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InfoAxon has 10+ years of rich open source solutions delivery experience. InfoAxon has a well defined Open Source BI Practice which is a collection of frameworks, templates, tools, methodologies, services and pre-integrated solutions resulting into customized BI Solutions for specific verticals or specific business problems.

At InfoAxon, we have adopted and developed deep understanding on Pentaho BI platform which is one of the world‟s leading Open source BI Platforms. We have rich experience in delivering customized BI Solutions using Pentaho as core BI engine.

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Open Source BI

  1. 1. Capability Paper Pentaho BI Capability Profile InfoAxon’s Pentaho BI Integration CapabilitiesInfoAxon’s Pentaho BI IntegrationCapabilities
  2. 2. Capability PaperChallengeOrganizations are under continuous pressure to improve their business performance, cut costs and do more with less. Also they areexpected to quickly launch new solutions and services to capitalize on changing business environment and capture greenfieldbusiness opportunities.Today‟s Knowledge Workers are also becoming more and more demanding and need business intelligence which aids their day-to-day work and not just few standard business reports with pre-formatted data. And they need it in the way which makes sense tothem with full control of their data and how they want to analyze the data. Knowledge Worker Productivity Improvement is fastbecoming one of the key drivers for BI Solutions.This is posing great challenge to IT teams in organizations today. They are expected to be innovative, deliver flexible businessintelligence solutions to manage fast changing requirements and reduce costs, all at the same time.Open Source BI: Delivering Business ValueOrganizations realize that they can‟t meet the expectations of business, IT and end-users by building on closed source, proprietaryBI products which are too expensive, rigid and complicated.Open source BI provides a viable alternative solution to meet the BI needs of today‟s knowledge driven organizations. By their verynature, open source BI applications are more flexible, based on open standards and less expensive to acquire, deploy and supportthan proprietary solutions. When correctly designed and implemented with right open source integration partner like InfoAxon,open source BI Solution will provide sustainable business benefits.Open Source BI also allows businesses to quickly deliver (or prototype) business intelligence solutions with just what they needwithout the need for investing in entire suite of BI Products.InfoAxon’s Open Source BI PracticeInfoAxon has 10+ years of rich open source solutions delivery experience. Our focus on Open Source has resulted into InfoAxon‟sOpen Source BI Practice is aligned with following trends: Customers are looking for Solutions and not technical product implementation Flexible and Infrastructure-light BI Solutions are preferred over rigid & huge BI Suites Current generation of BI software viewed as inhibiting business change & delivery of innovative business solutions and services Move towards Open Source, SOA and alternate delivery models such as SaaS Web2.0 leading to collaborative way of working and software usage Users will look at what they already have and how they could re-use it innovativelyInfoAxon has a well defined Open Source BI Practice which is a collection of frameworks, templates, tools, methodologies,services and pre-integrated solutions resulting into customized BI Solutions for specific verticals or specific business problems.
  3. 3. Capability PaperThe BI Practice ensures that the BI Solutions are well designed, architected, deployed and supported properly. The practice drawsheavily from our Open Source Platforming approach wherein various open source components, frameworks and tools are pre-integrated to create a unified Platform. The resulting Platform is used to create various vertical specific business solutions andservices. BI Practice Tools & Pre- Methodologies Services Pre- Technologies designed • Rapid BI • Advisory & integrated • Database & Templates: Methodology Consulting Solutions Warehouse: • Open Source • Analysis, Design & • KPI and Reporting Platforming Architecture • BI Portals with Rich Infobright , MySQL, Queries Dashboards and EnterpriseDB, •Agile & Iterative • Implementation & • Management Data Mashups PostgreSQL, Oracle, Development Deployment Dashboards • White labeled, MS SQL • Continous Integration • Support & • Source Data Multi-tenant SaaS •ETL Tools: Pentaho Framework Fusion Maintenance Analysis BI Platforms PDI, Talend Build Framework • Training • Dimensional • Enterprise • Reporting Tools: • Use of Data Modeling Reporting and Data Pentaho, BIRT, Jasper Visualization & Analysis Platforms Reports • ETL Designs Modeling Tools • Data Integration & • KPI & Data • Continous & Warehouse solution Visualizations: Automated QA with pre-built Test Suites • Embedded BI for ProtoViz, corporate FusionCharts, CDF •Project Management applications such as (Community Frameworks and ERP, CRM, HRM etc. Dashbaord Governance Framework), Pentaho • Extend your BI JFree Charts investments using our „Data • Analysis (OLAP) Visualization‟ Layer Tools: Mondrian • Big Data Analysis: HadoopInfoAxon‟s Open Source BI practice ensures that all the aspects of a practical BI solution are packaged together and delivered On-premise, On-demand (cloud based SaaS offerings) or Embedded.The open source BI team at InfoAxon consists of a mix of technical and functional professionals providing technical and businessinsights required for providing a comprehensive BI solution. Their years of experience in executing open source BI solutions equipthem with the knowledge, skills and expertise to provide the right solution. Over the years, the team has gained experience ofdelivering BI solutions in various domains such as Retail, Social Housing, Telecom and Professional Services.
