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Connect:Transmit Conference Pt2


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Part 2 of the keynote presentation from the Connect:Transmit Preston Conference. Pdf contains links to hear sample audio.

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Connect:Transmit Conference Pt2

  1. 1. Media In The Curriculum
  2. 2. National Curriculum September 2013
  3. 3. Key Stage 3
  4. 4. Developing your own setup Microphones Easi-Speak £20-£40 Zoom H1 £60-£70 Zoom H2 £140-£160 USB Mic £20-£300
  5. 5. software
  6. 6. The Following Slides Contain Links To Hear The Audio
  7. 7. Radio And Literacy... St Gabriel’s Primary, Huyton Year 3 Persuasive Writing 2011/5/4_Please_Take_Me_Home...html
  8. 8. Hollingworth Business and Enterprise College Rochdale. Year 6 Students Talk About Transition
  9. 9. Willow Tree Primary St. Helen’s Play scripts Year 6 Literacy 2011/4/29_Night_At_The_Egyptian_Museum_1.html
  10. 10. Intack Primary School, Blackburn Instructional language... Giving Barry Bee instructions on how to collect pollen on his first flight! Entries/ 2012/1/ ml
  11. 11. St Gabriel’s Primary, Huyton Biographical... Gathering Community Memories StGabriels2010/Entries/ 2010/5/25_Memories.html StGabriels2010/Entries/ 2010/5/25_Looking_Back_On_Huyton_Life. html
  12. 12. Willow Tree Primary, St. Helen’s Making SATs Revision Podcasts 2011/4/29_Sats_Tips_For_Fiction_Writing.html
  13. 13. Cottam Primary, Preston Eco Schools... Cottam/Entries/ 2012/3/1_Sounds_at_the_beach.html
  14. 14. Benefits Of Partnership With Community Media • The children get to meet an expert, someone who does this for real. • Children get to visit a real studio/real place of work • Teachers’ skills are improved • New, real, live audience for students’ work leads to increased motivation and higher standards of literacy work. • New ways of interacting with/reaching communities
  15. 15. Future Opportunities • Funding is an issue • Partnerships can open up new funding opportunities • Schools are looking for value for money • Teaching teachers v teaching pupils • Alternative assessment tool