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Strategy & Knowledge Information Days10-11 October 2012, Kyiv - UkraineUnderstand, Compete and Grow in Global MarketsBalti...
10 October (Wednesday)                                     11 October (Thursday)      Round table discussion              ...
ENG                                                                         Key speakers and guests:                      ...
Ukraine Single Market Week Launch                                                    Wednesday, 10 October 2012           ...
Partners:______________________________________________________________________________________________________           ...
Information Days BoardRAPPORT UKRAINE is           OBI-Consulting was             Strategy Resource               Media Br...
Recent events where we have been speakers:Vilnius, October 2012                                     Stockholm, Sept 2012Dr...
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Ukraine Single Market Week Invitation


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Ukraine Single Market Week Invitation

  1. 1. Strategy & Knowledge Information Days10-11 October 2012, Kyiv - UkraineUnderstand, Compete and Grow in Global MarketsBaltica Western Europe India and China (as of 1.10.2012) Special invitation on behalf of Information Days BoardIn today’s volatile and highly competitive business climate, it is crucial to achieve and maintain acompetitive edge to develop and improve your Strategy & Knowledge. With a slow recovery,and a sluggish market in many industries, companies face lower margins and less capitalspending. Good competitive Intelligence (CI) is recognized across Europe as a key method ofhelping companies make the very best strategic decisions, so that limited company resourcesare put to best use to drive profit margins up.2013 will be a lean year at best for many companies with many struggling to maintain marginsnot just in Europe and the US, but globally. In essence Strategy & Knowledge will have tofind new ways to leverage existing resources and infrastructure at companies to better helpstrategic and tactical decision-making. CI and the tools that lie behind good CI will ensure thatyour organization is best equipped to make the right decisions in these difficult times.With this in mind, we need to be open to learning new skills and networking, and sharing withfellow Strategy & Knowledge professionals is a key way to achieve this. Strategy & KnowledgeInformation Days offer a unique opportunity to meet with and learn from fellow practitioners andworld-class experts representing a wide range of industries and strategy disciplines.Strategy & Knowledge Information Days coincide with The European SME Week and TheEuropean Single Market Week which is taking place across Europe 15-21 October 2012.We look forward to meeting you in Kyiv! Wishing you success, Kyryll Zhyvotovskyy Deputy Director General, RAPPORT UKRAINE National Adviser to OBI-Consulting (Vilnius, Lithuania) and SRP (London, UK)
  2. 2. 10 October (Wednesday) 11 October (Thursday) Round table discussion Discussion with business media“20 Years of European Single Market: “Ukraine`s Strategy: how local opportunities and challenges business can better for Ukraine” expand globally”10:00-12:30, Embassy of Lithuania, Buslisvska str, 21 12:00-13:30, Media Brand Press-center, Kreschatic, 10-b - Live at by: Hosted by: Organized by: Venue partners: Communication partners:_________________________________________________________________________ This leading event will help you to improve your competitive intelligence know-how. The Information Days offer a variety of session formats – keynote addresses, seminar, individualmeetings, web-translation, panel discussions and press-conference. It’s the ultimate forum at which to meet other professionals and to make valuable professional contacts. REGISTRATION DEADLINE – 9 OCTOBER 2OI2, 16:00 CET
