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ScoresMine is a platform designed for students to help them prepare for various competitive exams like Banks, Railways, Civil Services, State specific Public Services, Engineering, Medical, MBA, and LAW etc.
ScoresMine consists of

Website (We are a website for online lessons, online tests and performance reports)
- Online Practice with Tests and Lessons in form of Videos, Simulations etc
Software CD’s (We create CD’s with digital content and practice tests for offline practice at home)
- Offline practice with Software CD’s in Home PC
Books (We are a publisher for books on previous papers, practice tests, course material etc)
- Books Published by ScoresMine
Course Material (We conduct correspondence courses for 6 months or 1(or 2) year for various exams)
- Correspondence Courses to prepare from home

ScoresMine is also designed for coaching centers and institutes to provide detailed performance analysis reports to students
- A customized portal for teachers and administrators of the institute
- Clean and intuitive interface for students
- Create and manage multiple Branches and Batches
- Allot specific access of batches to each teacher for performance analysis of students
- Access to large number of question papers across various competitive and entrance exams
- Track performance of "individual student" and "all students within a batch"
- Create your own set of question papers and conduct tests online
- Upload answers and generate reports for offline tests conducted in your institute
- Email monthly performance reports of students to their parents
- Live and Instant access to student's performance reports to students and their parents on mobile phones using GPRS/3G

ScoresMine plans to cover as many competitive and entrance exams as possible like Banks, Railways, Civil Services, State specific Public Services, Engineering, Medical, MBA, and LAW etc.

So, the primary target audiences are
- Students who take entrance exams for seats in various colleges
- Unemployed or Employed candidates who wish to appear in competitive exams for better job opportunities or for obtaining higher education
- Coaching Centers or Institutes which conduct classes for various competitive exams

ScoresMine can also be targeted for
- Schools and College for conducting and generating performance reports of students internally
- Corporate training centers, to conduct online tests on candidate’s performance while training or to access candidate’s level in an interview process [with minor tweaking to existing platform]

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ScoresMine Website Info

  1. 1. ScoresMineFulfilling your Ambition
  2. 2. ScoresMine What isScoresMine?A Platform offeringonline tests, study materialto aspirants of competitive examsandperformance analyticsto institutes & book publishers
  3. 3. ScoresMine Competitive or Entrance Exams on Mind?ScoresMine has something for everyone involved Which exam can I take? How am I faring against others? How do I take more tests? Can I create an online test? Hope my son is doing well
  4. 4. ScoresMine ScoresMine is forStudents 1. Get information like dates, syllabus, eligibility etc for exams 2. Prepare for exam with lots of practice tests, study material and links to buy important books online 3. Buy CD’s and Books for offline practice at HomeCoaching Centers / Institute 1. Get performance analytics for students using ScoresMine 2. Manage students database across branches & batches 3. Conduct regular online practice tests on your websiteIndependent Teachers/Tutors 1. Create and embed online tests on your blog/website
  5. 5. ScoresMine What information can I get atScoresMine related to an exam? • Find up-to date and complete information like – Examination Pattern – Application Procedures – Eligibility, Notifications – Results, Important Dates – Syllabus, Seat Reservations, Fee Structure – And other info as per the examination Wow! That’s really helpful For various exams, being conducted across all streams throughout India.
  6. 6. ScoresMine What else can I get at ScoresMine related to an exam?– Take unlimited online practice tests– Get detailed performance reports for tests taken – Compare your self with others who are preparing for same exam – Get to know your strong and weak areas, to improve your score– Buy related books– Buy CD’s, which provide you with practice tests and study material, without internet– Discuss with teachers and other students
  7. 7. ScoresMineGet access to lots of online study material atScoresMine Digital Library – Videos – Presentations Get links to purchase important books – E-Books (pdf, doc etc) from internet – Images Download free test papers and study – Flash Animations (Interactive) material – Games (Related to exams)
  8. 8. ScoresMinePrepare for your exam from any where and on any device ScoresMine is also available as Mobile Website and Android, IPhone, IPad App
  9. 9. ScoresMineHow do you create all these practice tests ?
  10. 10. ScoresMineOur team of awesome subject matter experts create testsas per the syllabus and according to pattern of the exam Question papers are carefully reviewed again by another team and are published on ScoresMine
  11. 11. ScoresMineWe make it easy for you to find appropriate tests to practice with
  12. 12. ScoresMineHow are our performance reports shown to us?
  13. 13. ScoresMineWe give you lots of graphs to help you understand where you stand compared to others, your strong and weak areasQuestion wiseTest Wise AnalysisSubject Wise AnalysisSection Wise AnalysisTime Wise AnalysisBatch Wise Analysis and much more…
  14. 14. ScoresMineSo, prepare well with lots of practice tests, study material available at ScoresMine Do well in your exams & celebrate your success
  15. 15. ScoresMine ScoresMine forCoaching Centers / Institutes
  16. 16. ScoresMine Well, we have to prepare questionSir, Can we have more papers, conduct test in a classroom practice tests? and evaluate your answers, This will take lot of time, why don’t you practice at home
  17. 17. ScoresMineSir, we can use ScoresMine, theyprovide institutes with technology to upload and conduct onlinepractice tests and gives detailed performance reports and? Institutes, can also see how we are performing and guide us
  18. 18. ScoresMineWhat ScoresMine is for Coaching Centers/Institutes 1. Manage students database across branches & batches 2. Conduct regular online practice tests on your website 3. Upload answers of students for tests conducted in classroom to get reports (No need of evaluation) 4. Get performance analytics for students using ScoresMine 5. Send Email and SMS alerts to parents (if necessay)
  19. 19. ScoresMineTechnology behind ScoresMine
  20. 20. ScoresMine Our Question Bank! Creating questions and adding each question to a database can create lots of constrains on type of questions we add So, we use a simpler format where all question papers arecreated in any one of the document format like doc,pdf,ppt etc
  21. 21. ScoresMineThese documents can be created from existing question banks, or new ones can be created by anyone with little expertise1. Can be in any Language (Hindi, Urdu, Telugu, Chinese etc)2. Can contain any number of Images3. Can have mathematical diagrams and equations4. Any number of questions can be added5. Even handwritten documents can be scanned and uploaded
  22. 22. ScoresMineSet answers in the provided interface and publish your Test Wow! That’s it? Yes, these docs are rendered by Google docs along with the Answers
  23. 23. ScoresMineAnswers can be accepted in MCQ,Fill in the Blanks, True or False, and Number in the range 0-9
  24. 24. ScoresMine Once, the test is published, it can be And, we get to see embedded on any detailedwebsite, and is available performance on ScoresMine reports
  25. 25. ScoresMine ScoresMine for IndependentTeachers/Tutors
  26. 26. ScoresMine Upload question paper in a documentformat, add answer key, set marks and time per question in the paper and submit it on ScoresMine
  27. 27. ScoresMineEmbed the paper on any website or blogGet Analytics on- Number of views and- How students are performing in the paper
  28. 28. ScoresMineWe tried to convey our idea about what we are doing atScoresMine and How we plan to add value in the existing scenarioPlease contact us on +91 9966321444 for any additional information
  29. 29. ScoresMine We thank you for giving your valuable time to go through our idea. --------------- ScoresMine TeamPlease note that the illustrations used here are copied shamelessly by us from Scribd, We intend to use these only as a reference for us to create our own illustrations in future.