Jerez de la frontera


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is apresentation about jerez de la frontera

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Jerez de la frontera

  1. 1. Jerez de la Frontera
  2. 2. Index• Origins.• Monuments.• Traditions.• Wine.• Horses.• Conclusion.• Questions.• Videos.
  3. 3. Origins• The true origins of Jerez de la Frontera still remain a mystery to this day but is no doubt that some form of settlement existed in Jerez prior to the arrival of the Romans.• When the Moors first arrived, Jerez was nothing more than a castle or fortress, surrounded by a network of streets, lacking even a city wall.• The castle was located on the very spot where the Alcázar stands today and the streets were the same ones that now surround the Cathedral.
  4. 4. Monuments
  5. 5. Cathedral• The Cathedral of Jerez is high on the mosque and the church of the Savior.• It was building in the XVII century with gothic, baroque and neoclassical style.• Jerez Cathedral is the old Collegiate Church and after was proclaimed cathedral the december 10, 1978
  6. 6. Charterhouse• The Charterhouse of Santa Maria de la Defensión is a monastery where nowadays, live nuns .• Its architecture is of a Late Gothic style, corresponding to the start of construction in the 15th century, with baroque aspects dating from the 17th century.• The building, completed in the 17th century, has been designated by the Spanish government as an Historic-Artistic Monument . It was declared Bien de interés cultural in 1856.
  7. 7. The Alcazar• From the eleventh century, its walls are preserved in part absorbed by the villages first defensive belt, used first as a stronghold and residence of the Muslim rulers of the time, and then by the Christian governors who ruled the city. So, over time, has resulted in noticeable changes in the configuration of the whole.• The original Islamic fortress, the gates are kept, the mosque, Arab baths, the octagonal tower and courtyard pavilion Doña Blanca. In later stages, highlights the Keep 15th century and the baroque palace of Villavicencio and the oil mill17th century.
  8. 8. Traditions
  9. 9. Christmas• In December, Jerez de la Frontera is the venue for a festive cultural practices and more characteristic of Andalusian folklore, “las zambombas”. Since the eighteenth century on the eve of Christmas Eve, friends, neighbors and family gather in the backyards of neighbors. They dance and sing carols. The key instrument is the zambomba.• In the city center, there is colored lights and “belenes”. It is very nice go for a walk and feel the Christmas atmosphere.
  10. 10. Easter• The Easter of Jerez is very beautiful and attractive.• It is one of the most popular Easter of Andalucía.• Nowadays, there are 36 brotherhoods which go to the cathedral and 6 that are waiting to go.• It was declared of national tourist interest.
  11. 11. Horse Fair• Is a fair dedicated to the horse.• Held in May.• Lasts one week. Star on Sunday and finish the other Sunday.• See a wide range of horse-drawn carriages all the days.• Jerez booths are very different from other fairs because each cassette has its own booth cover.
  12. 12. Wine• Jerez’s exceptional geographical location, its close proximity to the Atlantic, the local chalky soil, the palomino grape, and the careful ageing of the grape must, all combine to give the world the pleasure of this unique product known the world ever as sherry.
  13. 13. Horses• A period of great importance in this long tradition was in the 15th century when the Carthusian monks brought the world famous Carthusian horse to Jerez.• Jerez offers numerous possibilities: the incredible equestrian shows at the Andalusian School of Equestrian Art and the Hierro del Bocado Stud Farm.
  14. 14. Conclusion• Jerez origins date from the XII century.• The cathedral, the alcazar an the charterhouse are the most old monuments of Jerez.• There are different traditions like Christmas, Easter and the Fair.• The wine and the horses are very famous in the world.
  15. 15. Questions• The cathedral was building in?• 1994• 1876• XVII• Which is typical on Jerez Christmas?• Sing• Dance• Zambonba
  16. 16. Questions• Who is dedicated the fair?• Horse• Dogs• Wine• Who brought the horses to Jerez?• Carthusian• Moors• Arabs
  17. 17. Videos•• l64&feature=related• &NR=1• eature=related