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Bs Soul2


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Bs Soul2

  1. 1. smoke these FOUR SQUARED KINGS ; replace NOTORIOUS like RECKLESS ; nail bitches like a lyrical sledge, as i leave sumhere/sameer in parts n shoot the bitch in one ; rest of them pray/prey to death like CAPITAL H ! eminem wanna be? voice stretched more than clothlines in backyards ; i ll brake/break u any time like a car ride, white ass goth wannab? ; like NYPD i aint leaving Ja free/Jafri ; pull ur eye balls out n show him the literal dark side Head On Dick name defines "suck" ; he love mojo jojo at 21? he no subset damn he defines the word "stranger", like weed i kill u whn u njoy me ; leave u shocked like internet chicks but i aint giving you wood like a forest ranger you grabbing stray cocks ; he more gay than "mogenic" ; leave him wet like the guy pissing on his blue trousers, like candy i aint seein no-tori-hearse/notorious ; because he got more porn "history" than cyber cafe net browsers We leave "victims" no patients/patience ; taking rap battles to new heights ; bs crew got in the wrong flight/fight , fly past you n drop enuv new clear/nuclear dissmissals/diss missles ; orkut redefines B.S as the new Bomb Site.