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Gravitas april12 lr


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Gravitas april12 lr

  1. 1. Digital, design and branding portfolio
  2. 2. A NICE BREATH OF FRESH AIR The Gravitas approach is refreshingly simple. Experienced creatives, account people and digital experts, but not at West End prices. Large agency experience - but no eye watering large agency bills. Attention to detail. We probably spend more time than we should making sure everything works properly. And being a tad old school, we can all spell. Plain speaking, clear thinking and a down to earth methodology. And jolly nice people to work with.
  3. 3. We are prepared to put our money where our mouths are.We show how much we charge and we’re transparent too.The examples later on all show associated budgets.You want to get in touch and hear more?Contact or call 020 8783 9660.
  4. 4. SO WHO DO WE WORK WITH? International brands to niche markets. Established companies that want a rethink on their marketing. Start ups that want help from the word go (or even before they press the start button). Clients a mixture of local companies, Europe and USA.
  5. 5. HOW DO WE GO ABOUT IT? We can build a brand right from the start (including naming and logo design) and help set the style for all communications. Or we can work within existing style guidelines. Whichever way you want to play it, we can fit in seamlessly. Did we say you’ll find us nice to work with? Some of our clients have been with us for years, so that must mean something.
  7. 7. ONLINE Digital marketing strategies Website design and integration Content management systems Search engine optimisation Data and analytics Presentations and animation Email build and broadcast Games and viral campaignsOFFLINE Branding Brand guidelines Design
  8. 8. PRINT Brand creation Collateral Print management 3D CGIADVERTISING Print campaigns B2B & B2C Strategic thinking
  9. 9. websites and microsites
  10. 10. saga photobooksproject:Branding and launchmethod:A brand new site and productfor Saga customers. The sitefeatures all the info on theapp, how to use it and how toorder products from not justphotobooks but also prints,tableware - even personalisedmugs.budget for website and pdfs:£6.0K
  11. 11. integrascoproject:website redesignmethod:A jQuery slideshow detailsthe services that this leadingsocial media comment trackingcompany offers, while the restof the site is a repository fornews and comment all editablethrough a simple to use CMS.budget for website:£8.5K
  12. 12. digital media networkproject:website designmethod:Designed on a Wordpresstemplate this jobs site is easilyupdatable by the client.budget for website:£5K
  13. 13. amethyst riskproject:web design and buildmethod:The original website was amishmash of out of date infoand even more out of dategraphics. We were asked torewrite the entire site andadd extra features such as ablog and news section. Thisalso included the contentmanagement system so that theclient could keep it up to dateafter delivery.budget for website:£5.5K
  14. 14. sony ukproject:intranet design and launchmethod:Design of training intranet inSharepoint, with modules andbespoke carousel, all to reflectthe consumer site’s look andfeel.Have you ever tried to makeSharepoint look “designed”?The good news is that by somecunning tweaking and digitalskullduggery, you can makeSharepoint look a lot better thanit does out of the box!budget for intranet:£12.2K
  15. 15. valet purchaseproject:branding and design ofeCommerce websitemethod:Launch brand through a CMSbased site offering specialiseddiscounts and purchase of everycar model and type acrossthe USA. That’s a lot ofmodels. Does importingnearly 10Gb of images anddatabase management soundcomplicated? Ask Nick, ourresident database developernow the headache pills havetaken effect...budget for website:£5.5K
  16. 16. UK Evaluation Societyproject:web design and buildmethod:Redesign of site with contentmanagement system, emailupdates and forum. Thesite is the main method ofcommunication for all UKevaluation members.budget for website:£7K
  17. 17. skoolpixproject:web design and buildmethod:Design of site with CMS andshopping cart, plus launchemail campaign. Skoolpix doespretty much what you’d expectit to, a very relaxed and informaltake on the traditional schoolphoto. Parents can order theirpictures printed onto mugs,keyrings, etched glass andeven bags and cushions. Theshopping cart variations werethe biggest part of the sitebut altogether it was up andrunning in a short period oftime.budget for website and emails£6K
  18. 18. email campaigns + virals
