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NetMonitor - Network Monitoring Solution


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NetMonitor is a network testing and bandwidth monitoring tool. Perfect for network service providers / ISP's - this tool comes with a web based reporting module to which integrates with your CRM to provide SLA based network service delivery reports.

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NetMonitor - Network Monitoring Solution

  1. 1. Network Monitoring SolutionsNetMonitor A simple network monitoring tool with web based reporting features. A product of – EWORKS CONSULTANTS CO., LTD. 17/19 Monthon 3, Nongkhangplu, Nongkhaem, Bangkok, THAILAND 10160
  2. 2. What is NetMonitor ?A light weight tool for network testing and troubleshooting• User friendly interface• Maintain network testing configuration of commonly used settings• Real time graph of network usage Real-time• Current features include – • FTP Testing • Automatically create test data • Verify Upload / Download functionality and speeds • Ping Tests • Ping pre-defined / custom hosts with variable buffer sizes, timeouts and timestamp settings • TELNET • Port scanning tool for TCP, SMTP, UDP ports • URL Tests • Ping and Fetch tests for URL• DES Encrypted Log files for reporting using NetReporter (web based reporting)• Ideal for – • Network service organizations • ISP’s • Reporting for SLA based network service delivery
  3. 3. Monitor your network capacity
  4. 4. Simple Configuration – do it only once !
  5. 5. FTP TestingTest your FTP host !• User friendly interface• Select between MB / GB of test data• Test for both upload and download speeds• Perfect for testing your FTP hosts and your networks capacity capacity.
  6. 6. Ping TestsTest your host for availability ! A Real-time graph instantly shows any jitter / delay that may bepresent in your network network.
  7. 7. TELNET Tests – Verify Port AvailabilityThis port scanning feature will instantly tell you where to locate insecure ports – so that you canproceed to secure them ! Supports scanning of TCP SMTP and UDP ports TCP, ports.
  8. 8. URL Ping and Fetch TestsQuickly check which URLS can or cannot be accessed. Great for service providers where SLA’s areset to provide delivery standards Upto a maximum of 6 URL’s can be tested at a time standards. URL s time.
  9. 9. Encrypted LogsThe best part of NetMonitor is its ability to export all test data as encrypted logs.These log files can be imported in the web based reporting application called NetReporter to provideSLA compliance reports for your customers.
  10. 10. Generate SLA Delivery Reports NetReporterImport encrypted log files and generate PDF Based SLA Delivery Reports for your clients.
  11. 11. Get in touch with us ! Gautam Ganguly Eworks Consultants Co Ltd Consultants Co. Ltd. 17/19, Moo 10, Monthon‐3 Nonkhangplu, Nonkhaem Bangkok  10600, THAILAND Call me: (+66) 81 685 5646 Mail me: