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The Anthology Chronicles chapter two


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The second chapter of generation 1

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The Anthology Chronicles chapter two

  1. 1. The Anthology Chronicles: Chapter two A legacy
  2. 2. Dear Reader, Welcome back dear reader. Here's a quick recap before we rummage through the Anthology's letter box again. Fictional Anthology moved far away from his domineering parents and reconnected with his childhood friend Jan Tellerman. After a whirlwind romance they married and had two beautiful children named Colin and Mary, after the characters from The Secret Garden. This happy home run by a pleasure and romance sim, may not have been what his parents wanted but it is exactly what Fictional envisioned for his offspring. The only thing threatening the tranquility is Jan's old roommate and stalker Andrea Hogan. The children have recently started school and Fictional is climbing the gaming ladder. So now we have caught up, let us return to rummaging. The Author
  3. 3. Dear Grandma and Grandpa Are you having fun in Simerica? Daddy showed me a picture of it on a map. It's really big, do you get lost a lot? Me and Mary are nine years old now. I'm taller than Mary but that's because I'm the boy and boys are better than girls. Girls are messy like Mary. She doesn't use her fork for meals and she never cleans her bed. We have a bedroom together but mummy says she and daddy are going to give me my own room soon. I got a A+ in school today and we have to write letters to another kid in a different school. I don't know who I want to write to but I like making friends. Daddy has a better job now, he says it's a better job but he just comes home late and he is tired. Mummy is really happy when she is painting and a lady phoned her to talk about mummy's pictures. I saw some at the coffee shop by daddy's office, I like the one with the spaceship but not the man in the brown suit. Mummy says she will send a picture of us all next time. Love Colin
  4. 4. To Beau Broke Pleasantview School My name is Mary Anthology. I am nine years old and I live in a small town called Anthologia. The town is nice, there is a park and a new roller park opening soon. Daddy works in SimCity and he takes us there sometimes. I really like the big city, there are a lot of shops and places to play. I live with my mummy and daddy and I have a twin brother Colin. Where do you live? Do you have a brother? My mummy said that I could look at the school photo album and choose who to be friends with. I saw an alien boy in one of the pictures. He looked really fun, a bit like he is made of magic. I want to meet an alien but there aren't any at my school. I like space and school and making friends. What do you like? From Mary Anthology Anthologia Primary School
  5. 5. To Beau Broke Thank you for writing to me. Your mummy sounds really nice, my mummy doesn't have a job either. She does a lot of painting. There is a shop that sells her paintings for a lot of money and it makes her really happy. Maybe your mummy will get money from her cakes at a coffee shop. My teacher says I have to tell you about my house. It is a bit bigger than yours and we have a small garden where mummy and I grow tomatoes. I like gardening its fun. Mummy lets me help her do the weeding and water the plants. They are nearly as big as me now. My brother and I share a bedroom as well, but mummy and daddy are making another bedroom for Colin because mummy says I'm special and need my own room. Is it fun having a baby brother? Colin is younger than me but it doesn't count when you are twins. It was very nice to get a letter from you. From Mary Anthology
  6. 6. Mrs Theresa Pederson Thank you for the invitation to your restaurant opening, I'm sure it will be just as big a success as your previous one. There will be four in my party for the opening, I hope the children won't alter the tone of the restaurant too much. Your timing is excellent actually, I was going to call you for a booking this week. We are celebrating Colin's first political debate, he successfully refuted the governments policy on the benefit system. We are of course very proud of him, only ten years old and already he glues himself to the political section of the paper every morning. By any chance does your new chef make chocolate fudge cake? As most children do the twins love it and if possible I would like to make a special request for chocolate fudge cake and strawberry ice cream. We shall see you on Friday for the opening. It is always a pleasure Fictional Anthology
  7. 7. Mrs Jan Anthology I am an art dealer for Deh'Javu Modern Art Museum, I am given to understand that your are the artist for Cafe Petite. Your work is both evocative and inspired. The gallery is interested in booking you for a show, we are running a series on local artists to watch. The gallery would ask for a minimum of twenty pieces or the show, with the work being shown for two months. Any pieces sold during this time would be collected after the show ends. The museum would take an initial twenty percent finders fee from any sales. All other work would be returned to you. If you are amenable I would like to meet to discuss your work. Perhaps over dinner, the gallery would of course pay and we can discuss the details of the show. Sincerely Genesis Hiatt
