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Panel EU IA Roadmap


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These are the slides accompanying the panel discussion on the future of the IA community in Europe.

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Panel EU IA Roadmap

  1. 1. Presenting a Roadmap for a European IA Network A staged approach to realising a Network of IA’s in Europe. Soren Muus, Wolf H. Nöding, Filip Borloo, Peter J. Bogaards, Peter Boersma, Judit Ponya, Andrea Resmini, Sylvain Cottong
  2. 2. Presenting the Euro IA Roadmap - Agenda 1. What & Why? 2. Who? 3. Background & History 4. Challenges, Goals & Mission 5. Presentation of the Roadmap 6. Feedback & Discussion 7. Summary & Conclusions
  3. 3. 1. What & Why?
  4. 4. What? Our goals of our project • To identify common challanges of European IAs • Find solutions by sharing experience and know how • Develop a Roadmap and define Actions • Realise these Actions • Get more people involved • Meet, adjust and complete our Roadmap over the coming years The goals for this panel: • Get the vibe of the audience • Get a feedback from the Euro IA Community on the vision here • Get a understanding for the core scenarios • Motivate the participants to continue on with us on this
  5. 5. Why? WE HAVE NO LIFE AND WE LOVE YOU ALL • Build on the Conference experience • Community • Knowledge • Share more information and knowhow • Online • Local and national events • Promote and position Information Architecture • Educate future IA’s
  6. 6. Impressions from the workshop Feedback Cluster from Euro IA 2007
  7. 7. Impressions from the workshop
  8. 8. 2. Who?
  9. 9. Presenting the Workshop participants Soren Muus Wolf H. Nöding Filip Borloo Peter Bogaards Information Architect Information Architect Information Architect Information Architect from Denmark from Germany from Belgium from Netherlands Peter Boersma Andrea Resmini Judit Ponya Sylvain Cottong Information Architect Information Architect Information Architect Information Architect from Netherlands from Italy from Hungary from Luxembourg
  10. 10. 3. Background/History
  11. 11. Background/History - Why did we organise a workshop in Copenhagen to create a Roadmap for the Euro IA Network? - What are the goals of the Roadmap? - Background - 1.Workshop (Soren, Wolf) - Euro IA 2007 poster presentation, survey results --> A mission to continue from
  12. 12. Background & Motivation - The idea started two Years ago (IA Summit 2006 – Las Vegas) - It‘s about the people (Information Architects in Europe) - Preparation – Workshop Sören/Wolf (just one impression photo) - Poster-Session at the Euro IA 2007 (show poster from Sören) - Interesting Feedbacks from interested IAs (show mindmap of participant feedbacks and first Poster IAs in Europe - Small Feedbacks Workshop in Panel Session at situation?! workshop from EU IAs Copenhagen Presentation Euro IA 2007 Invitation of motivated IAs Euro IA 2007 Euro IA 2008
  13. 13. 4. Challenges, Goals, Mission statement
  14. 14. Challenges, Goals, Mission statement Goals 1. To inform and educate people outside the field. Define and clarify IA for different target audiences. Common challenges 1. Confusion - Lack of visibility (outside & inside - 2. To create awareness of IA practices in the work of other fields and connect & branding) them with the IA community & knowledge. 2. IA practice does excist! But not nesessary identified as such (enough) 3. To improve (informal) local networking 3. Informal networking thrives. events (on- or offline) (to support the expansion of the EU network) 4. Competition with institutions and within the industry. 4. To increase cooperation between institutions in the field and communities 5. Lack of „Europeanness“ ... & awareness - in the industry International ... but, not European Mission Statement 5. To identify and develop an European dimension of IA (education, research, market, professional practice, training, ect.)