  4. 4. Capability PaperInfoAxon Powered PentahoInfoAxon has over 5 years of experience in delivering customized BI Solutions by leveraging its Open Source BI Practice whichensures that BI Solutions are well designed, architected, deployed and supported properly.At InfoAxon, we have adopted and developed deepunderstanding on Pentaho BI platform which is one of Pentaho BI Platformthe world‟s leading Open source BI Platforms. Wehave rich experience in delivering customized BI Pentaho provides an open source BI Platform made up ofSolutions using Pentaho as core BI engine. following components all managed from a central BI serverThrough our multiple BI solutions implementations, Data Integration (ETL)our engineering teams have further customized andenhanced Pentaho with: Reporting & Dashboarding  new functionalities OLAP Analysis  integration with other open source frameworks such as with Web2.0 Portal Framework, Ad-hoc analysis  creation of multi-tenant SaaS based services Data-mining such as Hosted Retail Analytics, and  further add-ons (which we call Solution Accelerators) to streamline and fast track BI solutions development and deployment for our customers.To the end customers, this results into alternative, innovative & cost- effective BI Solutions that meet their needs as opposed totraditional BI systems that come with rigid, large footprints and require big budgets to implement. Also, since we already haverepository of pre-built, pre-integrated and pre-tested BI solutions which caters to most of the common BI scenarios, considerablyless effort is required to implement and maintain BI solutions for the customers resulting into faster turnaround and lower TCO. Data Integration & Reporting Dashboards Analysis Warehouse •PDI: Kettle ETL, Spoon, • CDA (Community •Community •Mondrian Kitchen Data access) layer Dashboard •Designing of Cube •Pentaho Workbench for OLAP cubes schema • Pentaho Report Framework (CDF) •MDX & jPivot design Designer • JFree Charts •Metadata layer design • Adhoc reports • KPI enabled for Ad-hoc Analysis Dasboard • Data Warehouse and • Action Sequence Data Mart construction • Report Scheduling & Bursting • Alerts & Notifications InfoAxon’s Pentaho Expertise
  5. 5. Capability PaperOur Pentaho ServicesOpen source has emerged as a highly attractive model to drive business intelligence from organization data. Our experience andresearch however indicates that businesses adopting open source BI struggle to reach faster business benefits and timelyimplementations. This is because: 1. When adopted just as a technology initiative, end users expectations remain unmet. 2. Learning curve on open source BI tools and related methodologies gets stretched 3. Often a committed, trusted Open source SI vendor is needed to see it all throughAs Indias FIRST Open Source Integration Company we bring predictability by ensuring that customers‟ BI solution is correctlydesigned, architected and delivered either as on-premise, cloud-based / SaaS Service, or embedded.InfoAxon‟s Open Source BI Practice has resulted into a set of services which can be delivered in quick-time-to-market mannerproviding customized BI solutions powered by Pentaho. These services are different from a traditional BI vendor services. The focusis more on providing a practical BI Solution through integration and packaging of professional BI frameworks, tools andtechnologies rather than just BI product/technology deployment.InfoAxon provides following BI Solutioning Services powered by Pentaho:Pentaho Integration & DevelopmentThis focused professional services engagement is meant for customers who are looking for: implementing a Pentaho based BI Solution migrating from their existing ad-hoc BI systems in place such as Excel Sheets or Other expensive and rigid proprietary BI products establishing an automated Data Integration process and Data Warehouse a credible partner with end-to-end BI solution envisioning and implementation capabilities InfoAxon will assess your existing IT and business environment, understand your BI solution vision, recommend a roadmap for an iterative BI solution deployment and finally implement the solution as a Solution Partner with shared ownership of the BI solution roadmap. Our Open Source BI Practice and existing Pentaho based implementations have resulted into development of „BI Solution Accelerators‟ which help Rapid Development and Deployment of Pentaho based BI Solution. These accelerators ensure quick turnaround of BI Solution with a proper BI environment set-up for BI content development and further enhancements.