  8. 8. Darling I arrived safely at the hotel in perfect time to get ready for the art dealer meeting. She took me to a very nice restaurant, I definitely enjoyed being treated like royalty. This woman is very big in this city so all the waiters were falling over themselves to get us the best table! They are offering me so much money just to give them my paintings, can you believe it? The meeting was great! Genesis is such a wonderful person, I think we are going to become great friends. Speaking of friends you will never guess who I saw at dinner, Andrea. She was just eating at the next table, I must admit it was fun suprising her. I'm going to be staying for another day or two to talk to the gallery. Genesis is taking me to the gallery and I have to meet and great a lot of museum officials. Everything is happening very fast now, you are married to an artist. A successful one at that. Impressed? Give the kids a kiss and I'll be home soon. I love you J x
  9. 9. Dear Grandma and Grandpa How are you? Mummy has gone away on holiday to talk to a lady. Daddy says we get to have new posh clothes so we can go to a painting party with mummy. The lady is going to make mummy famous. I won the school baking competition. Mrs Green say that I made the best brownies ever, when you come home I'll make you some so you can try them. Mary has joined the school gardening club and I'm in the chess club. I like chess. It's a fun game and it makes you smarter. Mary is friends with a boy in Pleasantview and he says that he has seen an alien. I haven't seen one yet but I really want to. Daddy lets me use his teleescoper before bedtime but I haven't seen anything. When are you coming home? Daddy told me that my other letter got lost and that's why you didn't get it. He said he would make sure you got this one. Colin
  10. 10. Jan Anthology Darling it was wonderful seeing your house, your son seems very eager to learn, he must have asked me a dozen questions about art, the city and everything else in my life. I hope you don't mind but I offered to introduce him to the mayor at the gallery, he was very excited when I said that I dined with the county MP and the mayor. The mayor actually wants to meet you as well darling, I told him about the portrait you were doing of your husband and he wants to commission a piece of himself and his wife for his reinstatement address. Your husband showed me your birthday present, I must say it's an impressive studio. When it's finished a few womanly touches will make it perfectly charming. I'll collect the finished work at the end of the month and then there's just the celebration to focus on. There's a fabulous new restaurant opening gala on the 29 th which I am inviting your entire family to attend. Ciao darling Genesis
  11. 11. To Beau Today we went to the new roller rink and mummy and daddy fell down a lot. Tomorrow is my birthday so we had a party at the roller rink. Colin and I fell as well and then I got better. We are going to the high school on Monday and they have a really good garden club. What's it like meeting an alien? I want to meet your friend. Is her mummy really her daddy? That is so cool! My daddy could have a baby and it would make him a mummy. Colin keeps waiting for the postman to bring him a letter from grandpa, but I heard my parents saying that grandpa didn't want to talk to us any more. Are you going to be coming here for the school trips? Mrs Green said that a class from Pleasantview was coming to see the museum. I hope you are. I can show you my garden. Mary
  12. 12. SimCity Metropolitan Police For the past few weeks I have noticed my family being followed. There has been a woman standing outside our house on multiple occassions, she will watch my family through the window and watch my children when they go to the park or to school. She has started to follow my wife where ever she goes, and she is stalking my family. Her name is Andrea Hogan, she used to be a police officer. My son recently saw her on our property at night, she will follow them when they leave school. My children are afraid to leave the house, my wife still doesn't feel the danger of this woman. My family and I need to know if she is a threat. I fear we may need protection. Fictional Anthology
  13. 13. Genesis It's official, my children have grown up. I had the dreaded mother daughter talk about dating, having to go through my entire dating history with my teenage daughter was quite daunting. It seems like yesterday when I was holding that little baby in my arms and now she is going on her first date. And Colin is fitting into his new school nicely, in fact the phone hasn't stopped ringing since his first day. He's taken up politics and says he wants to fix the country, heaven help us. He's very good at the public relations aspect, but seems a little too idealistic for politics. It feels like yesterday that they were helpless little babies and now they are young adults. Where does the time go? I've been thinking about the passage of time a lot recently, when you come to see my paintings next week I want to show you a few sketches I've been doing. I think you'll really like them, I've been working with watercolours and hopefully the effect will be interesting. We'll see you for dinner on Wednesday. Jan
