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  1. 1. My town is Zafra. Zafra is very beutiful, quiet andthe people is very fiendly. It is a Spanish town inBadajoz (Extremadura).In Zafra are 16,577 inhabitants,But expect even more inhabitants.
  2. 2. 1842 1877 1900 1920 1930 1940 1960 1981 2001 20025.280 5.547 5.855 6.526 7.366 8.364 10.685 13.058 15.270 16.5772003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 201115.477 15.542 15.674 15.706 16.014 16.218 16.424 16.433 16.577
  3. 3. Flags and Maps.
  4. 4. • In the surroundings there are remains of Roman villas that recall the legendary Segeda, which attributed the origin of the city. The territory that now belongs to Zafra was framed during the Roman period in Baetica, like much of the South of the province of Badajoz and the greater part of Andalucia.• In 1030 defensive purposes builds a castle in the Sierra of the Castellar.
  5. 5. • International Feria Ganadera de Zafra. Cattle fair is considered the most important in Europe and probably the world. From the moon to the fire. The penultimate week of June, coinciding with the feast of San Juan.Semana Santa. One of the most outstanding parties of southern Extremadura.Carnivals. It stands out in these Carnival festivities bacchanal of the FAT (Carnival Sunday), holidays are tasted where products from the Iberian pig washed down with fine wines for Earth and coexists in the porticoed squares. Also highlight: crumbs on the Monday of Carnival that are elaborated in the Plaza Grande and are given to attendees and the burial of the sardine (Shrove Tuesday), which are distributed among those present-roasted sardines. In recent years this resurgent famous Saturday of Carnival, in which participation is massive.
  6. 6. • San Isidro. The weekend closest to May 15. It emphasizes the popular Garbanza where Extremadura cooked rations are distributed to all participants.Pilgrimage of Ntra. Ms. la Virgen de Belén. Held on Sunday next to the Domingo de Resurrección (Domingo de Quasimodo) acts in honor to the Virgin of Bethlehem and procession of the same by the vicinity of the Hermitage. The day before the afternoon depart zafreses on a pilgrimage from the city to the chapel of Bethlehem, located on the outskirts of the same. Next to the fair of San Miguel is the most popular festival of Sacalino Zafra.Fuelligah, (castua phrase which means traces of art). In the first week of August, in the Plaza Grande, is celebrated in the city a six-day Festival organized by the Group of choruses and dances the Castellar, the Hon. Ayto. Zafra and the Federation Extremeña de Folklore, in order to preserve the traditions of our land (Extremadura), where can you enjoy live performances from regional, national, international folklore and theatre.
  7. 7. • Typical places big Parador square Castle and Plaza Chica. Interestingly, the presence of a measuring stick in one of the pillars of the Plaza Chica, formerly used by merchants who stopped there, in the market that was organized in the plaza. This square is the first buildings of this city.Arquillo of bread and altarpiece of the Esperancita.Callejita of the Clavel.Ayuntamiento of Zafra. Calle Sevilla. Palacio of the Dukes of Feria, alcazar-palacio built in the 15th century and enlarged in the 16th and 17TH century with a magnificent central courtyard of marble whose design is attributed to Herrera, now discarded authorship. At present, this building is home to the Parador de Turismo "Duques de Feria"."Castellar" saw.Belen.arco Hermitage of Jerez and arc of the Cubo. Iglesia of la Candelaria, colossal Gothic church with one impressive altarpiece, a large organ, and boxes of Zurbaran.iglesia of the Rosario. Museo of the convent of Santa Clara.Park of the Paz.Plaza of the Alcazar or Plazas "guards".Espana.pilares Plaza, Zafra. Three are the most interesting: the pillar of the Duke, the pillar of San Benito and the pillar of the Republica.iglesia of San Miguel.
  8. 8. • In the year 2010 Zafra broke the Guinness World Record of the worlds largest war of cakes with 293 participants, thanks to the MTV television show "now or never! Would you like to do before you die? "."
  9. 9. CAKES
  10. 10. ZAFRA
  11. 11. AIREF
  12. 12. AND LAST……..• I live in «Avenida De La Estación» Nº 68.
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