  6. 6. Capability Paper BI Advisory & Consulting Analysis, Design & Implementation & • Readiness Assesment Architecture Deployment • Solution Envisioning • Define KPIs • Development • Protoype Planning • Identify & Analyze Data Source • Enhancement • Dimensional Modeling • Integration • Data Integration & Analysis • Setup & Deployment • Dashboard and Report Design • Tuning & Performance • BI Solution Design & Architecture Enhancements Pentaho Integration & Development ServicesSome of these Open Source BI Solution Accelerators developed by InfoAxon Open Source BI Practice Team are: Advanced Logging, Audit and Compliance Tool Kit to ensure transparent, optimized & manageable data load behavior while building your DW. The tool kit ensures ETL and data load behavior faster and more transparent. Integrated Agile Development Environment to fast track your Pentaho BI Solution development & deployment. It provides an innovative agile development environment that supports continuous integration with Pentaho projects. Integrated Workbench Integrated Portal Environment that provides a front-end BI portal with rich visualization to business users. Business users could personalize the BI Portal further to view specific KPIs, reports, analytics and Mashups with data coming from other 3 rd Party applications. Integrated CAS Framework that allows Single-Sign-On (SSO) for the Integrated Portal environment i.e. with Portal as well as reporting engine. Rich Visualization Tools such as Protovis, CDF (Community Dashboard Framework), FusionCharts that allows rich presentation of data and metrics in form of interactive reports, charts, dials, maps etc. REST based Service Layer that enables easier integration with other frameworks / technologies.
  7. 7. Capability PaperPentaho Managed ServicesThis professional engagement is meant for customers who have either experimented with Pentaho‟s community or enterpriseeditions for POC / departmental implementations but are struggling to: Realize full value offered by Pentaho as a end-to-end BI Platform Get Pentaho based BI solution well adopted or institutionalized within their organization Resolve scalability, performance and other technical issues faced on Production environment Integrate other corporate applications or data sources for innovative solutions / services Adoption & Optimization Support & Maintenence • Examine Design & Architecture • BI Solution Stack Support • Production Environment Planning • Bug Fixing • Create a unified BI Solution Stack •Corrective Maintenence for optimum performanceOpen Source Model provides easy access to various downloadable software applications. Users with IT backgrounds are able toquickly download and set-up open source BI applications as demos or departmental / team level implementations. However as andwhen these application starts getting used as a BI solution, the end-user experience starts deteriorating. BI Solution requirescareful design & architecture planning, sound integration and above all optimization for enterprise wide usage in terms of no. ofusers, scalability, security and performance.InfoAxon‟s Managed BI Services are aimed at helping customers reach next level of their BI implementations from basic (in termsof POCs, departmental / team level) implementations to fully optimized production grade BI solutions which are well supported andenhanced continuously.As an open source contributor, InfoAxon has helped raise and solve several bugs in Pentaho BI community. These contributionsrange from: Testing of Pentaho Releases to identify and report bugs and issues to Pentaho. Some of the areas where InfoAxon has significantly raised bugs and issues are: Pentaho Data Integration, Mondrian OLAP Integration of CAS (Single Sign on framework) with Pentaho-Liferay Framework. For this several enhancements were carried out in default CAS setup shipped with Pentaho. Integration of CDE (Community Dashboard Editor) and CDF (Community Dashboard Framework) with Pentaho Enterprise Version.
  8. 8. Capability PaperExtending BI Investment with components from our Open Source BI Stack:InfoAxon‟s approach is to help customers re-use what they already have and provide a flexible BI Solution rather trying to force aone-size-fits-all mentality.Based on Open Standards, our solutions are designed to leverage your existing BI Infrastructure - applications, databases / datamarts / data warehouse, ETL tools, BPM engine etc. wherever it makes sense. Plug on just the components required from our opensource BI Stack with your existing BI infrastructure to complete your BI solution and reduce costs.Some of the specific BI components being used by our customers as part of their Hybrid BI Solution Strategy:1. Data Visualization Layer (Dashboard, Reporting & Analysis)2. Data Integration with ETL tools3. MySQL / PostgreSQL / EnterpriseDB / Infobright based Data Warehouse4. Integration with External BPM EnginePentaho TrainingThe success of business intelligence solution implementation depends upon how well it is adopted within the organization andempowering various stake holders (end users, administrators, developers) with the ability to perform their task better.InfoAxon creates „value‟ by ensuring success of BIinitiative by providing practical know-hows and •Use of Pivot Table to Slice & •Pentaho BI Platformactionable knowledge in form of Training Services. dice configuration and •drill through data administrationThese Training Services cover BI Solution & Data •Pentaho Design Studio •Ad-hoc Analysis and ReportingIntegration using Pentaho BI Platform and InfoAxon‟s •Action SequencesAgile & Iterative solution development methodology. •Publishing BI Content to BI ServerInfoAxon Training covers:  Business Users Training Business User BI Administrator Training Training  Administrator Training  Developer TrainingThe above training packages ensure better alignmentand adoption of BI by stakeholders of the BI Solution •BI Solution Development •Reporting & Analysis(viz. business and IT users) by addressing their needs •Dimensional Data Modelingof: •Data Integration (ETL) & Data Warehouse construction Ease of use •MDX & JPivot Rapid development & deployment of BI content •Workflows (reports, analysis, dashboards etc.) •OLAP Cubes using Cube Designer / Workbench BI Developer Training
