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G325 b uk_tribes_annotatingessays-


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G325 b uk_tribes_annotatingessays-

  1. 1. Use these guide questions with the other UK Tribes articles Use the bullet points below to annotate/ identify key points from each essay Article 1 – How youth culture in Britain has changed 1. Audiences’ have become more post-modern in the construction of their identity. 2. Youth identity is an assertion of difference; a declaration of otherness. 3. Youth tribes are fragmented but coherent: they take different components and put them together. 4. Technology 5. Youth culture/ youth identity is not monolithic, but fragmented. 6. Technology is changing the way youths interact and shape their own identity/ express their own identity. Article 2 – What’s Changing for Young People? 1. Young people are defining themselves through experiences/ what they do, rather than who they are. 2. Young people are creating their own communities through which they can express/ shape their identity. 3. The shift from mass media to peer-to-peer media that has been brought about by technological development has led to a more fractured, individualistic sense of youth identity. 4. Young people are using media in a pick’n’mix way to express/ create their identity. 5. Young people’s identities are more fluid today