  14. 14. Ricky Cormier I have met a godess! She is beautiful, so beautiful she doesn't seem real. When those eyes looked at me I could see the sky looking back at me. I swear she has eyes that you can just see into her soul, and those lips. That smile is just incredible! I never knew you could meet your soul mate outside a bowling alley. Her name is Emily Love, even her name is perfect. A godess in sim form! Mary of course ruined it by shouting that It was my move in pool of all things, like pool matters after you meet the love of your life? Emily left very quickly, she saw her ex boyfriend and didn't want to have to face him. What a graceful girl, walking away from an ugly situation with dignity. She is perfect! I managed to get her number before she left, she goes to the private school in SimCity. She is so smart and funny, I can't stop thinking about her. I can't believe that I just though I was going bowling with friends, not that I would meet the woman of my dreams. Colin Anthology
  15. 15. Dear Grandfather I haven't heard from you since my last letter. Mary and I are now at SimCity Comprehensive School, my teachers have put me into an advanced politics class and Mrs Parker has recommended that I take economics, but I'm not sure about that. What I really want to do is take astrology, there is so much in this universe that we don't understand, I think it would be really cool to study space, but I have to wait until university for that kind of subject. Mary doesn't really have any extra classes, but she spends a lot of time at school events. She's a cheerleader so she's always at the football and rugby games. She doesn't really like sports so I don't know why she bothers. I got a job working for the Spanish Ambassador as an intern. It's not as exciting as it sounds but I'm learning a lot about politics and diplomacy. There's a trip to Simerica this summer, if I get a place maybe I could visit you and grandmother? Love Colin
  16. 16. Mrs Theresa Pederson As ever Londoste never fails to impress, my compliments to the chef. Now that the twins are older Jan and I finally have time to go out for a romantic meal, and of course you never disappoint. The salmon in particular was wonderful. Has Francois altered the recipe since the last time we were here? I wanted to thank you for the tickets to the night club opening, It was a very enjoyable night. I was a little skeptical at first, at the idea of a restaurant in a club. But despite the music and dance floor we were able to have pleasant conversation and still enjoy the atmosphere. I'm sure Jan and I will see you at the art opening, we would be love it if you would join us for dinner before the show. That way we can show you a good evening for once, rather than you taking care of us. Miss Haitt from Deh'Javu has recommended a wonderful place, one of the cities best kept secrets. I know you have seen them all but it might be one you have missed. Fictional Anthology
  17. 17. Dear Beau It's been way too long! How is the exciting world of food service treating you? I'm only teasing, it's so cool you work at Sim State. I didn't think they would hire someone who wasn't a student there. I haven't found time to have a job. My friend Ivy and I went out to celebrate my joining the cheerleaders. One of the girls doesn't like me very much, I don't know what I did to offend her but she's been spreading gossip about me. Everyone at school now thinks I'm a slut. Just because I was on a date with her ex boyfriend! It's not being a slut to go on dates, I'm having fun and going out. I've started dating one of the football players, his name is Roger, he's really fun and witty. Mum is going to be in Pleasantview next month, some guy called Mortimer wants her to paint his wife for him. Anyway, I'm going to be going with her and wondered if you wanted to meet in person? Mary
  18. 18. *unread J I'm sorry it's been so long dearest some mix up at the station has lead to some investigations. There's nothing to worry about but I might not be around as much as we'd like. I found a beautiful flat far away from this city and our old life. Soon we can be together again the way it was. The flat is looking out on a waterfall, just how you like it. This waiting is killing me, but it will all be worth it when we are together. That boy of yours is a very strong speaker, I heard him leading a protest outside the town hall. I'm so proud of you dearest, they are both so like you. Your young woman is beautiful, I can see why all the boys are following her around when she's at the gym. Her clothes are a bit revealing but I'm sure it's all perfectly innocent. Do you remember that little red dress you used to wear? You looked so good in that, like a super model. Call me when you get time, and that man is out of the house. My love A xx
  19. 19. Rick Dude sorry I skipped debate. Emily and I went to Red's instead, still can't believe that she's real. I mean Mary is skinny, but the girl doesn't eat so it makes sense but Em is just like a doll. So delicate and fragile and at the same time like diamonds. Perfectly dazzling. You going to be coming to my place Friday? Mum has decided to go crazy with food so game night is turning into game and feast night. George and Orlando are gonna be bringing some work with them, they think if they stare at their projects long enough that I'll help. So if you want to work on the debate just bring your notes and we can do that too. Mary says to say hi by the way and something about her pompoms. No idea what she's talking about but she's hovering over my head and looks like a scared chicken. So she wants to know if you have seen them? She's crazy. Gotta go mate Colin