  9. 9. Capability PaperPre-Integrated Pentaho SolutionOur BI Practice and existing Pentaho based implementations have led to development of our flagship BI Platform „fusionBI‟ which isa pre-integrated BI platform powered by Pentaho and other open source technologies. It is a sum result of our opensource integration effort over the years and acts as a mothership platform on which collaborative Business Intelligence andreporting solutions are developed for our customers.fusionBI helps jumpstart specific open source business intelligence solutions by providing an integrated stack that can be used todeliver solutions faster. It is used to develop vertical specific and customized BI solutions that are frequently requested byorganizations considering BI. Some of these pre-integrated solutions are: 1. BI Portals with Rich Dashboards and Data Mashups 2. White labeled, Multi-tenant SaaS BI Platforms 3. Enterprise Reporting and Data Analysis Platforms 4. Data Integration & Warehouse Solutions 5. Embedded BI for corporate applications such as ERP, CRM, HRM etc.
  10. 10. Capability PaperBI Portal Solution with Rich Dashboards & Data Mash-ups:Decision makers at the top of any business are looking for a real time self updated Dashboard view of their business that outlineskey performance indicators and business progress in form of metrics simply through visual and interactive means such as charts,dials, maps etc.InfoAxon has further enhanced Pentaho by integrating it with leading web2.0 collaborative Portal framework „Liferay‟ whichprovides multi-tenant and collaborative capabilities to the BI Solution. Further integration with rich visualization toolkits such asProtovis, CDF (Community Dashboard Framework), FusionCharts ensures that Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and otherbusiness metrics gets represented in an interactive, innovative and appealing way.The Portal environment provides business users capabilities to determine the information they require and personalize the look andfeel and the format in which the information is delivered. The fact that the BI Portal is based on open standards, it allows differenttypes of data to be captured from different sources and mash-up to create new content.The portal based BI solution allows users to create business intelligence Dashboards with Data Mash-ups from operational BIsystems (Pentaho) and information from other applications / sources in form of data, audio, graphics, video and reports andpresent a comprehensive view. It also allows users to create their own ad-hoc BI content using the various applications that havebeen integrated into the solution.The Solution provides unified administration and security with CAS integration leading to single-sign-on.
  11. 11. Capability PaperIntegrated Dashboard, Analysis and Reports:Users could carry out rich graphical analysis for visual representation of complex information. They could select from wide range ofgraphical displays including indicators, dials, charts and gauges, making it easier to spot trends and understanding the key factorsdriving business.Users could just point-and-click to instantly summarize their performance metrics, operational data and create dynamic, customizedreports to meet the entire spectrum of their reporting needs without any programming or IT expertise.The solution allows multidimensional analysis on cubes to explore large volume of summarized data through an interactive analysiswith slice and dice, drill down and drill through options providing flexibility to have multiple views of data and information fromdifferent perspective.The integrated BI Portal solution is used by our customers as: Vertical specific, multi-tenant SaaS BI solutions for customer‟s customers BI Intranets with rich executive dashboards and data mash-ups by businesses Departmental Level BI Websites Re-use existing BI infrastructure of the customer with our rich Portal based Data Visualization
  12. 12. Capability PaperData Integration & Warehouse Solution:Our Data integration and Data warehouse solutions help businesses create a “Single Source and Version of Truth” within theirbusiness. The key problems are that a business collects data at different sources and business users do not have a consistent andconsolidated view of the data that can then be explored and mined to provide business insights.This is achieved through various techniques and tools powered by Open source such as: Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) Kettle ETL CDE (Community Data Extraction) Mondrian OLAP MDX with jPivot TalendWhat Problems we solve Creating a Data warehouse & Data Marts as part of any Business Intelligence implementation Enhancing existing Data stores by integrating data from various sources Migrate Data between different applications and using ETL techniques to transfer the data Conversion of data through imports of data into databases from text-files, Excel spreadsheets, relational systems. Presenting Data as a service to other applications within the Business
