Portuguese empire in the americas


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Portuguese empire in the americas

  1. 1. : Sixteenth century, Born 1528 (1528-c.1580) : *Born in Terceira *When he was young he lived in Azores *He traveled all around : Azores : male : Adventurer and Priest : *He was known as a Renaissance adventurer and rascal *He has been accused of superstition and making a pact with the Devil. *Liked to use herbs to help people with sickness but it was frowned upon by the priesthood. *Gouveia seemed to always be in trouble with others. *He turned out to be violent.
  2. 2. : (1680- 1758) : captaincy of Bahia, Brazil : colony, Bahians : female : Nun and Entrepreneur (She would loan money out, rent houses, and had a business making and selling sweets) : *Her sisters and her were raised to become nuns *Catarina would punish herself everyday, brutally for god *On her death bed she had not a thing in her room. But she in fact was a very wealthy woman. *She had a inclination and talent for making money *Catarina gave her money generously to the churches *She hoped to be forgiven for her business dealings which were in direct violation of church law
  3. 3. : (c.1700-1750 : Amazonia, city of Belém do Pará : tribal group, Manao : female : Indian slave : *Francisca was a slave and claimed she had been illegally enslaved *She took it to court and she lost and was to remain a slave *She survived being a slave for over 20 years *She was a survivor and managed to steer her own course
  4. 4.  The country was weakened by a earthquake in 1755 in its capital city  Portugal is a founding member of the NATO, OECD, and EFTA.  The region of Portugal was inhabited by Neanderthals and then Homo sapiens  In 1095 Portugal separated from the Kingdom of Galicia and then declared Independence  Portugal was a major European power in the 15th and 16th centuries  The Portuguese were the first to start globalization  The Portuguese empire ended after 560 years
  5. 5.  In 1494 Spain and Portugal divided the New World between them  The Portuguese started to extract brazil wood from the rainforest  All land that was discovered east of the meridian was Portugal's  The huge size of Brazil led to the colony being divided into two states  Brazil became officially a Viceroyalty around 1763  The French attempted to colonies parts of the Portuguese colony  Portuguese colonists adopted an economy based on the production of agricultural goods  Sugar cane became the most important product
  6. 6.  The Portuguese Colonial Empire was the longest-lived of the modern European colonial empires  Portuguese sailors began exploring the coast of Africa in 1419  Portugal had a monopoly on the African slave trade for over a century  Portuguese goal of finding a sea route to Asia was achieved by Vasco da Gama