  19. 19. cognizantproject:email campaignsmethod:A series of personalised emailslead to one of three specificlanding pages inviting therecipient to attend a seminar,each concentrating on adifferent aspect of Cognizant’svertical sectorsbudget for campaign:£4.5K
  20. 20. pitney bowesproject:christmas viral gamemethod:Launched Christmas 2011 thistimely bit of fun invites you tozap the Fat Cats bonuses whilecatching the falling Good Cats- naturally your score can beTweeted or shared on Facebooktoo!budget for campaign:£18K
  21. 21. print + collateral
  22. 22. 2wenty8 style/ description/ L or e n C l a r e t2wenty8 A beautiful smooth moulded satin underwired cup with light padding, gives missfit a stunning uplifted shape to any cleavage. This sumptuous silky claret piece embroidered in black lace, is perfect for boudoir, special occasions and nights out to make you feel extra special, but still practical enough for daytime wear. features/ project: design of product sheets n Three hook fastenings n Fully adjustable straps n Machine washable n Underwired n Soft material for a non-scratchy feel sizes/ method: bra 28 DD l E l F l FF l G l GG l H l PDFs working to a grid 30 32 l l l l l l l l l l l l l l format for ease of updating, Matching claret satin knickers and thongs also available in sizes Small (8 - 10) and wenty certainly helped by some good Medium (10 - 12) photography. budget for product sheets: contact us/ MissFit UK | Lancaster Leisure Park wenty Wyresdale Road | Lancaster LA1 3LA wenty e: t: 01524 752901 £1.5K + printSLINKYDIP wenty style/ Gold Bandeau ande au Red B KYDIP description/ A padded and moulded underwired e/ styl LIN bandeau style bikini in black with gold d detailing, gives amazing support and t red an ini in ho S style bik straps and looks stunning. Adjustable straps and ndeau tion / ired ba justable crip underw ing. Ad boy shorts make this piece practical, des oulded ks stunn ed and m and loo A padd ppor t comfortable and sexy. azing su al, gives am practic black, is piece ake th features/ or ts m boy sh xy. table and se n Fully adjustable straps comfor n Fully machine washable / ures straps n Optional boyshorts or high leg briefs feat justable Fully ad le n washab s n Underwired achine leg brief Fully m or high yshorts n Soft moulded cup for extra support tional bo n n Op t de rwired tra suppor sizes/ n Un p for ex lded cu ft mou bra DD E F FF G H n So 28 l l l l l l H G s/ FF size F 30 l l l l l l E l DD l l bra l 32 l l l l l l l l l l 28 l l l 34 l l l l l l l l l l 30 l 36 l l l l l l l l l l 32 l e l l d Larg Bottoms are available separately in sizes Small, Medium and Large l l ium an l l all, Med 34 l sizes Sm l ra tely in 36 l ailab le sepa are av Bo ttoms contact us/ MissFit UK | Lancaster Leisure Park Wyresdale Road | Lancaster LA1 3LA e: t: 01524 752901 rk re Pa us/ Leisu ster 3LA tact anca r LA1 con Fit U K | L caste Miss | Lan Road sdale Wyre sfitu is fo@m 901 e: in 2 4 75 t: 0152
  23. 23. informationassurance ms will pr otect amethyst ? ion A ssurance at inform ation syste they need Informat n dence th ey need to, whe any Wha t is ) is the confi th asset to itical project: as rance (IA d will function ion is a cr ion Assu carry an e users. Informat guarded. Informat Cabinet Office ation they itimat safe ernment the inform e control of leg such it should bey and Assurance (IS&A) uni t, UK Gov r th as to, unde n or individual, From the Information Sec organisa tio urit design of product sheets Leadership in thought and action method: Design and print of collateral following on from the style set Sector g securi ty polici es, luation utation as leade rs up for the website. Private preparin IT security eva yst’s rep our core Ameth For the of experi ence in fication of ge of clie nts. based on dence, trust, breadth cedures, identi for a wide ran in IA is indepen y. Our have a pro sis e goals iples of lue for mone We operatin g risk analy assuranc princ and va ost pro vider security- security ormation budget for 3 brochures inc ivities ents an d e their inf quality e forem services. port act requirem es achiev to be th y Sector many sup ess aim is securit ws us lps busin sional Public and the d approach allo ethyst he routes. of profes leadership in both For the itation an on accred e experience itation proces s. We are Am many mation er 1 (Infor We off action. copywriting and pictures: a focus ge through iqu red wide ran C 2700 ntinuity t and ialists, We have with it. Our un ough-life acc ing the king. lude: in ISO/IE 9 (Business Co though y spec thr d defin ion ma tification securit ed associat nership of the activities an n decis er These inc th or cer tems) and BS 2599 mation both th e ow itation reditatio SG Listed Advis ance wi As infor operates in to take g accred port acc