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K4 Jobs And Places Of Work


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Professions and places of work

Published in: Education, Career, Business
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K4 Jobs And Places Of Work

  1. 1. Jobs Professions Places of Work Jobs Jobs
  2. 2. they TAKE CARE OF PEOPLE AND ANIMALS scientist vet dentist doctor nurse
  3. 3. they fix or build things carpenter electrician painter maid mechanic plumber
  4. 4. firefighter they protect us or reinforce the law judge policeman lawyer
  5. 5. they sell things bartender salesclerk
  6. 6. they serve and help us secretary waiter postman barber hairdresser cook
  7. 7. they report the news photographer reporter
  8. 8. Trace lines: doctor secretary painter dentist firefighter policeman
  9. 9. Places...
  10. 10. Click on this book and read a story: