G325 b keyterms


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G325 b keyterms

  1. 1. G325B – Key terms Here are some of the key terms we looked at during my units on Collective identity: Term/ clever word Meaning How to use it Where a group are represented as all being Homogeneity/ homogenous the same, or where a group of diverse Nuts magazines creates a representation of • Homogeneity people/ things are made to all be the same males as a homogenous group of (they are homogenised). heterosexual Heterogeneity/ heterogenous Where are group are represented as being The wide range of male lifestyle magazines • Heterogeneity diverse and varied represent the heterogeneity of men within contemporary society The way in which people create a sense of Young people’s sense of collective identity group identity/ collective identity. This comes from their difference to adults. • Collective identity could be real or constructed. identity Here’s a useful website: http://davesmediablog.posterous.com/1916 4500 • Female Cosmopolitan magazine seeks to create a All these terms point towards the same solidarity/ teen sense of female solidarity that Angela idea. There is a notion that the media solidarity/ male McRobbie would describe as ‘false constructs a sense of togetherness/ solidarity sisterhood’. collective identity in order to collect people • Constructed Media texts offer audiences certitude, in to target markets (e.g. e4/ Cosmo certitude constructed by the media text. readers/ etc…) Media texts construct a E4 consciously constructs a bond that sense of solidarity that offers the audience encourages teen audiences to identity a feeling of certainty and confidence themselves as being part of this group, • Consciously (‘constructed certitude’). There is also a encouraging brand loyalty, and enabling cultivated notion that masculinity is in a state of crisis the channel to construct a target audience (fe)male bond/ and that contemporary media texts (e.g. for advertisers. In this way the sense of teen bond Nuts magazine/ This Is England) deal with collective identity is actually an artificial the construction of masculinity, construct that collects people into target constructing certitude for the audience. audiences. Binary means a pair of opposition (e.g. Gendered magazines reassert as male and • Binary male vs female/ black vs white/ etc) female as binary and oppositional. Plurality has a similar meaning to In representing the diversity of teen • Plurality heterogeneity, where representations are identities, and in showing different types of not monolithic but acknowledge diversity masculinities and femininities, Glee and variety. The opposite would be acknowledges the plurality and complexity homogeneity (saying all males are the of teen identity. • Femininities/ same/ females are the same). masculinities Feminities/ masculinities referes to this plurality also. Hegemony = the dominant ideology at any Hegemonic/ hegemony • Hegemony one time. Hegemony shifts and changes Avatar creates a hegemonic representation over time. of gender.