  15. 15. 5. Presenting the Roadmap
  16. 16. 5. Presenting the Roadmap I easy to achieve II work III significant work A essential 3.5. Website 4.3 Annual 5.8 European 5.14 SWOT 1.9 Blog / 4.5 Increase 5.6. Identify state of Euro IA Manifesto (per country, articles for cooporation and apply for = until EuroIA 2008 IA repport European) outsiders between EU Grants 2.2 3.4 Wiki Coordination = until IASummit 2009 industries in the field and 5.21 Get of events 3. 13 4.4 5.9 Permanent 5.16 Assign 1.11 Establish = until EuroIA 2009 ongoing Calender of Scenariomap legal structured leaders common 4.9 Get other sponsoring 3.6 = until EuroIA 2010 events s for each of EU organisation Vocabulary the goals professonal Coordinate organisations events (avaid = until EuroIA 2011 on board, overlap) approach 4.7 Identify 5.10 Define 5.18 SWOT the industry our (IA/EU) and identify EU them and get 3.11Create networks USPs specifities, buy in knowledge value, ... sharing thingie to 5.11 Connect 4.12 Present improve local to the US IAI, at other networking EMEA, Asia industries IA initiatives events B important 2.7 Cross- 3.7 publish a 4.10 Invite 1.2 Share 2.4 Publish 3.10 4.11 Invite 5.4 Create 1.1 train & 2.5 ...seeking 3.9 Training 4.1 Set up 5.5. C fertilization of „how to„ others(organi case studies tips & tricks Exchange others (outside OPML file for coach out potential events IAI Jobboard to rela other manual for sations, IAs) speakers at community) to EU IA info speakers IA (involved) branded & initiati networks local events to connect events present at our businesses localised 1.4 increase/ 2.6 get EU IA events 1.5 Define 5.12 P build/acquire speakers on 5.13 Invite EU (quality article 3.12 Publish 3.17 target credibility other events thinkers on standards 2.1 Facilitate Euro I Articles specific trough in other EU IA IA camps (conf. (Press regions branding conference(s) industries Releases) (from outside our field) 5.1 De 1. 10 Present 3.8 Facilitate, metho at other support and techni 5.17 Create EU iss industry have local regular input events events and from differnt activities countries 1.12 Initiate Marketing C nice to have 1.6 Whitepapers 3. 14 4.2 Share 5.2 Create 1.3 develop 2.3 EU 5.20 Award 3.1 Xing/ Ning 3.16 Ning on IA Barcamps stories, Euro IA pool of Awards (incl EU IA of the community network, methodologies failures, poster speakers PR en media year(person, branded aims successes, ... coverage) job, company) Calendar business benefits 5.7 Create 1.7 create Job postings borders with 4.6 mentoring EU IA Logo buzz other 3.3 Learn resources other disciplines (possibly from other promote across succesful formal and industries) 5.3 Register 1.8 Infocamps network informal meetings
  17. 17. Planned Achivments IASummit Until EuroIA Until EuroIA Until EuroIA Until EuroIA 2008 2009 2009 2010 2011 = Support networking activities 1.6 Whitepapers on 1.11 Establish 1.8 Infocamps 1. Inform and IA methodologies common educate people = Set up an organisation Aims business Vocabulary benefits borders with 1.2 Share case outside the field. = Support of events other disciplines 1. 10 Present at studies Define and clarify other industry IA for different = Publication Plattforms 1.12 Initiate events 1.1 train & coach Marketing speakers target audiences. 1.4 increase/ = Facilitate Connectivity with other fields build/acquire 1.5 Define quality credibility trough standards = Swot Analysis and reporting branding = Facilitate EU IA job situation 1.9 Blog / articles for outsiders = Support Mentoring Programm 2.5 ...seeking out 2.1 Facilitate IA 2. Create 2.4 Publish tips & 1.7 create buzz potential IA tricks camps awareness of IA (involved) businesses practices in the 2.3 EU Awards 2.7 Cross- (incl PR en work of other fields 2.2 Coordination fertilization of and connect them 2.6 get EU IA media coverage) of events other networks speakers on with the IA other events in other industries community & Pains/Issues we have identified knowledge Current Itentified Challenges/ 3.16 Ning 3.9 Training 3. Improve 3.6 Coordinate 3.3 Learn from events IAI network, branded 3.4 Wiki events (avaid Calendar 3.8 Facilitate, other succesful branded & (informal) local overlap) network localised Job postings support and have networking events 3.1 Xing/ Ning other resources local events and community 3.5. Website promote formal activities (on- or offline) (to 3.17 target 3. 14 Barcamps and informal specific regions 3.11Create support the meetings 3.7 publish a 3.10 Exchange knowledge expansion of the speakers at sharing solution „how to„ manual 3.12 Publish events to improve local EU network) for local events Articles (Press networking Releases) 3. 13 Calender of events 4.4 4.7 Identify the 4.12 Present at 4.1 Set up Scenariomaps for industry networks Jobboard 4.5 Increase other industries 4.6 mentoring 4. Increase each of the goals cooporation events 4.10 Invite between industries (possibly across cooperation industries) others(organisati in the field and ... 4.2 Share stories, between ons, IAs) to failures, institutions in the connect successes, ... field and 4.3 Annual state 4.11 Invite others of Euro IA (outsidecommunity) 4.9 Get other communities in the professonal repport to present at our organisations on industry events 5.8 European IA board, approach 5.10 Define our 5.12 Publish them and get buy Manifesto (IA/EU) USPs articles on Euro 5.9 Permanent in IA ( legal structured EU 5.2 Create Euro 5.4 Create OPML organisation IA poster file for EU IA info 5.14 SWOT (per 5.11 Connect to 5.21 Get ongoing 5.13 Invite EU 5. Mission 5.6. Identify and thinkers on EU IA country, European) apply for EU the US IAI, sponsoring conference(s) Statement: Find and 5.7 Create EU IA EMEA, Asia IA Logo 5.3 Register Grants initiatives (from outside our define the European field) 5.18 SWOT and 5.16 Assign identify EU leaders dimension of IA, 5.17 Create specifities, value, regular input from education, research, 5.1 Develop differnt countries methods and market, professional 5.20 Award EU techniques for 5.5. Connect to IA of the practice, training ... EU issues related EU year(person, job, initiatives company)
  18. 18. 5. Presenting the Roadmap The Euro IA Network Initiative - Identified „activity tracks“ to facilitate the achievment of the Goals Activity track 01 - „Support the Networking activities!“ > Establish communication plattforms > Barcamp > Create Knowledge sharing solution Activity track 02 - „Set up an organisation“ > Euro IA manifesto > Initiate Marketing > Get ongoing EU/company sponsoring > partnerships Activity track 03 - „Support of events“ (workshops, conferences, ...) > Support/coordinate events > publish „how to manual“ > connect to other industry events Activity track 04 - „Publication Plattforms - Awarenesss of Euro IA Community (Publications, Jobboard)“ > Start Blog/Website/... > Job Postings > Publish Articles/Press Releases > Publish Tips and Tricks Activity track 05 - „Facilitate Connectivity with other fields of profession“ > Identify Industry Networks > Seeking potential IA Businesses > Crossfertilization of other networks > Present at other industrie events... > Connect to the US IAI, EMEA, Asia IA ... Activity track 06 - „Swot analysis and Reporting“ > ...Define our USPs > SWOT per European country > Annual state report (situation, jobs, salaries, ...) Activity track 07 - „Facilitate EU IA Job situation exchange/sharing“ > Set up Job board Activity track 08 - „Mentoring/training programm“ > Establish knowledge sharing > train&coach speakers > share stories/failiures successes
  19. 19. Topics for the Euro IA presentation .HU .IT Let‘s redraw the .BE European IA Map .NO .ES together :) .CZ .FR XING:EuroIAnetwork .LU Linkdin:EuroIAnetwork .NL .UK .DE .CH .PL .AT
  20. 20. 6. Feedback & Discussion
  21. 21. Feedback & Discussion • Questions? • First impressions? What do you think, what do you ... feel? • What do you think about our plan? • Do you understand our motivation? • Do you share our goals? • Are we on the right track? • The relationship with IA institute • The relationship with ASIS&T • Do you want to get involved?
  22. 22. 7. Summary & Conclussions