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Double click

  1. 1. DoubleClick & Internet Privacy
  2. 2. Agenda DoubleClick Business Model Abacus Online Privacy Concerns The Government The EU Initiative Suggestions
  3. 3. DoubleClick Founded in 1996 by Kevin O’Conner Provides internet advertising services Merged with Abacus Direct in 1999 for $1.7 bn Network includes 1500 websites & places ads on 11000 sites Network also includes AltaVista & Travelocity By 2000, DoubleClick had expanded its business vastly
  4. 4. Business Model Linkage between advertising agencies and customers Tracked click stream data with the help of cookies ID number assigned to a cookie deposited on the user’s computer by banner ads DoubleClick tracked the web activities of the user; the user’s identity remained anonymous
  5. 5. Abacus Online Abacus Direct is a data collection agency, working with catalog companies It tracked the offline buying behavior of the consumers along with their personal info Abacus online formed by DoubleClick to coalesce the clickstream data & abacus direct’s database This would reveal the user’s identity, hence causing privacy breach
  6. 6. Privacy Concerns Abacus Online was a tool that hampered the user anonymity The users were unaware of the info being collected & its usage Users unaware of the opt-out option No internet privacy rights existed
  7. 7. Protecting Privacy TRUSTe, BBBOnline & SecureAssure approved websites Blocking cookies by configuring IE or Netscape Use of P3P technology
  8. 8. The Government CDT filed a case with FTC against DoubleClick for privacy breach FTC voted for Congress to be the authority for regulating internet privacy Thus, making it necessary for websites to provide privacy policies & info to users on how their data will be used
  9. 9. The EU Initiative The EU initiated the Privacy Directive which prohibited the data processing without the user’s consent Right to inspect personal data maintained & correct errors, if any Reasonable balance between users’ rights & business interests of data controllers Protected EU citizens from processors of information in other countries
  10. 10. Disadvantages of EU Directive Use of cookies or other devices for click-stream data was not specified Whether companies could internally transfer personnel info from EU to their offices in other countries
  11. 11. Suggestions Policies to be made rigid Users to be informed about their data being tracked Policies & practices to be certified under TRUSTe, BBBOnline or SecureAssure It should be more transparent in terms of communication with its consumers
  12. 12. Thank You