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SOFIA - Overview Brochure

  1. 1. SOFIA: Artemis project 100017PERSONAL SPACESSOFIA personal spaces conceptOne of the guiding principles for a The resulting implementations the scenarios, providing additionaluser value in a smart demonstrate the SOFIA benefit of value. We also expect what we areenvironment is that she can seam- multiple active loosely coupled able to mix use cases between sce-lessly access the best available use cases on platforms with different narios within WP1 as well as otherservices and resources in the market cycle lengths. work packages.changing enviroment she currentlyresides in. As platform components we provide Our scenarios are: Smart-M3 based implementationsIn order to reach this goal, Personal which make information of the un- • "Media follows user scenario", withSpaces work package (WP1) derlying platforms available to the the following use cases:builds its work on key scenarios on Personal Space and provide semantictwo underlying platforms: level services so that several use ca- • "Follow me music"mobile device and automobile. ses can be operating on the same • "Speak out message" time. These implentations operate both on information level as well as • "Smart Navigation scenario", with on the level of existing legacy servi- the following use cases: ces on the platforms. For key scenarios we have derived a • "Basic navigation" Smart Objects • "Voice command location tagging" set of use cases, which we are demonstrating. New use case imple- • "Voice command location querying" for Intelligent Applications mentations can later be added to 2009 Artemis Awarded ProjectDISSEMINATION ACTIVITIES WITHIN SOFIA www.sofia-project.euThe SOFIA consortium acknowled- SOFIA MAIN EVENTSges the importance of dissemination •First International Workshop on Se-and exploitation of the project re- SOFIA Large Pilots mantic Interoperability for Smart Spaces Coming Soon!sults and is placing a high priority (SISS 2010), in association with the IEEEfocus on publicity and technology Symposium on Computers and Commu- SOFIA is a three-year ARTEMIS The structure of the project consists A work package (WP7) creatingtransfers. Large scale pilots are the large scale pilot demonstrating all nications (ISCC 2010), Riccione, Italy project involving nineteen of: (22.06.2010) currently being organised partners from four EU different Three vertical work packages aspects related to the threeSOFIA is having a consistent visibility in various European countries. This research project application areas and the three (WP1-3) representing three differentin media as well as academic and •Eighth International Conference on seeks to make physical world kind of applications areas with a com- technical domains. Last work packagescientific forums from the early sta- locations in order to Pervasive Computing, Helsinki, Finland “information” available for smart plete set of solutions to demonstrate (WP8) concerns the management ofges of the project. Workshops and demonstrate the wide services - connecting physical and pilot smart environment the project. (20.05.2010)seminars are constantly hold in asso- range of SOFIA platform ç world with information world. applications and services in contexts The SOFIA project key outcomesciation with major conferences. • ARTEMIS & ITEA CO-SUMMIT AU- capabilities. The common target is to enable of personal smart space, smart relate to user interaction TUMN event, Madrid, Spain (30.10.2009) and maintain cross-industry housing and smart city. paradigms for interacting withinTen months after the project was interoperability, to foster Three horizontal work packages smart environments, the commonlaunched, SOFIA was presented to • Smart-M3 open source launch in innovation while maintaining (WP4-6) representing the key interpretability solution amongthe European Commission Members sourceforge, value of existing legacy, and to technical solutions needed to create many heterogeneous devices andat the ARTEMIS & ITEA Co- projects/smart-m3/ (01.10.2009) create new user interaction and common base for user interaction in embedded systems, andSUMMIT 2009. In this occasion, interface concepts to enable smart environments, systems development schemes that areSOFIA received the Artemis • NoTA Conference, San Jose, USA users to benefit from smart architecture and application able to mobilise new developers Contact Information environments. development. for smart environments.exhibition Award assigned by the (30.09.2009)public after a live demonstration ofan Interoperable Smart Application • Project co-operations (2009-2010): SOFIA: Artemis project 100017 Partners“concept” (Madrid, Artemis Autumn • DIEM, Finnish co-operation.Event, October 29 2009). • OPUTE, Japanese co-operation. For more information, please contactSOFIA is continouosly producing • POBICOS, HYDRA, SMEPP, Evolve, the project coordinator:press releases, articles, demos, scien- CAM4Home, Osami Commons, (EU Petri Liuha ( papers … under the coordina- and ITEA2 projects related to quality, Nokia Research Centertion of work package seven (WP7). interoperability and semantics model- ing).2009 Artemis Awarded Project Copyright © SOFIA 2009 Sponsored by