  13. 13. Capability PaperWhat we do Designing Business Data Models (Defines a picture of how the business data will be represented and accessed by any application looking for business insights) Identification of different data sources for data integration and warehouse development. ETL (Extract , Transform and Load) tools to connect disparate data sources and load the data according to the business data models. Access Control and security design for the data in the data warehouse Data warehouse management and supportHow we do Identification of Data sources scattered disparately within the business Use of Open source tools such as Pentaho, Kettle, Talend to perform ETL operations Data analysis to develop consistency check rules during ETL Data cleaning and Data profiling to make sure data is clean and consistent with business requirements Implement security and authentication rules Documentation of each step to help Data administrators
  14. 14. Capability PaperWhy InfoAxon for your Pentaho based BI SolutionInfoAxon has over a decade experience of working with and contributing to open source eco-system. Our open source expertiserange from open source consulting, development, enhancements to integration of open source components / frameworks to createBusiness Solution Platforms through our unique opens source „Platforming‟ approach.Our Open Source BI Practice does not view Pentaho just as a piece of technology; rather we view it from creating innovative BISolutions for our customer needs. The BI practice ensures that the Pentaho based BI Solution is properly designed, architected,integrated and deployed with right support and governance mechanisms. We have enhanced and customized Pentaho with newfeatures, innovative integration with other 3 rd party framework & components and developed further add-ons „Solution Accelerators‟to standardize and fast-track BI Solutions implementations.Some of our differentiators as compared to any other Pentaho deployment vendor: Pentaho Comments InfoAxon Comments customization innovative pre- approach packaged Pentaho (adopted by Platform any other approach Open source vendor) Open Source Yes Pentaho is open source and Yes We have many more open source provides the usual benefits of components well integrated other using open source software than Pentaho. These open source components can be customized further to make the stack "Business Ready" for Pentaho users Cost Yes Traditional benefits of adopting Affordable Solutions that are good value for open source. You can avail implementation money since they offer much either free or commercial open (much more value more than what you get from a source versions of Pentaho for money) basic Pentaho implementation; Pre-packaged suites lowers your total cost of ownership and fast track project implementations Open Source No Most of the vendors have just Yes Dedicated Open Source BI BI Practice Pentaho specific skills. This Practice resulting into customized approach is just to implement and faster BI Solutions for specific Pentaho as a technology verticals or specific business product and not create & own problems BI Solution.
  15. 15. Capability PaperRich No Not provided by Pentaho by Rich Dashboards Uses other integrated open sourceDashboards default and for many projects available for software to provide rich and require significant customization implementation attractive dashboardsTest Suite No When implementing projects no Typical Test cases When implementing projects you additional standard test cases and Test plan for get ready test cases and test and test plan suites are Pentaho project plans available tuned for Pentaho part of Platform developmentBusiness No Pentaho out of the box still Yes Integrated stack makes it easierReady needs a lot of customization to put into production and leads and understanding to be put to faster turnaround times into productionMaking your No Does not provide a Innovative and You get an innovative and agiledevelopment development environment that Agile development environemnt thatfaster and fast tracks your project development supports continuous integrationAgile development; Mostly this is environment on our Pentaho projects developed by project teamsHigh No The data access layer for Enhanced data Pentaho layer is optimized forPerformance production grade volumes is access layer business use and cuts down theoptimized often needed to be modified compared to "Problem Finding" and fixingData Access and optimized but takes time to Pentaho loops; In summary saves you timeLayer get rightBetter Data No Standard ETL capabilities Advanced For example missing data loadingLoad (nothing special that will make Logging, audit later;Behaviours your ETL process data load and compliance is behaviour faster) built in the fusionBI tool kit and the data load behaviour while building your DW will be more manageable and transparent
  16. 16. About InfoAxon Technologies InfoAxon is a leading provider of enterprise services and business solutions powered by open source. We design, architect and support complete “Enterprise Solution Platforms” using Open Standards, Web 2.0 next generation technologies and Open Source Frameworks providing end-to-end solutions to business problems. India‟s First Global Open Source Integration Company We are Indias First Global Open Source Integration Company providing business solutions in areas of Content & Knowledge Management, Web2.0 Collaboration and Business Intelligence powered by our unique open source „Platforming‟ expertise.INDIA OFFICE: UK OFFICE:InfoAxon Technologies Ltd. InfoAxon Technologies UK Ltd.H-189, Sector-63, Building A, Trinity Court,Electronic City, Wokingham Road,NODIA-201307, U.P Bracknell, Berkshire RG42 1PL,India United KingdomPhone:+91 120 4350040, Phone: +44 1344 668048,Fax:+ 91 120 4350065 Fax: +44 1344 668148Website: | Blog: | E-mail: