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[Season - 3 Free OpManager Training] Monitoring Server Performance


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Manage physical and virtual servers with OpManager. Monitor availability, health and performance while simultaneously planning for capacity and better resorce allocation.

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[Season - 3 Free OpManager Training] Monitoring Server Performance

  1. 1. Training schedule Week Module Date Schedule Status 1st Discovery and classification May 2nd 11:30am Eastern time Completed 2nd Monitoring server performance May 9th 11:30am Eastern time In progress 3rd Network performance monitoring May 16th 11:30am Eastern time Upcoming 4th Effective fault management and IT automation May 23th 11:30am Eastern time Upcoming 5th Network maps; reports and best practices May 30th 11:30am Eastern time Upcoming
  2. 2. Week 2 Monitoring server performance
  3. 3. Agenda  Monitoring device availability  Monitoring server performance  Monitoring virtual server performance  Creating custom WMI monitor  Script monitoring  Troubleshooting tips
  4. 4. Monitor Protocol Status Color-code/Severity Device ICMP/TCP port check Availability, response time, and packet loss Attention (1 poll) Trouble (3 polls) Critical (5 polls) Interface SNMP Up/down Interface down Service TCP port check Up/down Service down Windows NT service WMI Up/down Service down Process WMI/SNMP/SSH/Telnet Up/down Process down File/Folder WMI Availability URL HTTP /HTTPS Availability, response time
  5. 5. • ICMP/TCP • Configuring thresholds for packet loss and response time • Configuring uplink dependency Monitoring Availability
  6. 6. UP Down On maintenance On hold Dependent unavailable Not monitored Outage historyAvailability statistics Status
  7. 7. Monitoring Services TCP service Windows service
  8. 8. Monitoring Processes • Processes up/down status • Configure threshold for critical process • Process template
  9. 9. Hard disk usage - Free disk space - Used disk space - Disk utilization - Disk speed per sec - Disk queue length CPU usage - CPU utilization - % Privileged time - Top processes by CPU usage Memory usage - Memory utilization - Pages per second (faults, reads, and writes) - Top process by memory usage Server reports - Server health report - Disk forecast by usage etc Monitoring Server performance
  10. 10. Performance metrics - CPU ready time - CPU wait time - Memory balloon - Network - Disk - Datastore monitors Harware metrics - Sensor - power - temperature - voltage, etc Protocol - VMware API Supported vendors - Dell - HP Inventory changes - vMotion - Host connections - VMs connections - VMs powered on/off - VMs orphaned - Scheduled task removed etc Reports - Identify under-utlized and over-provisioned resources - VM sprawl dashboard - Virtual maps Hardware metricsPerformance metrics VMware events Virtual Reports VMware | HyperV | Xen
  11. 11. MSSQL - SQL services - Batch request per sec - Current database size - Session request - SQL cache memory - Average lock wait time - Lazy writes per sec MS Exchange - Exchange services - Active user count - Messages sent per second - Messages queued for delivery per second - I/O database reads/writes per second MS Active Directory - Active Directory services - LDAP bind time - LDAP searches - LDAP authentications - Replication objects remaining - Kerberos authentications - NTLM authentications Monitoring Application performance
  12. 12. Creating custom WMI monitors • Windows server with access details • WMI class • Custom dial for performance monitors
  13. 13. • Write a script to monitor a specific performance metric for which you can't find a standard SNMP or WMI monitor • Any script language that runs on a shell or prompt is supported o VB script o Power shell script o Perl script o Shell script o Python script • Export/import existing script templates o Download one from ManageEngine ( templates) Script monitor
  14. 14. Monitoring website URL • Monitor URL availability of both intranet and internet web applications • Configuring threshold for URL response time • Configuring match content • Configure proxy details for URLs behind a proxy o Settings > Basic settings > Proxy server settings
  15. 15. File and folder monitoring • Monitor the availability of files and folders • Configure thresholds for folder size and get notified whenever that size is exceeded • Configure filters based on file extensions to monitor only the required files • Configure thresholds for file size, age, or count and set an alert to get notified when those values exceed the threshold value
  16. 16. Troubleshooting : WMI monitor not collecting data Errors • Access denied • RPC server unavailable Possible reason for the failure • Wrong password/ Credential not associated • WMI account used in OpManager might have limited privilege • WMI ports blocked by firewall Troubleshooting • Windows management instrumentation tester - device namerootcimv2 - credential used in OpManager
  17. 17. +1 888 720 9500 / +1 408 916 9400 More help?
  18. 18. Network performance monitoring | May 9th 11:30am Eastern time | US, UK, Canada, and Mexico Next training schedule
  19. 19. THANK YOU