The Colonel Find Outers


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my first story book published today 16 th july 2009 my 12 th bith anniversary

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The Colonel Find Outers

  1. 1. The Colonel Find Outers Mystery Of the Stolen Diamonds Author: Nikhil Bachhawat
  2. 2. Ch a p t e r 1: A N e w Nei g h b o u r In the lit t le town of Peterswood, it was snowing heavi ly . David’s mother shouted, “Co me down David, Catherine and Li l y . Our new neighbour with her son has come to meet and have tea with us. Come down fast !” David, a f i f teen- year-old boy, Catherine, a twelve-year-old gir l and Li l y , a sweet gir l of eight years came rushing down the stai rs . They were very curious to know how their neighbours looked, although they had a gl impse of them through the window. The tea was lovely and the mothers chatted over the tea while the three chi ldren asked their neighbour questions. They found out his name was Rodick. He was f i f teen
  3. 3. Years old as David, and his aim was to be the greatest detect ive and the others too had the same aim in l i f e . So, they thought that they real ly would become fast fr iends. They al l said that they might not have any mystery to solve in th is quiet town. But they were completely wrong. They did have a nice, ju icy mystery and that too the very next day.
  4. 4. Ch a p t e r 2: Mr s . Mar pl e ’ s s t o r y o f t h e s t o l e n di a m o n d s The day came to an end. They went to their homes and went to bed early . They were asleep in a few mo ents as they were very m t i red. There was a noise that nobody except Rodick’s Micky heard as the whole house was asleep. And i t was only the cat me wing! Late in the morning they woke up at almost the same t ime. They jumped out of their beds and ran to the bathroom to change for they had to go to school. I t would be the last day of school. David was too happy for words as the winter vacations would start ! I t would be for a long t ime as i t had three great occasions- Easter, Christmas and New Year! They read the newspaper in a hurry as they had a feel ing that there
  5. 5. would be a mystery and suddenly Li l y cried out aloud, “Hey, l i s ten al l of you, Mrs. Marple’s jewel lery has been stolen and most of them were diamonds! Whe w, the th ief must have been quite daring to do that! Mrs. Marple has al l the sensors and burglar alarms around her house.” They decided to tel l Rodick about i t after school. After a few hours of impatient wait ing the school bel l rang! Al l rushed out of the school gates pel l - mell . David, Catherine and Li ly ran l i ke cheetahs to their house. They changed quickly , drank the coffee which was wait ing for them and rushed off to Rodick’s l i t t l e shed where the would f ind him. They narrated the story of the stolen diamonds and were surprised that he had already read about i t . So Rodick said,
  6. 6. “So what are we wait ing for? Come on Micky, let us have a walk. There’s been a burglary in our town.” Micky cocked up his ears on hearing his name, got to his feet and fo l lowed Rodick, his master, and his new fr iends. After they reached there, they rang the bel l . Mrs. Marple hersel f opened the door. She asked her unexpected vis i tors to si t down in the drawing room. I t was neatly furn ished. Rodick said, “ We have heard about the robbery. Can you tel l us anything about i t?” Mrs. Marple said, “ There is nothing much to tel l . But there are f ingerpr ints in the wall and in the room and on the vaults .” The chi ldren stra ig htaway went to the room and Catherine, who was a wonderful art is t , drew an exact copy of the gloves and measured i t , just in case. They al l went around the house at the back where there were
  7. 7. large sized footpr ints and as the soi l was of wet clay they could even see the number of the shoe. They noted and drew the footpr ints in a brand new diary made for them. It was a lovely diary with the words ‘F i n d ou t e r ’ s d i a r y ’ printed on the f i rs t page. Mrs. Marple also told them about her most precious r ing which was stolen. The chi ldren were very happy with their day’s detective work and returned back home. They also looked forward for the next day, which they thought, would be excit ing. I t wouldn’t just be excit ing but too excit ing.
  8. 8. Ch a p t e r 3: S e a r c h for th e sho e s Next day Rodick thought i t a very good idea to go to the cobbler’s. But of course the cobbler did not give any in formation to chi ldren. So, Rodick who had al l kinds of disguises put on a tramp’s one. He also put some wrinkles on his face to make himself look a l i t t l e older. He came out of the shed. The others were shocked to see a middle-aged man come out of Rodick’s shed. They did not recognize Rodick, as his make-up was superb. Then he told them that he was Rodick and he was in his favouri te disguise and told them the plan. They agreed with him and immediately thought that Rodick was jo l l y clever. They set out from their house towards the cobbler’s shop. There they
  9. 9. saw an old man repair ing a shoe. He asked, “ What do you want?” They said, “ I want to know i f anyone just bought a 12 number shoe with sole. They were happy to f ind that the shoe was from that very shop. But the cobbler repl ied in a regretfu l tone, “I am very sorry as I am very forgetfu l and I don’t reme mber who bought i t . I know Mr. Boon, the pol ice, wears th is size shoes.” But the chi ldren could rule him out, as a pol ice would never do a robbery but st i l l his name went down in the l i s t of ‘Suspicious People’. Rodick said, “You just never know who is the th ief . I t can be anyone from a tramp to a pol ice.” The cobbler also said, “I know another man who wears the same shoe, Mr. Quentin. He l i ves in No. 12, Church Lane.”
