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Cypher Tna


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Cypher Tna

  1. 1. yo this is TNA nigga speakin so keep tha mouth shut, dont show me your gats coz ill shove em up ur butt, fuck u like a slut and neva wear tha rubber, call robin williams these guys jumpin like flubber, FUCK TNA eh??? what tha hell u blabberin, look at tha no1 spot ... whats ya brain gatherin, nothin .... wear some glasses and look up son, its TNA nigga rulin position no 1, stop talkin shit and start tha typin, tha truth is surely opposite of whats been ya likin, coz i am strikin, these niggas so bad they dead, they have no brains and they abt to lose their head, one man at a time or get tha damn army, add tha niggas up, still they cant harm me, got a problem wid TNA tha wrong way to tell it, dont be like reppen KC wid loads o shit to yell it, Spittin on anyone ..... what tha hell you talkin, you just spittin on walls coz that shit aint walkin, coz it doesnt even harm , its perfectly still, we TNA niggas all ill with skill,ready to drill, this shit down ya brain so get it, life is one package later u regret it, and who tha hell these MOB guys,MONEY OVER BITCHES, all tha time they spend is in tha hospital gettin stitches, M is fo massive,O fo overated, B is fo bitches ,well,thats anticipated, these guys bunch o lairs tryin to talk high, just a bunch of kids waitin fo choc pie, toss one at them all of them get treated, there's tha bunch o mobsters totally defeated, TRU ??? whats that shit nigga, neva knew when this crew, got so bigga, all a bunch of kids actin tha gats theif, who let these disney land crew into LETS BEEF, group votin me out and cursin TNA, shut tha fuck up what u seein eh???, just talkin tha trash is gonna get u to hell, messin wid shreyastriv ull end up in a kernel, done lot of talkin i am not in a habbit, hittin this cypher i am abt to crack it .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TNA 4 LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!