CE under C pli n om nageme nt Sys on assets and yst ercial in scopin required to sup ved under the ge of services informati Ameth d comm £3.5K + print rity Ma 0 expert en appro full ran Secu critical th ISO28 00 ment an nce oft ltants are also provide a ment) tion of ance wi govern of evide r consu Manage on and protec in accord mation ny of ou ). Our partners ficati ply chain sectors. of infor Ma s-o n n denti I s ge (CLAS d hand of the sup ean initiative er a ran ces to Scheme scheme. hnical an ce (CND) S rity n ecu Europ ) We off nt servi and CHECK vided tec ork Defen audit US and Standard nageme and, reduce the CESG have pro r Netw ll as related areness Data Security risk ma rst nsultants es in Compute Centre as we and aw Industry , unde yst’s co rt servic tion T ning n rai t Card identify Ameth l suppo Coordina ctures. (Paymen risk. erationa Security tru their n PCI manage op MoD Joi nt twork inf ras during .com transfer sely and the major ne owledge rked clo ystrisk monitori ng for vide kn ltant wo r consu C), to ensure he ameth ularly pro ject ou w w w. ltants reg ent MOD pro (SA cesses. r consu Co ordinator policy and pro Ou . In a rec surance of IA ass ignments Se curity As exp erience arances to acting ge and urity cle with the knowled vernm ent sec up to Top valuable have go cleared gained sultants number with a yst’s con Secret, All Ameth at least up to data access Secret.identify, understand, reduce andmanage risk w w w. a m e t h y s t r i s k . c o m The flexibility to meet your requirements Amethyst’s data recovery services are available for large volume, long-term service level agreements and for one-off single device analysis. Our team is on hand to discuss your specific requirements and to explain the options relevant to your needs. Amethyst’s data recovery services Amethyst can perform data recovery on a range of electronic devices. Amethyst’s reputation as leaders in data recovery is based on our We offer a wide range of expert data recovery services from the These include: core principles of independence, extraction of data to evidential standards for use in civil or criminal Data Storage Devices trust, quality and value for money. prosecutions, right through to the recovery of important data from n Computer Drives Our aim is to be the foremost failed or damaged devices. n Memory Cards provider of professional security At Amethyst we perform data recovery to an evidential standard on a n Memory Sticks services. We offer leadership in wide range of electronic devices using leading forensic products. both thought and action. Mobile Devices The consultants on our forensics team are all fully certified in the use of As information security specialists, n Mobile Telephone Handsets the forensic equipment employed. They all have security clearance and Amethyst operates in both the n SIM Cards are experts in handling sensitive and protectively marked material. government and commercial n Smartphones Amethyst has a team permanently engaged on-site with a high profile sectors. UK police force, providing critical data recovery services that support Other Devices We offer a range of information major criminal investigations. Such services are fully compliant with the n Digital Cameras risk management services to ACPO guidelines relating to computer-based electronic evidence. n Personal Data Assistants identify, understand, reduce and n Satellite Navigation Devices manage risk. w w w. a m e t h y s t r i s k . c o m
  24. 24. key theme exploring regional networks ukes project: newsletters and printed collateral Only connect? Building bridges, method: Design and print of newsletters networking for the future. Evaluation, economic n enhance development and application of skills relevant to employment The publication of the IEF undoubtedly raised the profile of evaluation within RDAs. It also highlighted some of the their evaluation capacity: n all Rdas had developed evaluation strategies and programmes. These are a development and changing n contribute to sustainable development. methodological challenges involved in effective evaluation in the complex context of regional economies. and evaluation was firmly embedded in their project management processes. Evaluation capacity was a key couple of examples of typical institutional structures In order to bring about this change in the English In late 2007, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) was part of the National Audit Office RDA performance regions, the eight RDAs, plus the London Development Agency, had a significant budget, totalling over two billion commissioned by central government to undertake a meta evaluation to assess the economic impact of the RDAs. This reviews