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Benefits of a CI/Lean Culture


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Benefits of a CI/Lean Culture

  1. 1. BENEFITS OF A“CI/Lean” CULTURE Rick Foreman
  2. 2. Who is Federal Heath Sign Company?•Customer-focused, full-service sign companysince 1901•Multiple manufacturing locations•Nationwide Sign & Lighting Maintenance division•Specialty Re-imaging division•Diversified customer base•Flexible to meet customer needs•Strong financial track record•Growth oriented
  3. 3. Nationwide Support
  4. 4. Markets Served Automotive Finance Gaming Hospitality Corporate Identification/Custom Petroleum Restaurants
  5. 5. What are the Possibilities?• Profitable Growth in a challenging economic environment?
  6. 6. “CI/Lean” Culture Change• Started @ Top – CEO/President Level• Established full time CI/Lean Development Leader• Assess Organizational Culture• Develop Implementation Strategy• Know the “why” & “purpose”• Develop Lean Leaders & Network• Engage, Connect, & Influence• Know your audience
  7. 7. “CI/Lean” Culture Change Customer & Stakeholder Satisfaction Gemba Team ENGAGE-CONNECT-INFLUENCE Middle Mgmt ENGAGE-CONNECT-INFLUENCE CEO & Sr. MgmtSERVANT LEADERSHIPSTYLE SUPPORT
  8. 8. Deployment/Sustain Strategy• Systematic Identification/Elimination of Waste• Go the “Gemba” – Engage workforce• Rigorous CI/Lean Book Club Process• Strong 6S: Everything has a place/in it’s place• Hands On Problem Solving: Ask why again and again and again• Organizational learning• Maintain sense of urgency (tension)
  9. 9. We’re Leaning Things OutThe cumulative efforts of systematically identifying and eliminating waste continue to yield great results. (HOW?) Go See @ The Gemba CI/Lean Office Key: Ask what are your biggest or most frequent frustrations or constraints?
  10. 10. Are We Winning? Was it a good day?
  11. 11. What Do We See?• Engage through visual examples/stories outside of work environment
  12. 12. Engagement/Accountability Comments / Results Continuous Improvement / Why? / Reducing- Owner Tasks Eliminating Which Waste?Re-arrange saw in metal area to Open up flow frombe parallel to iron worker. Review metal fab into weldneed of rack in between metal area By opening thisfab & weld (more of a catch-all & area up we saved 23ftlabeling not close to actual 11- 7- 3- per trip average 8 timescondition) Nov Jan Jan Sam a day saves 184ft a day.Consolidate / remove storage Eliminate conveyance /racks in the receiving area to Wasted motion Keepsprovide ample space for inbound the aisle clean so we dofreight without blocking the aisle not have to move. This requires extra travel something to get downdistance for lifts / buggies the aisle opening upcarrying product to areas of the 17- 7- 15- 143 sq ft of floor spaceshop Dec Jan Jan Tony
  13. 13. Results• Texas Mfg Assistance Center Awards @ Two Texas Facilities (TMAC Evaluator is a certified Shingo Examiner)• Inventory turns up to a high of 18 from 9• Rev. per employee up to $250k from $195k• VOC ratings over 9 on a scale of 1-10• Variance reductions of 10%• Set-up reductions of 55%• Warranty under 1% of product revenue
  14. 14. Key Points & Conclusion• Influence Behavioral Change: “Change sticks only when it becomes the way we do things around here.” John Kotter, Leading Change Influence Cultural Change: "We dont have to change, survival isnt mandatory" W. Edwards Deming Model the Way / Lead: “It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” Harry Truman Continuously Communicate the “Why” & “How”: A vision without execution is hallucination.