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G325 b shapinganessay-


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G325 b shapinganessay-

  1. 1. Which boxes below could you use for each of these questions? 1. To what extent do audiences use media to construct their own sense of collective identity? 2. “The media has replaced family, society and religion as the main source of collective identity.” Discuss. 3. How far does the representation of a particular social group change over time? 2. Media texts such as _____ 1. Media texts such as ____ acknowledge the plurality of represent teens/ gender as gender identities/ teen 3. Media texts offer audiences homogenous, reinforcing a sense identities OR Media texts socialisation of solidarity and collective represent gender in binary identity terms, refusing the plurality of gender 4. Media texts offer audiences a 6. Michel Maffesoli argues that 5. Audiences construct their constructed certitude, a there is a ‘proliferation of identity through tribes, reassurance of their own lifestyle cultures’, meaning that collecting around cultural/ identity, and a reassurance of we define our identities through media experiences how to behave the lifestyle we lead 8. Media texts reflect young people as seeking their true 7. Young people’s identity is identity, struggling to discover 9. “Identities are not ‘given’ but increasingly postmodern: it is who they are, and using grand are constructed and fragmented, pick’n’mix, hybrid narratives of religion/ society/ negotiated.” "These [male] and fluid, and media texts such family/ history/ community/ magazines are all about the as ______ acknowledge and nationality to find who they are. social construction of reflect this change in the For young people, finding your masculinity. That is, if you like, construction of identity identity is like a journey, and their subject-matter." (David media texts such as ______ Gauntlett) recognise and represent this. 10. “a kind of false sisterhood that 11. Female lifestyle magazines 12. Identity is “the unfinalised self” construct “The cult of assumes a common definition of – a person can never be fully femininity”; “consciously womanhood or girlhood” revealed, finalised, labelled or cultivated female bond” (Angela McRobbie) known. (Mikhail Bakhtin) (Marjorie Ferguson) 13. Gender is performance: our gender exists only in the way we 14. Dr Linda Papadopolous Media 15. “A magazine is like a club. Its behave and in the way we affects the psychological first function is to provide perform. It is a social construct development of young people readers with a comfortable that is always fluid and and leads to the sexualisation of sense of community and pride in changing. Gender is what you young people and anti-social their identity” Janice Winship do, not what you are. (Judith behaviour. Butler) 17. Cosmo/ Glamour/ female listyle 18. Nuts/ FHM/ Male lifestyle 16. Glee/ Skins/ magazines magazines 21. Other media texts you have 19. My So Called Life 20. Gay magazines studied Take three colours, and use one colour per question. Then go through each box and decide if you could use it in an answer for each question, and colour the box in according to which questions it could be used for. Some boxes may fit all questions. Then use these boxes and other ideas to create an essay plan for each question.