  10. 10. C h a p t e r 4: A Pi c n i c and Mr s . Mar pl e ag a i n. The next day Catherine told the others, “I want a day’s break. Please can we go to the beach and have a picnic there. I t’s a lovely cool day.” Rodick repl ied, “Oh! Sure. That’s a good idea.” So they asked their parents about their plan. They too thought i t was a good one. So with baskets of food they rode their bicycles with Micky running behind them. He was happy as he would f ind rabbits there and he would have a good game chasing them. Once they reached there, they had a lot of fun splashing in the ice- cold water. So Micky started barking. The chi ldren looked around to see what had scared Micky and saw Mrs. Marple coming down from her house towards the beach. Suddenly, Rodick ran to change
  11. 11. his clothes and when the others asked what had happened he wouldn’t say anything. They too changed and fo l lowed him. They heard Rodick asking; “ We forgot to ask you about the people who came to meet you on the day of the robbery.” Mrs. Marple in a surprised tone said, “ Well, The milkman came and of course he could not be the th ief as he did not even enter the house.” Then the postman, he too just lef t the let ters and went off on his cycle to del iver the other let ters and then, last of al l , the grocer. He put the vegetables and he was the only one who real ly had the t ime to steal the jewel lery . So, the chi ldren departed with the news to their house.
  12. 12. C h a p t e r 5: Mr. Qu e n t i n and a surpri s e . Rodick got an idea of going to Mr. Quentin’s house as a tramp and ask for shoes, which were old. He may even get those very shoes, which had made the marks at the back door of Mrs. Marple’s house. So, without tel l i ng the others he put on a disguise and became a tramp. He wore shoes, out of which his toes stuck out. And off he went to No.12, Churchlane, for a bit of work. There at Mr. Quentin’s house he saw Mr. Quentin lay ing on a chair , sunbathing. Rodick said, “Sorry to disturb you but I need a pair of old shoes.” So Mr. Quentin cal led his servant and ordered her to give him a pair of shoes. And Rodick as he had thought, got the same shoes! Out of curiosi ty he asked the wo man, “ Where did you get th is
  13. 13. shoe from?” “Oh! From the wo man who l i ves next door. She wanted to get r id of these.” So, Rodick took the shoes and went off to change in the park. He, as Rodick th is t ime, went off to the woman mentioned by the servant. He hurr iedly asked, “From where did you get these shoes?” She repl ied, “I bought i t from a sale at a cobbler’s shop and gave it to Mr. Quentin.” And after a minutes si lence she said, “But I know someone had stolen th is pair of shoes. The shopkeeper had told me about i t . And i t was stolen for a complete whole week.” He thanked her and went back to his shed where he was to meet David Catherine and Li ly . Micky started barking when he saw his master coming back and acted as i f he had met an old, old fr iend again after years. The chi ldren
  14. 14. began asking questions. Rodick told them the whole th ing clear ly and then played a game of Hulla- Hulla, where Red- Indians would ki l l imaginary animals, and they shouted l i ke mad. And in the evening they returned to their home. Rodick shouted to them, “To morrow at 10:00 am I’l l meet you in David’s shed. OK.” What could be better for the f i ve!
  15. 15. Ch a p t e r 6: D a v i d ’ s Tri c k - a n d a br ai n w a v e . Next morning David got up at 5:00. Just then an idea came to his mind, “ Won’t i t be fun to scare the others by making marks with the same shoes which the th ief used.” So, immediately he took the shoes, which Rodick had lef t behind. Although i t was big for him, he put i t on and tr ied to make marks. I t came out just as David thought. At 10:00am the three chi ldren came out to meet Rodick. There, Catherine gave a shout, “Look, those are the footpr ints which we saw at Mrs. Marple’s place.” She was r ight . Li l y checked i t with the drawing to make i t sure. I t was, no doubt, the same! Just then Rodick came into sight. They showed him the footpr ints . He said, “Let’s get ins ide the shed and th ink about i t .” Rodick
  16. 16. said, “No need of i t , let’s cl imb up the tree and th ink. The weather is pleasant enough.” Everybody was curious, except, of course David. Suddenly David burst out laughing. Rodick asked, “ What happened, old boy? What made you laugh?” David was just going to fa l l when he control led himself and said, “Sorry, I played that tr ick on you al l .” Everybody laughed, and Rodick said, “It was a good one too.” After that they went to have some éclai rs and coffee. Suddenly Rodick said, “ Wait, I th ink I have part ly solved the mystery. Although David’s legs are small he gave us al l an impression that someone with big feet must have done i t . In the same way, another man must have played the same tr ick . And Catherine said, “So, i t could have been Mr. Twig, the grocer.