  20. 20. Mrs Jan Anthology Preparations for the show in Simland City are underway. I will be sending a truck to collect your final pieces on Friday so if you could get the pieces ready for transport by then the show will run perfectly smoothly. The mayor was very impressed by the portrait of his wife, I took a peek at it and it makes her look beautiful. You will have to tell me how you made her eyes soften to look like a pleasant person, rather than the witch she is. That stays between us though dahling. Now that the children are older I wanted to broach the topic of you signing with me full time, I would take a ten percent agents fee and you would have full freedom with regards to your work. We'll talk over drinks at the opening. Genesis Hiatt
  21. 21. Dear Sir/madam My name is Mary Anthology, top of my class and member of the cheer-leading squad of SimCity Comprehensive School. According to the league tables your university is the best in the country. I am an A* student with excellent recommendations from my headteacher and volunteer coordinator at Anthologia Community Centre. I am applying for a place in your sports program, with an interest in sport science and physical therapy. I am an active member of my community, volunteering with the local community centre and as an usher for Deh'Ja Vu Modern Art Museum. I am a senior prefect in my school and take part in many extra curricular activities including cheer-leading, swimming and singing. I have included my estimated results and my AS level results, along with recommendations from teachers. Yours Mary Anthology
  22. 22. My love Only a woman as amazing as you could have the ability to make a night at a bowling alley the same as a night at the most lavish hotel imaginable. As the bard eloquently put it 'How can I compare thee to a summers day. Thou art more lovely and more temperate' You my love are that lovely summers day, your light shines brighter than that of the brightest star in the sky. My one regret is that you are not coming to the Academie with me, our separation will feel as though the world is pulling us apart, although it may only be a year. A year without your charming company would be as insufferable as one hundred years suffering as Prometheus chained to the rock, tormented by the gods themselves. My one true love, you are the last thing I think of at night and the only thing I think of during the days. My only comfort is that you will be thinking of me. Email me often my love. Yours always Colin
  23. 23. Colin Good seeing you last night mate, sorry we got in the way of your date. It's gonna suck at work tomorrow without you man. Who's gonna do all the filing so I can focus on pranks without you? You have to tell me about all the hot chicks on campus. You are so lucky man, got a hot girl at school and now you get to be with all the hotties at Le Tour. You know what they say about those french girls. How come your dad is letting you go so far? He's paranoid dude, kept asking about some woman that hangs out at the coffee shop. Oh yea that was it! The ambassador said to send his reference to the uni first thing so I figured you'd want to read it too. Not sure which one of you is kissing political butt lol See you at christmas mate Orlando
  24. 24. Father Colin is persistent in his desire for you to know our family. He is a sweet boy, young man actually. Colin and Mary are both going to Academie Le Tour in Paris, the university has an excellent politics program and from what Mary has squealed at me a powerful sports program. I got a promotion, I'm now the senior games designer in charge off all new releases. Jan has also had success in the art world. She has recently got back from the capital city after a show in the Royal Gallery. I'm still holding out hope that you and mother will forgive me for what you think I have done, the children would really love to get to know you both. They are the most even tempered teenagers I have ever seen. I hope you and mother are well and that you will get in contact with your grandson. Your son Fictional
  25. 25. Dear Reader Thank you for your patience waiting for this update. I'm going to leave you now with the portraits of my mild founding couple. I have a new appreciation for mean troublesome sims as these two have caused no drama at all. The closest I have come actually is our stalker Andrea. The two on the right are my heir and spare Colin and Mary at Academie Le Tour. I will leave you now with sim style bloopers. Or in other words the amusing things they do when they get 'stuck'. I hope you liked this chapter, despite its shortness. The Author
  26. 26. Mary and Jan are constantly fighting over who gets to work the garden. This snap is just to show how silly sims can be when it comes to spatial awareness. Mary the refined young lady...
  27. 27. Evidence of stalking! Wherever Jan or the family go Andrea is right there heart-farting her. I do love how sim kids play, in no other universe will you see anyone lying down in front of a very big school bus playing dead,