  3. 3. ENG Key speakers and guests: Dr. Stephan Chevalier, Mr. Yaroslav Hobta, Mr. Matt Barney , Mr. Giles Cattermole, EU founded Project Managing Director, Managing Director, Consultant, SRP Senior Consultant, SRP Sector Policy Support OBI-Consulting PRT Group Mktg CIM has six year Giles Cattermole has Programme Stephane holds a He managed the of consulting and CI degrees from "Promoting mutual PhD in Sciences and projects of experience covering a CambridgeWelcoming trade by removing a Master in international and wide range of industries, [Engineering and technical barriers toremarks from H.E. Telecoms. He knows European across the world. Philosophy], trade between well the public organizations. IPOAmbassador NCAE/Cranfield Ukraine and the Expert since 2007. [Design], and INSEAD research sectorPetras European Union" (CNRS, France) and Jaroslav VP to KCAE [MBA].Vaitiekunas the private industry (Ukraine-Chine led research (Giat, Cooperation Council) Areva, Nortel). Ms. Natalya Mr. Kyryll EU Project Crimean Mr. Shevardnadze. Artiukhovska, DirectorModerated by Zhyvotovskyy, Tourism diversification Adviser to Head of of CRDF Global UkraineMr. Vadym Triukhan, Deputy General and Support Project All-Ukrainian Special Office. CRDF Innovationpartner with IMG Director, RAPPORT (TBD) Collegium for Forum in UkrainePartners Attorneys at UKRAINE; National Combating Corruption presented advancedLaw, former Director Adviser to OBI- and Organized Crime. Ukrainian technologiesof the Coordination Consulting and SRP and innovations toBureau of Europeanand Euroatlantic business and trust.integration. Learn how to: 1. Get inside your competitor’s head 2. Adapt to EU business related directives 3. Monitor the action of competitor in Eastern Europe and NIS 4. Achieve better results and get home on Friday eveningStrategy & Knowledge Information Days10-11 October 2012 , Kyiv - Ukraine by:Understand, Compete and Grow in Global MarketsBaltica / Western Europe / India and China Strategy & Knowledge Information Days coincide with The European SME Week and The European Single Market Week which is taking place across Europe 15-21 October 2012.
  4. 4. Ukraine Single Market Week Launch Wednesday, 10 October 2012 Provisional Programme (as of 30.09.2012) Round table discussion “20 Years of European Single Market: opportunities and challenges for Ukraine” Embassy of Lithuania, Buslisvska Str., 21, Kyiv – Ukraine09:40 – Entrance check-in, welcoming materials presented by partners, ice-breaking10:00 – Welcoming remark 10:10 – Welcoming remark 10:15 – Welcoming remark 10:20 – Welcoming remark,(TBD), H.E. Ambassador Baltic Business Club European SME Week/ Information Days OrganizingPetras Vaitiekunas Single Market Week Board (OBI/SRP/RU/ MB/UAGO) After that, discussion “20 Years of European Single Market: opportunities and challenges for Ukraine”, moderated by Vadym Triukhan, partner with IMG Partners Attorneys at Law, head of International & European law practice, and PhD student at the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine (Topic of research: “Institutional aspects of European integration”).10:25 - Getting inside your competitor’s head… 10:50 11:10Competitive advantages and The road to Strategy by Mr. Oleg Ustenko Natalya Artiukhovska, Director of Matt Barney , Executive Director, The Bleyzer CRDF Global Ukraine TBDGiles Cattermole, Consultant, SRP (UK) Foundation TBDSenior Consultant, SRP (UK) Has carried out a competitiveHe worked as an engineer for Rolls performance review of the world’sRoyce, Ford Motor, Shell, BP, hop production industry, covering 11:00 11:20UN/UNIDO, UN/FAO, USAID and Europe, the Americas, Asia andDeutsche Entwicklungsdienst. Australasia. He has also worked inAs a consultant since 1982, he has IT [including IT counter-concentrated on client firms’ costs, intelligence] in secure printing andservice and marketing, as levers for in government services. Mostcompetitive success. Giles recently he has spearheaded an Mr. Shevardnadze.developed Reverse Costing as a Mr. Yaroslav Hobta, advanced elicitation programme in Adviser to Head of All-Ukrainiantool to serve this, applying it to Managing Director, PRT Group a competitive industrial sector in Special Collegium for Combatingmanufacturing industry, services, the US and central America. Corruption and Organized Crimefinance and defense. He speaksEnglish, French and some German. 11:40 – 12:00 - Q&A session + group discussionKey topics for discussion: • Single Markets – what does this mean for competition and growth • European and World Markets – common and different going abroad 12:00 - Networking, interview for media
