Finding and Building Your Audience Online


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Who are you targeting with your product or content? Where is your audience online? How do you attract and engage them? And, perhaps most importantly, how can you monetize them? Annelise will explore today’s audience habits, explain the power of the niche, and provide tips and tools on how to define, find, engage and mobilize your own audience.

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  • More than 41 hours per month (2nd highest worldwide) and ranking 1st in terms of monthly pages and visits per visitor.Canadians rank 2nd worldwide in terms of monthly hours (25) of online video viewed and videos (291) per viewer.724 billion digital display ad impressions in 2012, up 17% year over year of . Social Media, Entertainment and Portal sites continue to account for the largest share of impressions.The rapid adoption of internet-enabled devices is contributing to a more fragmented digital media landscape. Smartphone subscribers grew by 17 percent in 2012, with Google Android accounting for 40 percent of the market.Social Media players are increasing their visitor base and engagement, while Facebook continues to lead the Social Networking category.Major industry verticals are witnessing interesting trends amid media fragmentation. E-Commerce totaled $22.3 billion dollars in Canada in 2012, up 10 percent versus year ago.
  • Finding and Building Your Audience Online

    2. 2. Canadian Digital Audience Snapshot Comscore – Canada Digital Future in Focus 2013
    3. 3. Canadian Digital Audience Snapshot• 83% of population is online• 41+ online hours per month (2nd highest worldwide) & most monthly pages and visits per visitor.• 25 hours of online video viewed per month (also 2nd)• Social networks continue to grow, Facebook leads, but Pinterest, Tumblr & Instagram growth exploded last year• 724 billion digital display ad impressions in 2012• Ecommerce totaled $22.3 billion dollars in Canada Comscore – Canada Digital Future in Focus 2013
    4. 4. Integrated Marketing SEPARATE INTEGRATED digital garnish fully blended digital
    5. 5. Understanding the Digital Audience• Who are they?• What do they want?• For your business: • IDENTIFYING • FINDING • BUILDING • ENGAGING
    6. 6. Who is the Digital Audience? SOCIAL (want peer connection & validation)
    7. 7. Who is the Digital Audience? HYPERCONNECTED (SoLoMo – Social Local Mobile)
    8. 8. Who is the Digital Audience? MULTI-TASKING
    9. 9. Who is the Digital Audience? INSATIABLE (want what they want ANY time, EVERY where & on ALL devices)
    10. 10. Who is the Digital Audience? EMPOWERED (by choice & control)
    11. 11. Who is the Digital Audience? FRAGMENTED (by platform & by niche/segment)
    12. 12. What do They Want?• Personalization• Seamless experience• Added value
    13. 13. Understanding YOUR Digital Audience • IDENTIFYING • FINDING • BUILDING • ENGAGING
    14. 14. IDENTIFYING Your Digital Audience Segmentation & Behaviour (data sources) • Current (best) customers • Competitor analysis • External market research
    15. 15. IDENTIFYING Your Digital Audience
    16. 16. IDENTIFYING Your Digital Audience Eco-Aware Individuals: “acutely interested in learning more about top environmental issues...Not only do they read articles related to clean energy, but they read about hybrid vehicles. These people tend to be athletic and well- traveled, seeking goods and services related to environmentally sensitive outdoor sports and adventure travel.”
    17. 17. FINDING Your Digital Audience Tracking Down the Segments • Search engines • Niche online communities • Groups within social media • Competitive/complimentary websites
    18. 18. FINDING Your Digital Audience
    19. 19. FINDING Your Digital Audience
    20. 20. BUILDING Your Digital Audience Attracting New Online Customers • Advertising • Participating authentically in niche communities • Being internet search friendly (esp. in using the language of your target niches)
    21. 21. BUILDING Your Digital Audience
    22. 22. ENGAGING Your Digital Audience 1% Advocates Engagement Pyramid 9% Casual Contributors 90% Lurkers
    23. 23. ENGAGING Your Digital Audience Keeping Customers Involved (give them reasons to return, share & act) •Add value •Be relevant (content, proximity & timing) •Inform & entertain •Make things simple, convenient & easy •Create opportunities for audience contributions •Listen & respond
    24. 24. ENGAGING Your Digital Audience Many, Many Tools for Online Engagement
    25. 25. TOP 10 Digital Audience Do’s & Don’ts1. DON’T make digital just a garnish.2. DO be aware of the SoLoMo context.3. DO use the power of segmentation & niche marketing.4. DON’T be afraid to give up control.5. DO provide original, personalized, quality content.6. DO optimize for all relevant platforms and devices.7. DO be a brand that is authentic, human & “flawsome.”8. DO be seamlessly everywhere your audience is.9. DO tweak messaging to fit each audience segment.10. DON’T just observe – listen, learn, respond and evolve.
    26. 26. You can find me at: Annelise Larson @veriatweet