OW2 Day in Berlin: "SpagoWorld projects"


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The presentation supported the speech by Stefano Scamuzzo, SpagoBI International Manager at Engineering Group, at the OW2 Day in Berlin. The presentation gives an overview on SpagoWorld initiative and its free/open source projects SpagoBI, Spagic and Spago4Q. http://www.spagoworld.org/

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OW2 Day in Berlin: "SpagoWorld projects"

  1. 1. www.spagoworld.org SpagoWorld projects Fokus Open Source Workshop – OW2 Roadshow Berlin Berlin, 16th May 2011 Stefano Scamuzzo – SpagoWorld by Engineering Groupwww.spagoworld.org © OW2 Consortium 2011 www.ow2.org
  2. 2. Engineering Group in the worldThe first Italian player in software and servicesAn international player in the IT sectorA complete and integrated offering: softwaredevelopment, systems integration, consultancy,outsourcing, solutions and products.40 branches: Delaware - USA Belgium Europe (Italy & Belgium, Brussels) Latin America (Sao Paulo, Brazil) Delaware - USA Italy USA (Delaware)6.332 IT specialistswith professional engineering, Braziltechnological and business expertise Brazil1.000 clientsRevenues: 742 M€ Engineering Group iswww.spagoworld.org © OW2 Consortium 2011 www.ow2.org
  3. 3. SpagoWorld initiativeThe Java Enterprise Framework for the The only entirely open source Businessdevelopment of web and multichannel Intelligence suite for flexible and applications in SOA environments integrated solutions www.spagoworld.org The free/open source platform to The free/open source platform for the measure, analyze and monitor Qualitygovernance of middleware services and the of products, processes and services development of SOA applications SpagoBI, Spagic, Spago4Q and Spago are hosted bywww.spagoworld.org © OW2 Consortium 2011 www.ow2.org
  4. 4. SpagoWorld initiativewww.spagoworld.org © OW2 Consortium 2011 www.ow2.org
  5. 5. SpagoBI: open source Business Intelligence BI gives business managers insight into strategic, tactical, and operational aspects of their business, accurately and quickly. Large enterprises continue to invest in this field and are actively ‘sold to’ by companies such as IBM, Oracle and Microsoft. Open source is now widespread, with business managers having caught up with their developers, it is now a strategic choice due to lower initial capital expenditure in terms of license fees, less lock in and more freedom to customize, fix and evolve.www.spagoworld.org © OW2 Consortium 2011 www.ow2.org
  6. 6. SpagoBI positioningwww.spagoworld.org © OW2 Consortium 2011 www.ow2.org
  7. 7. SpagoBI Conceptual Modelwww.spagoworld.org © OW2 Consortium 2011 www.ow2.org
  8. 8. SpagoBI Suite Charts OLAP Reporting Graphical Viewwww.spagoworld.org © OW2 Consortium 2011 www.ow2.org
  9. 9. SpagoBI Suite KPIs Cockpits GEO GISwww.spagoworld.org © OW2 Consortium 2011 www.ow2.org
  10. 10. SpagoBI Suite Smart Filter QbE RT Dash RT Consolewww.spagoworld.org © OW2 Consortium 2011 www.ow2.org
  11. 11. SpagoBI: relationships with OW2 projects Open Source BI Platforms Open Source ETL Open Source DBMSwww.spagoworld.org © OW2 Consortium 2011 www.ow2.org
  12. 12. Spagic: open source Universal Middlewarewww.spagoworld.org © OW2 Consortium 2011 www.ow2.org
  13. 13. Spagic: from Middleware to Spagicwww.spagoworld.org © OW2 Consortium 2011 www.ow2.org
  14. 14. Spagic: Business Modeling and management Business Modeling Analysis / tuning Business Technical parameter Process Modeling Process Modeling Historical & real-time analysis Historical & real-time analysis Standard BPMN Business vision Technical extension (services, security) Connectors BPM Engine BPM Engine BPM Different installation models available as Deploy / tuning Stand-alone serverTechnical Application service Independence from BPM Engine Full compatible with existing authorization Metadata & policy (ex. LDAP or DBMS) Historical / real-time infowww.spagoworld.org © OW2 Consortium 2011 www.ow2.org
  15. 15. Spago4Q: open source for Software Quality Whats the purpose? Monitoring the quality of an ICT service deliverywww.spagoworld.org © OW2 Consortium 2011 www.ow2.org
  16. 16. Spago4Q: open source for Software Quality Whats the purpose? Monitoring the quality of an ICT service delivery How can I achieve my goal? Computing quality indicators according to a quality model Quality model, KPI and SLA descriptionwww.spagoworld.org © OW2 Consortium 2011 www.ow2.org
  17. 17. Spago4Q: open source for Software Quality Whats the purpose? Monitoring the quality of an ICT service delivery How can I achieve my goal? Computing quality indicators according to a quality model Aggregating information collected from various sources Source Bug Code Trackerwww.spagoworld.org © OW2 Consortium 2011 www.ow2.org
  18. 18. Spago4Q: KPI enginewww.spagoworld.org © OW2 Consortium 2011 www.ow2.org
  19. 19. Spago4Q: core features Tools Spago4Q DWH Report Computational Indicators Rules Quality Model Dashboardwww.spagoworld.org © OW2 Consortium 2011 www.ow2.org
  20. 20. Success Stories Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Policies – Italy Region of Veneto – Italy FIAT Group – Italy Directorate General for Regional Policies - ECwww.spagoworld.org © OW2 Consortium 2011 www.ow2.org
  21. 21. Questions and answerswww.spagoworld.org © OW2 Consortium 2011 www.ow2.org
  22. 22. Thank youwww.spagoworld.org © OW2 Consortium 2011 www.ow2.org