  17. 17. He too has small legs. And Li ly reme mbering another th ing which she had seen, said, “The round shaped net- l i ke mark could have been made by his basket.” Then Rodick said in a rel ieved tone said, “This mystery was l i ke a puzzle and now the pieces are jo in ing together. Tomorrow we wil l search for any clues in his basket.”
  18. 18. Ch a p t e r 7: D e t a i l e d in v e s t i g a t i o n o f T w i g ’ s ba s k e t . Next day, Rodick waited at the doorstep for the grocer to come. Mr. Twig came on t ime and gave the th ings to Rodick. Rodick said, “Your basket looks l i ke ancient one.” Mr. Twig said, “It is .” “Can I see i t please?” “Su-re,” Mr. Twig stam mered. He was sweating f iercely . Rodick took i t and saw i t . The th ings were put on top of a white cloth. He removed i t and saw a pair of gloves. They were dir ty and big ones. I t was not Mr. Twig’s size and the basket also had a round shaped mark below which could have been the one, which was outside Mrs. Marple’s home. Rodick thought, “I cannot catch him now. He sure to run
  19. 19. away.” So, without any expression, he put i t back and gave i t to Mr. Twig. After th is , he ran out to meet the other chi ldren. So with Micky at his heels, he set out for his neighbour’s house, which was walking distance from his home. He related the events to David, Catherine and Li ly and said, “ We have to tel l someone who we m can trust . We wil l surely not tel l to Boon, the vi l l age bobby. He’ll tel l the chief that he has solved the mystery and he wil l get promotion.” David said, as the mystery is over; why not take a picnic again. School is start ing again in a few days. And we may even f ind someone.” Although Rodick did not th ink they would f ind someone they could tel l about the mystery, he agreed with David and so did the other two gir ls .
  20. 20. Ch a p t e r 8: A st r a n g e r - a n d s e a r c h f o r th e di a m o n d s . They were playing on the beach when a stranger came and asked, “Have you heard about the stolen diamonds?” His voice had a com anding power in m it and immediately Li ly the smallest of the f ind- outers took a great l i k i ng towards him. Rodick said, “ Who are you?” He repl ied, “Don’t worry, I am not a bad one. You can even trust me with your l i f e .” Rodick said, “ Well , actual ly we have solved the mystery and we are f ind ing someone honest enough to tel l the outcome of i t .” The man said, “I’l l ta lk to the pol ice of th is vi l l age. I am not from here but st i l l everyone knows me, can’t tel l you why! You can guess.” The chi ldren told him the story. The man said, “ w! Wo
  21. 21. You are a bunch of clever kids. I’l l arrange a meeting at the pol ice stat ion and cal l Mr. Twig there.” The chi ldren thanked the man and went off to Mrs. Marple to tel l her about the progress. She said, “Ho can I thank you w chi ldren? And I have found the diamonds. I t was up the pipe.” The chi ldren went and saw the pipe leaking as the diamond had cut through the outer covering! They al l jumped and said, “hurray the mystery has solved. Now for tomorrow’s meeting.”
  22. 22. C h a p t e r 9: Th e e n d of th e my s t e r y . From the pol ice stat ion they saw the chief coming out of a car. When they could see his face clear ly they were shocked to see that the chief was the stranger who they had met the previous m day! He came to them and laughed at their surprised faces and said, “Hi, how are you al l?” Mr. Boon, the vi l l age pol iceman said, “Hello sir . Mr. Boon at you service. Do you know them sir? They poke their noses into my affa i rs…” Inspector Jenks interrupted, “Yes, I have met them. These clever chi ldren, here, have solved the mystery.” Mr. Boon’s face went pink. He exclaimed, “ Wha- wha-what!” Jenks said, “Yes, don’t be surprised.” And then he related what the chi ldren had told him. Just as
  23. 23. they f in i shed they saw Mr. Twig coming in . He immediately said, “I am the th ief . I wanted to col lect diamonds. Jenks said, “Its good you owned up and now I know who you are.” He picked up a photo of Mr. Twig and said, “You are Frankl in F. Kennedy.” And so the pol ice arrested him and the mystery was up! Inspector Jenks said, “You chi ldren need some treat.” And off they went to an air- condit ioned bakery shop. Bye, bye Four f ind- outers. And bye, bye Micky, the f i f t h f ind- outer. Bye! I hope you have another mystery soon!
  24. 24. “ A fantast ic mystery about the stolen jewel lery of Mrs. Marple’s and how Rodick, David, Catherine and Li ly solve i t ; and get yourself taken away by the mind blowing self sty led mystery solvers! !” -Nikhil Bachhawat