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  1. 1. INSPIRING CAPABILITIES OF USING LITHUANIAN SPATIAL DATA PORTAL Map for the Future  European Parliament  2013-12-04 Raminta Vitkauskiene, National land service  Andrius Balčiūnas, SE GIS-Centras
  2. 2. One easy access to national spatial data
  3. 3. Part of European spatial data infrastructure LT SDI Europe SDI INSPIRE SDI SDI SDI
  4. 4. Place to share, access and use spatial data SHARE AND PUBLISH SPATIAL DATA ACCESS INFORMATION GET BENEFITS governmental agencies municipal authorities private sector companies informational systems users view and download data access e-services wide range of data formats for different use cases access through Internet anywhere easy search and simplified data order use advanced functionality create mashup maps use e-services in different workflows
  5. 5. One place for national spatial data access SPATIAL DATA PROVIDERS INFORMATION SYSTEMS The Lithuanian Fire and Rescue Department Road Administration Statistics Lithuania State Forest Service Lithuanian geological Lithuanian survey Municipalities The Environmental SE Centre of registers Protection Agency State service for SE GIS-Center protected areas National Land Service Land Information system Reference base cadastre Cartographic funds LitPOS TPDRIS Geodetic and cartography background information system SERVICES USERS Vilnius university RRT GEOPORTAL.LT USERS TIC GPF Statistics Lithuania Lithuanian Consumer Institute
  6. 6. Get the data you need View service National spatial data portal Search service Transformation service Download service FIND, ORDER, DOWNLOAD AND USE DATA IN ONE PLACE  Saving time to find data in different institution  Saving time to order data and sign license agreements  Everything can be done online  Get data in format you need  No investment in data transformation for users  Clear data providers  Responsibility
  7. 7. Hub of the national spatial data and services  More than 250 free spatial data sets and services  More than 26 institutions provide spatial data sets and services  More than 377 metadata documents 
  8. 8. Free data – direct way to grow and get benefits REGISTERED USERS x2 5000 4500 4000 3500 each years 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0 15 k visitors per day 60 k visits per month
  9. 9. Free data – direct way to grow and get benefits DATA DOWNLOADS x 40 1200 1000 more data downloads 800 600 > 350 400 200 downloads per month 0 Free mapping data > 250 Data sets and services
  11. 11. INVESTMENT Government Public organizations Lithuanian spatial data geoportal People Business INVEST ONCE USE EVERYWHERE One investment to hardware, software and specialists saves budget (update solutions, strong developers team)
  12. 12. Platform for the national geospatial solutions Platform for the national information systems Node for register and cadastre integration National data source for management
  13. 13. For government MAPS FOR GOVERNMENT  Thematic datasets: for surveyors and planners, for land management  National land information system: statistics about land parcels, analysis of land use datasets, specialized tool for statistical analysis, data sets comparison 
  14. 14. For government MAPS AND APPLICATIONS FOR MANAGEMENT  Web application for the land owners to inform about mistakes in spatial data set which is used for land taxes  Web application for the national land agency to administrate state’s land available for rent or sale 
  15. 15. For government SYSTEM OF CARTOGRAPHIC ARCHIVES  Manage cartographic archive online  Scanned georeferenced maps online with simple tools  Write descriptions, create metadata  Publish topographic maps for all users  No need for software and hardware, everything runs on platform
  16. 16. For public organization TOURISM DATA MANAGEMENT TOOL FOR TOURISM CENTERS  Web application for 54 national tourism centers to collect data of places of interest online  Each tourism center creates their own map, creates national map of places of interest  No need to invest 54 times to each tourism center hardware and software  In all tourist maps the background map is always up to date
  17. 17. For public organization MAPS AND TOOLS FOR EDUCATION  Thematic datasets: soil database, national forests, land fund data  Historic data: different years orthophoto, data of mounds and historical villages  Tools for comparison and analysis for different datasets 
  18. 18. For business MAPS FOR ANALYSIS  Statistical datasets: population statistics, crime analysis results and statistics, mobile networks coverage 
  19. 19. For business ECO PRODUCTION MAP  Information about eco farms in Lithuania  Possibilities for farmers to share information about their eco production  Possibilities for citizens to get information about eco farms in their neighborhood 
  20. 20. For everyone MAPS FUND – TO GET TOPOGRAPHIC MAPS IS SIMPLE  Search in the map’s fund by years, scale, type, extent, format, etc.  View topographic maps on the top of the background maps, get information about maps  Download topographic maps in different formats, oriented, clipped 
  21. 21. For everyone NATIONAL ATLAS OF LITHUANIA  128 maps and metadata of national atlas of Lithuania  View these maps online  View on the different thematic maps’ background  Print, save, export, share
  22. 22. Platform and data source for new projects National Spatial data cloud E-services for surveyors E-services for planners E-services for assess land characteristics
  23. 23. User training for better use experience Youtube channel Help requests Slideshare channel Help system Facebook page
  24. 24. for you! Raminta Vitkauskiene, National land service  Andrius Balčiūnas, SE GIS-Centras