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The presentation, supporting the speech of Stefano Scamuzzo, SpagoBI Senior Technical Manager and Manager of SpagoBI international activities, at the CLLAP 2009.

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  1. 1. Open Source Business Intelligence
  2. 2. Who am I Stefano Scamuzzo Senior Technical Manager Architecture & Consulting Research & Innovation Division Engineering Ingegneria Informatica
  3. 3. The SpagoBI Core Team Antonella Giachino Stefano Modroni Davide Zerbetto Andrea Gioia Angelo Bernabei Grazia Cazzin – Project Leader Chiara Chiarelli Giulio Gavardi
  4. 4. The SpagoBI editor (ENGINEERING) Leader Company More than 40 premises More than 6.500 employees More than 800 Customers More than 400 Consultants Activity Domain System Integration Technologies and Products Consultancy Services and Software development Training Market segments Banking and Insurances Industry, Telecom et Services Public administration (central and local) Healthcare Utilities Research and Innovation
  5. 5. BI and Open Source
  6. 6. Gartner - 2008
  7. 7. Why FOSS in Business Intelligence ? The project is more important than the product, but the products costs more than the project BI products do not avoid project costs BI products are often under-used Slow cultural progress due to costs for research and experiments PRODUCT + PROJECT = SOLUTION
  8. 8. Opportunity and ROI with FOSS BI Focus and investment on projects Targeted investments, right measure (product and usage) Investments protection Experiments, R&I Avoid constraints Strategic BI Low TCO No Lock-in Tactical BI Low cost extensibility Low cost scalability Operational BI On time evolution Increase of users, not of costs
  9. 9. SpagoBI
  10. 10. SpagoBI: a definition SpagoBI is an integration platform for enterprise BI solutions, entirely developed in FOSS philosophy
  11. 11. What SpagoBI is ? SpagoBI is an integration platform for enterprise BI solutions, entirely developed in FOSS philosophy (Free and Open Source Software) Platform: It covers and satisfies all the BI requirements: KPIs, Reporting, OLAP, Dashboard and charts, Data Mining, Free Inquiring (QbE), Dossier, Geo-referenced analysis, Collaboration Data Management, Profiling and security Support for the administrator (versioning, scheduling, approval iter, import/export, etc)
  12. 12. What SpagoBI is ? SpagoBI is an integration platform for enterprise BI solutions, entirely developed in FOSS philosophy (Free and Open Source Software) Integration platform: Not a product platform, with a predefined set of tools Open to many products for the same/different analytical area, both open source and proprietary It allows the composition of one’s own platform time for time in the best way No binding dependences from products and tools Open standards adoption It allows to give the right answers to analytical questions by means of different products
  13. 13. What SpagoBI is ? SpagoBI is an integration platform for enterprise BI solutions, entirely developed in FOSS philosophy (Free and Open Source Software) Enterprise platform Distributed architecture (scalability) Adaptive behaviour of the documents based on the end users’ roles Entirely Open Source It is not the lite OS version of an enterprise commercial version
  14. 14. Integration Platform Analytical Engines Management Tools Analytical Model
  15. 15. Integration Platform The behavioural model is the core of the platform and regulates visibility over documents and data Each analytical area (report, olap, chart, etc.) is covered by one or more Analytical Engines Some engines are developed integrating external tools (5 engines up to now), in order to add value in the OS domain more than to compete on the same field Some other engines are developed by the SpagoBI team from scratch (7 engines up to now) Integrate commercial tools as external engines is also possible to save investments already done (2 engines to work with commercial tools up to now)
  16. 16. Integration Platform Not every project needs all the engines Every time is chosen the mix that best suites the client’s needs The architecture is modular, it is possible to add or take out engines in times The architecture is distributed, it is possible to install engines on different servers The architecture is scalable, it is possible to install new instances of the same engines, over the same or other servers, in order to distribute the workload A project can start with few engines and add others when it needs. The behavioural model guarantees consistency in times
  17. 17. SpagoBI 2.x – Main Modules SpagoBI Applications SpagoBI Meta SpagoBI SDK SpagoBI SpagoBI SERVER Studio
  18. 18. SpagoBI 2.x – Main Modules 5 Modules SpagoBI Server Server 12 Analytical Areas (16 Engines) Report (3 engines) Studio OLAP (3 engines) Chart Data Mining Meta GEO-referenced analysis Free Inquiry (QbE) SDK RT dashboards Interactive dashboards Applications KPI (modeler and navigator) Analytical Dossier Office ETL Architectural review WebApplication and JSR 168 SSO with CAS SOA SSL Security assessment (OWASP Compliant) General Features Subscriptions Personal folders Rich client Data sources configuration Alert and Notification Save Import/export settings ….
  19. 19. SpagoBI 2.x – Main Modules 5 Modules SpagoBI Studio : the integrated Server environment, to develop, test Studio and deploy documents into one or more SpagoBI Server Meta Applications SpagoBI Meta : Business and SDK technical metadata SpagoBI SDK, to use SpagoBI SpagoBI Applications: from external application: - BAM - Tag Lib - Audit & Monitoring - Integration API - …. - Web Services
  20. 20. References SpagoBI Web Site SpagoBI Online Demo SpagoBI Donwload Forge SpagoBI Forum SpagoBI Commercial Mailing List