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sample marketing plan of a bakery

its a sample marketing plan of a bakery and a cafe named dream bakers....

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sample marketing plan of a bakery

  3. 3. MAIN CONTENTS: Executive summary Situational analysis Marketing strategy Financials Control
  4. 4. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY:  Dream bakers is a café and a retail bakery located in Mardan that is a city of Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa Pakistan. The plan of Dream Bakers is to attain and maintain the interest of its customers with the broad variety of its coffee, cakes, pastry and other products. It will build a strong position in the city and then in the country by offering its products at a competitive price and quality products.
  5. 5. MARKET SUMMARY:  In the past five years, the development in Mardan has grown tremendously with the establishment of university, excellent medical institutions and attractive residential programs. People and investors are now attracted towards this city which will help the Dream Bakers to attract more customers. Currently the area is served with small restaurants and coffee shops but none of those restaurants carry the menu items found at Dream Bakers.
  6. 6. TARGET MARKET:  Dream Bakers will serve all its customers lower, middle and upper income by providing its products with affordable prices and by rendering services that will put a smile on the faces of its customers. It will make no discrimination between its customers
  7. 7. MARKET DEMOGRAPHICS:  Geographic: Dream Bakers will focus on Mardan and its near by areas. Some other bakeries are already established in Mardan but they are not providing most of the products which Dream Bakers will be providing.  Demographics: Dream Bakers will strongly focus on the priorities of children and young people.
  8. 8. MARKET NEEDS:  Wants variety and flavor in its food.  Looks for speed of service  Wants an entertaining and fun experience  Insists upon a clean, friendly and attractive environment.
  9. 9. MARKET TREND:  The market trend has changed from simple cakes and samosa etc to designed cakes and other tasty pastries which will be provided by the Dream Bakers.
  10. 10. SWOT ANALYSIS:  STRENGTHS: 1. The talented bakers. 2. Competitive price and new marketing strategies. o WEAKNESSES: 1. new in the market. 2. New setup.  OPPORTUNITIES: 1. New bakery products in the area. 2. High quality products with reasonable prices. 3. Educated/degree holder bakers. o THREATS: 1. Low prices of competitors. 2. Experience of competitors in the market and best advertisement strategies.
  11. 11. COMPETITION:  All the bakeries and cafes in the area are in competition with us.
  12. 12. VARIOUS MENU ITEMS:  pastry/deserts  Sandwiches  Soup  Soft drink  Coffee/tea  Designed cakes for celebrations  Cup cakes  Ice cream  Packed juices  Cookies.
  13. 13. CONT..  Apart from offering this menu, our bakery will also provide some services such as… 1. Wi-Fi for students. 2. Sound system(light music) 3. Free home delivery of orders. 4. Discount on large purchases 5. Loyalty cards for regular customers. 6. A separate room reserved for small parties.
  14. 14. KEY SUCCESS FACTORS:  Providing high quality products with customer service.  Competitive pricing.  Ongoing employee/bakers education.
  15. 15. CRITICAL ISSUES: For excellence and success Dream Bakers need to: 1. Monitor cash flow statement. 2. Establish its reputation. 3. Continuously update its products and capabilities.
  16. 16. MARKETING STRATEGY: MISSION: ‘Dream Bakers aims to offer high quality bakery products at a competitive price to meet the demand of middle to high income customers.’ MARKETING OBJECTIVES: 1. To be leading a reputable bakery. 2. To provide good quality products. 3. To be competitive in the market. 4. To offer jobs. FINANCIAL OBJECTIVES: 1. To generate minimum 30% revenue. 2. To become zero-debt bakery.