  2. 2. ARCHITECTURE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENTSOFIA IOP ADK: Great benefits for developersThe main objective of SOFIA work the basic concepts and rules for are adaptable and extensible for The Application Development Kit • Eclipse as the base IDE. Benefitspackage five (WP5) is to define the the interoperability platform. the different types of smart spaces. (ADK) within SOFIA WP6 is based • Open Innovation Platform. The main benefit is to allow deve-principles and key on Eclipse and integrates several lopers program new solutions veryconcepts as the logi- Moreover, novel tools that easy the development of fast based on a new Ontologycal reference archi- management services will smart applications based on the Driven Software Engineering.tecture of a generic be developed for energy SOFIA architecture (Smart M3). Indeed we are pusing this conceptinteroperability plat- management, quality The ADK is extensible for future to the limit permitting end users toform (IOP) for smart management and enforce- domains, applications and create their own smart applica-spaces and implement ment of smart spaces. ontologies. tions. We can sumarise the bene-IOP core services. The interoperability fits as following: platform is integrated ApproachThe principles define with the results from • Fast curve learning. The approach is based on:what the interopera- WP4, harmonized with • Cross domain. • ODD (Ontology Driven develop-bility platform is the results from WP6 and ment), ontologies as the driver for • Content developers access tointended for and how validated in collaboration creating smart applications. larger markets.the platform is enfor- with WP1-WP3. • Open source technologies.ced. The feasibility of SOFIA Development Cyclethe platform is evaluated againstthe criteria that the applications of SOFIA Logical Reference Architecture The openly licensed implementa- tions and documentation are SMART CITYdifferent smart spaces (WP1-WP3) These concepts and rules together intended to introduce a new SOFIA Smart City conceptset for it. The primitives that are with the reasoning mechanisms standard for the architecture of When an ecosystem of interacting smart environment around public increasingly participate in the citycommon to all smart spaces define form the IOP core services which smart environments. sensors and devices is spread over places, usually for public interest life, and making urban information a wide public area and is open to purposes like surveillance and available to city managers.USER INTERACTION the monitoring.SMART M3. Revolution in Application Development interaction SOFIA WP3 proposes an open with other Urban areas are currently infrastructural solution whichSOFIA work package four (WP4) • A Family Bonding Device: this is RFID-based device, valuable in similar eco- monitored via stand-alone systems makes easier the informationis about the interplay between the a communication device able to creating smart environments. systems, we (transportation, pollution, etc.) interchange among the differentinteroperability platform and the capture human presence and can start to which only cover some of the actors we can find in an urbaninteraction entities - devices and activity and to render this at a • A Visual Object Recognizer: this call it as part citizens’ and municipalities’ needs. context and wants to improve thesensing elements - spread in the remote location in order to esta- is a computer vision based device, of a Smart Extending smart environments to current monitoring capabilities byenvironment. The purpose of blish a feeling of social connected- valuable to automatically classify City. the context and the scale of a city exploiting the broad range ofWP4 is to contribute to SOFIA ness between remote parties. and register objects in the smart gives the chance of integrating urban information that can beassets with interaction models, space. In the Smart both private and public devices obtained by integrating mostlyontology extensions, KP´s for • A Context Sensitive Digital Sign- City on-the- into a common smart environ- monitoring systems via age Display called LumEnActive: • A Smart object with gesturalsemantic transformation of inter- fly systems are able to organize a ment, so allowing the citizen to heterogeneous wireless devices. this is an adaptable, animated and human interface to query and/oraction events and smart objects. steerable projector, valuable update the status of the environment, which may be stored SMART INDOOR SPACES prominently to display relevant/The challenge taken by WP4 is to critical environment related in the smart space or in the SOFIA Smart Indoor Spaces conceptcreate innovative smart objects environment itself.that – thanks to their interaction information. SOFIA WP2 defines interoperability complex building to speed-up a feeling of socialwith the smart space – provide • An Interaction Tile: this is a While having their own func- mechanisms for managing maintenance interventions, and to connectedness.“smart services” with tile-like interactive object to tional specificity, all of these resources and enabling innovative improve end-user comfort.unprecedented levels of usability explore and manipulate smart objects share the same services in indoor spaces. Pilots A final use-caseand effectiveness. Services adapt connections between devices enabling factor: Smart M3. based on specific use-cases will In the home, use-cases include involves smartto the user’s situation and profile, which exchange information/data demonstrate how interoperable novel interaction mechanisms to lighting, wherewhich are dynamically changing streams (semantic connections). smart indoor spaces can improve explore a smart space in terms of multiple lightingparticularly when mobile. Multimo- Smart safety, productivity and quality of connections between devices in the fixtures anddality and semantic transformation • Spotlight Navigation: this is a life. space, and the manipulation of sensors cooperatetechniques are widely used within generic user interface to configure these connections and their data to provide lightingWP4. smart environments based on In the facility management domain, streams. Another use-case involves strategies mobile projection and the a use-case involves an integrated capturing, interpreting and sharing automatically based on userWithin SOFIA, several prototypes flashlight metaphor. Smart M3: key component of the SOFIA system capable of monitoring the contextual information such as preferences and context, whilefor smart objects are co- interoperability platform architecture physical elements and presence and activity between adhering to resource constraintsdeveloped by partners, including: • A Portable Smartifier: this is an environmental characteristics of a people at two locations, to provide and focusing on energy savings.