  5. 5. Partners:______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Special Invitation for Members of:REGISTRATION AND PARTICIPATION IS FREE OF CHARGE, though REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.REGISTRATION DEADLINE – 9 OCTOBER 2OI2, 16:00 CETRegistration details:FOR REGISTRATION GO TO WWW.BUSINESSINTELLIGENCEUKRAINE.BLOGSPOT.COMcall Information Days Board at Rapport Ukraine (+ 097 550 51 23 ) toreserve your seat for the event or toarrange face-to-face presentation for your company in Kyiv on October 10-11Coming soon:Business & Intelligence Information DaysMark the date! 10-11 April 2013, Kyiv - Ukraine by: Register here - EVENT MAP 10OCT - Embassy of Lithuania, Kyiv, Buslisvska str, 21 11OCT - Media Brand Press-center, Kyiv, Kreschatic, 10-b Registartion from 9:40 Registartion from 11:40
  6. 6. Information Days BoardRAPPORT UKRAINE is OBI-Consulting was Strategy Resource Media Brand companya team of highly founded in 2006 and Partners (SRP) was founded in 2008experienced state its HQ is based in concentrates on and provides a full rangeregulators, lawyers Vilnius, Since its first competitive strategy. of services in the field ofand specialists in year, OBI-Consulting Nothing else: we help strategic PR-consulting,marketing, has grown every year successful organisations, media communicationsgovernment and to pass 600 missions working on the linkage and public relations.public relations. We done early 2012. OBI between a firms market Among the clients ofknow the Ukraine’s have a keen sense of presence, its cost Media Brand - centralstate regulatory as service to our structure and its success. authorities, politicalwell as competitive customers with a SRP is based in London, parties and regionalmarket environment constant concern to with associates across political leaders,inside and out. The provide best possible the world. internationalcompany is based in answers to relevant corporations. Based inthe City of Kyiv. and practical issues. Kyiv. HQ is based in Lithuania,with offices in Ukraine, India and France 4 key Benefits for attending! 1. Widen your understanding and competence. Learn how 3. Cooperative intelligence The S&K Days is the perfect to improve S&K research and analysis. State-of-the-art- setting to network with peers and share experiences. presentations with the latest findings from industry practice Priceless contacts will be made and existing ones will provide food for thought and inspiration. The sessions maintained. Check out the social agenda when you are contain directly applicable knowledge from basic principles having a look at the overall Information Days schedule. to expert level practices. 4. Invite World Class Strategy Consultants to your 2. Find the Optimal Technical Solutions. Visit tutorial company. Call now and schedule a time to meet SRP in presentations, expert talks and practitioner sessions to person - 10 October (1-8 PM) or 11 October (7-11 AM). learn about innovative and exciting tools & techniques for This is your opportunity to have a personal meeting with professionals. The exhibition, right in the center of the leading London based, global Strategy Consultants, Strategy conference area, provides the opportunity to meet leading Resource Partners. SRP have more than 30 years S&K solution providers in one place. experience advising global companies.
  7. 7. Recent events where we have been speakers:Vilnius, October 2012 Stockholm, Sept 2012Dr. Stephan Chevalier, Managing Director of OBI- SRP and RAPPORT UKRAINE speak to VOLVO, SAAB,Consulting conduct a seminar "From Competitive Sandvik AB, SAP and 17 biggest Sweden companies.Intelligence to the Economic War: Myth and reality" Here is some attendances titles: Director(Analysis andduring the business breakfast organized by French- Information Services), CI & Benchmarking Advisor,Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce. Market Intelligence Director, Vice President Strategies.Kyiv, Sept. 2012 Berlin, June 2012THE FIRST ANALYSIS OF THEASSOCIATION AGREEMENT WITH THEEU WAS PRESENTED IN KYIV On 10-th of September 2012 partner of IMG SRP speak to Eaton Industries B.V., Evonik IndustriesPartners Attorneys at Law Vadym Triukhan AG, GE Wind Energy SR, JT International SA (JTI), AIRtook part in a press conference "The EU- FRANCE KLM, Airbus S.A.S., Allianz Deutschland AG,Ukraine Association Agreement: guideline for Alstom Transport, Baker Hughes GmbH, Carl Zeiss AG,reforms", held at the press center of theinformation agency Ukrinform. Lufthansa AG, Philips Healthcare, PHILIPS HEALTHCARE, Rockwool International A/S, Shell, Siemens AG Healthcare, Siemens Energy, Statoil, Thomson Reuters, UPM-Kymmene Strategy & Knowledge Information Days coincide with The European SME Week and The European Single Market Week which is taking place across Europe 15-21 October 2012. Kyiv, 2012