  17. 17. CONT.. TARGET MARKETS: The main focus will be the consumers in mardan. It will also focus on travelers that passes through Mardan. POSITIONING: Dream Bakers position itself as a competent, innovative and customer oriented.
  18. 18. OUR STRATEGIES:  We have a good variety of products.  In order to get long term relationship with our customers we can also offer discount on the large purchase orders i.e. volume discount.  Providing internet facility to our customers especially students.  Music system and the television facility will also be provided for entertainment.  Free delivery of orders to customers home.
  19. 19. MARKETING MIX: PRICING: Dream Bakers will offer superior quality products in affordable prices. DISTRIBUTION: The distribution will also be through free home delivery if the customers are willing to have their desired products at their door step. PROMOTION:  Creative designed banners at different spots in Mardan.  Promotion through local radio.  Word of mouth.
  20. 20. CONT.. PRODUCTS/SERVICES: Dream Bakers will not just focus on products that it offers but also the bakery environment because customers ( especially youth) seek for quality food along with entertaining environment where they sit. CUSTOMER/CLIENTS: Responsiveness and respect will be the key relationship driver with its customers with a focus of developing good relationship with customer.
  21. 21. CONT… MARKETING RESEARCH:  Dream Bakers will continuously do research of market to be up-to-date of customer preferences and will get feedback from their customers.
  22. 22. FINANCIALS: DREAM BAKERS FORECASTED INCOME STATEMENT FOR THE YEAR ENDED ON 31-DEC-2014 Net sales for the year RS 20,000 Cost of sales 9,000 Gross profit RS 11,000 OPERATIONAL EXPENSES: Building rent RS 1200 Asset depreciation 170 Office salaries 1230 Wages 300 Insurance 400 Other overheads 500 Advertising 500 Selling expenses 300 Commission 500 OPERATING INCOME RS 5500 Interest payments (500) Income before taxes 5000 Taxes (30%) 1500 NET INCOME RS 3500
  23. 23. CONT: DREAM BAKERS BALANCE SHEET FOR THE YEAR ENDED ON 31-DEC-2014 ASSETS LIABILITIES AND OWNERS EQUITY Cash RS 2500 accounts payables 1000 Bank deposits 5000 accrued expenses 2000 Prepaid expenses 1000 wages payables 5000 A/R 1000 bills payables 4000 Inventories 3000 reserves 2000 Office furniture 1500 CAPITAL Computer 1500 saba’s owner equity 10,000 Supplies 2000 laila’s owner equity 10,000 Auto’s 6000 najwa’s owner equity 10,000 Electronic appliances 2000 net profit 3500 Processing machinery 7000 Packing machinery 5000 47500 Backing machinery 4000 Conveyer machinery 6000 47500
  24. 24. CONT: DREAM BAKERS CASH FLOW STATEMENT FOR THE YEAR 2014 OPERATING ACTIVITIES: Net income RS 3500 Depreciation 170 Prepaid expenses 500 Accounts receivables (200) Inventories 1030 Net operating cash flows 5000 INVESTMENT ACTIVITIES: Office furniture 600 Computers (150) Electronic appliances 200 Net Investment cash flows 650 FINANCIAL ACTIVITIES: Loans 200 Total cash flow 5850 Beginning cash 150 Ending cash (2500) NET CASH FLOW RS 3500
  25. 25. CONT: BREAK EVEN ANALYSIS EXPENSES FIXED EXPENSES VARIABLE EXPENSES Material cost RS 5000 Labor cost 3000 FOH cost 500 500 Rent 1200 Salaries 1230 Wages 300 Insurance 400 Other overheads 200 300 Advertising 500 Selling expenses 150 150 Commission 500 4180 9750 Breakeven point (RS) = fixed expenses 1 - Variable expenses sales BREAKEVEN POINT = RS 8196
  26. 26. CONTROLS:  The following areas will be monitored very closely by Dream Bakers management; 1. Revenue: monthly and annual. 2. Expenses: monthly and annual. 3. Client feedback 4. Improvement in product/business. IMPLEMENTATION:  To achieve our desired goals and control budget all the strategies will be kept in mind for implementation.
  27. 27. CONT..  MARKETING ORGANIATION: The founder will be responsible for the marketing activities supported by one young executive.