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Rfid uhf bakery_belt_conveyor_manufacturing_case_study_en


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Rfid uhf bakery_belt_conveyor_manufacturing_case_study_en

  1. 1. RFID RFID Case Study Automatic bakery production operations control by means of RFID Technology Deployment of RFID UHF technology in Penam, fully automated modern bakeryRFID Systems & Technology
  2. 2. Barco Introduction Experienced supplier in the field of RFID, RTLS & barcoding technology Established in 1993 Own hardware & software development team Czech & Slovak leader on the Warehouse Management Systems market (WMS) Leading Brands FlexiRay – Ultra slim RFID UHF antennas SmartStock.WMS – Warehouse Management Westico RTLS References: AHOLD, PENAM, Hyundai MOBIS, Nohel Garden, KraftFoods … ISO 9001:2001
  3. 3. Key RFID Reference Projects Penam – new fully automated bakery Bakery crate tracking RFID production control Kraft Foods – manufacturing unit Coffee & cappuccino mixtures production control Stainless steel metal containers tracking Mobis (Hyundai Motor Czech) RFID HF data collection and traceability of automobile parts manufacturing operations 180 RFID HF reading points ArcelorMittal Railway wagon RFID UHF identification Integration into wagon weighing system
  4. 4. RFID RFID UHF Technology Deployment in Penam, a.s. RFID production control in fully automated modern bakery Zelená LoukaRFID Systems & Technology
  5. 5. Penam Introduction Part of Agrofert Holding, a.s. Second largest bakery company in the Czech Rep, the first largest in Slovakia 13 bakeries in Czech Rep. More than 12,000 retail points, out of these 9,000 points are replenished daily
  6. 6. RFID – Technical Solutions Bakery Crate Embedded RFID UHF tag, design & construction RFID tag Alien Squiggle Tag reading in production 17 reading points on belt conveyors (washing machines, filling machine, palletizers) Solution for logistics mobile terminals, RFID portals system ToolBox EPC Global Compatibility
  7. 7. RFID Antennas FlexiRay SFR - Belt Conveyor Deployment
  8. 8. Project Benefits for Customer Loss prevention and reduction Production Traceability Production Automation Solution ready for RFID UHF extension in logistics and shipping EPC Global ready solution
  9. 9. RFID Crate & Embedded UHF Tag - PENAM
  10. 10. RFID Barco, s.r.o. ©RFID Systems & Technology