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Stephanie when i went to laughlin (1)

  1. 1. When I Went to Laughlin by Stephanie
  2. 2. One day when my cousins came from Mexico, we went to Laughlin. We rented a hotel room and stayed there for three days.
  3. 3. When we got there, we got in our swimsuits and went to the river.
  4. 4. The river looked like the coast, but it was a river. We got into the water. First, I put one foot in the water. It was cold - very cold! It almost felt like ice cubes were floating in the water, but then I put the other foot in, and I jumped in. I was in there for a while so I got used to it. I started to swim, but then I had to eat. I waited for a while then I got back in the water and this time, I just jumped in.
  5. 5. My cousin and I and my big sister named Diana played a game. First we played a game called lifeguard. We picked someone to be the lifeguard. We picked my cousin because he swims like a cheetah.
  6. 6. We picked a sign to do when we were drowning. If we pretended to drown, the real life guard would save us, so that's why we picked a sign. We picked tapping on the water.
  7. 7. My big sister and my cousin had to change as life guard, so my sister saved my cousin because my cousin couldn't save himself.
  8. 8. It was getting dark so we went back to our hotel rooms. We all took showers and went to bed.
  9. 9. The next morning we went to the buffet. We ate lots of food and our bellies popped out. Then we went to the river again. We played races. It was fun, but I lost all of the rounds.
  10. 10. My cousin won all of the rounds. My other cousin is fifteen. I think she doesn't like to swim because the water is really cold. Instead she got her chair and put it in the water.
  11. 11. My cousin and I and my big sister started throwing water at her, but we stopped becuse she didn't like it. It was funny to see her shake like a Chihuahua!
  12. 12. Then it got dark. We got back to our rooms and took our showers. But this time we took our showers and went to the arcade.
  13. 13. I played a bowling game and the tickets were blue. I got fake money as my prize. My sister still has her money, but I don't.
  14. 14. The next day we left. It was fun because I was with my family.
  15. 15. Author's Note My name is Stephanie. I live in Mesa, and I was born in Mesa too. I finished third grade, and I'm going to fourth. I have four sisters, and I have two dogs. My favorite color is purple. I like to listen to music. I hope you liked my book.