, oh thats urine but that too a single drop............ i dont give a fuck, u talk anythin about me, u are just a kid, who has just fought me, lost out like hell, knock off that shell, ill keeps fuckin u up, till ur papa does yell leave it nj, this guy aint knowing to battle, he has a boat, but he aint knowin to paddle he learns it from his dad, who is totally mad, and his home is an institute, where he trains all tha prostitute my lines are made to hit tha roof, and they are roof raisin, girls listen to my raps, and all of them are praizin, rohit sits in tha corner, tryin to find his dick, because he tried a hundred times, but thats where bitches dont wanna lick look look, this man is tryin to back out, there is no more left in him, his brain has already blacked out, i can fix it man dont worry, i call me fat, well i can smack that ass,
  7. 7. and filter all tha fat out.........................