of 2009/10.5 n Evaluation practitioners from across the RDA projects. introduction pounds in the financial year to March 2010. An enormous impact assessment drew on evaluations commissioned by network met regularly to share good practice. wE havE EnTEREd a TiME of significant change in variety of projects and programmes has been delivered, individual RDAs – resulting in a marked increase in evaluation n The office of Project and Programme advice the public sector. This is particularly the case at a regional from supporting entrepreneurs, to remaking city centres, activity by RDAs in order to meet PwC’s requirements for and Training (OffPAT) had developed a central e-library typical budget for 16pp level, where institutional structures are undergoing a major to dealing with the economic consequences of unexpected evidence (for any one RDA to submit acceptable evidence, it for member organisations to share evaluation reports. reordering. This reordering includes the abolition of Regional events such as the foot-and-mouth outbreak in 2001 and needed to demonstrate that activity covered by 60 percent Many RDAs also published reports through either RDA Development Agencies (RDAs). the 2007 floods. of spend in a specified period had been externally evaluated websites or other regional networks such as Regional ISSN 1743-9 newsletter: This article considers the implications of this change Guidance issued by central government1 early on in 54X to the required standard). The PwC report focussed on Observatories.6 for evaluation in the regions, specifically with respect to the the lifetime of RDAs made it clear that RDAs were expected economic impacts, so their assessment of the quality of n Evidence from evaluations was seen as a central RDAs. We summarise the history of evaluation at RDAs and to evaluate their projects and programmes. The guidance, evaluations submitted as evidence was largely based on the component in the development of integrated strategies consider the consequences of the loss of evaluation capacity in the regions. This period of restructuring presents us with however, was unspecific about the government’s expectations of RDA evaluation. A far more comprehensive view, tailored ability of the evaluations to establish robust Gross Value Added Impact figures rather than other aspects of the IEF. for each region. £950 + print typical budget for 8pp opportunities for applying good practice and learning in the to the context of RDAs, was set out in the 2006 ‘Impact winter 2010 winter 2010 The report was published in 20093 and showed that RDAs 2010 The times they are a-changing newISSN 1743-954X that emerge; but we also face risks of organisations Evaluation Framework’ (IEF)2, which emphasised the need ISSN 1743-954X were having a substantial positive net economic impact on The coalition government is committed to abolishing learning being lost as RDAs close and people move on. for: regional economies. RDAs by March 2012. It is anticipated that some of their programme: n planning and resourcing evaluation The experience of gathering evidence for the PwC functions will be taken on by Local Enterprise Partnerships Rdas and evaluation 1999–2009 n a clear ‘programme theory’ at the heart of the report drew attention once again to the practical difficulties (LEPs). However, at this stage, what LEPs will look like in RDAs were established by the Regional Development evaluation involved in carrying out robust economic impact evaluations practice and how their functions will be funded and delivered £650 + print6 7 Agency Act of 1998. Their purpose was to: n assessing the additionality of economic impacts of a complex mix of initiatives delivering diverse outcomes remains unclear. Other functions will be nationally led; in n further economic development and regeneration n going beyond quantitative outputs and looking at over different time spans. This resulted in further guidance some regions, a debate is ongoing on whether any functions n promote business efficiency, investment and ‘Strategic Added Value’ achieved by investments being issued to supplement the IEF.4 should be retained at either a regional or cross-LEP level. competitiveness n considering environmental impacts of projects and At the beginning of 2010, it was clear that RDAs and The Department for Business Innovation and Skills has n promote employment programmes. their partners had made great strides forward in developing stated in its evaluation strategy that evaluation will remain Key them Exploring e: networks regional 10 spring 2010 spring 2011 winter 20 Key theme: Key theme: Evaluating Impact in Challenges, opportunities and innovation in evaluation practice the Current Crisis