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Deeper Root Cause Analysis with APM Integration


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Appvance PerformanceCloud offers integration with New Relic Application Performance Management (APM) to let business managers, engineers, and testers see app performance from the end user experience, through servers, and down to the line of application code.

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Deeper Root Cause Analysis with APM Integration

  1. 1. Deeper Root Cause Analysis with APM Integration April 21, 2014 Frank Cohen,, (408) 364-5508
  2. 2. The Huddle •Biz Manager: “We’re in production and these issues slipped through our testing. How much am I at risk? •Engineer: “How can I get the app into a steady-state to diagnose the issue?” •Tester: “How can I communicate the issue to the engineers in a way that they can solve it?”
  3. 3. Proactive APM •While App Under Development • Shows Upcoming Biz Risk For App Launch •After App Launches, Keep 100 Virtual Users Running • Shows DevOps and Engineers Benchmark to App Performance
  4. 4. Appvance PerformanceCloud
  5. 5. Drill Downs by Simulated User Load
  6. 6. Into New Relic At The Moment In Time You Need
  7. 7. Appvance APM Integration with New Relic •Find Root Cause of Performance Bottlenecks Faster •Developers Produce Better Performance Problem Solutions • Correlated Drill Down with New Relic APM • From Simulated Use Of Your App to CPU, Net, Memory, DB Query Analysis • Use New Relic Application Performance Management For Deeper Root Cause Analysis •15 Reports from Results Repository
 Functional and Performance Analysis
  8. 8. New Relic Integration •Define Integration To Any New Relic Report •Select Transaction, see New Relic Report on Server, App, DB •Add New Relic Monitor to App Server, DB Server, Load Balancer, Node.js Server •Compatible with Selenium, JMeter, Sahi, Appium, Java, PHP, Perl Tests
  9. 9. Appvance Integrates New Relic with Testing •Agile Continuous Integration, Test, Analysis • Functional, Performance, Stress, and Security Tests •Web, Ajax, SOA, ESB, BPM Environments •Operational Test Data •Records Test of Apps Without Scripting •Instant Reports Surface Actionable App Performance Issues •Java Test Suite Scripting
  10. 10. Are You Ready? •Having App End User Experience Performance Issues •Engineers Need Help Finding The Root Cause, 
 Call Us At (855) 254-1164 
 Or Email Us Sales@Appvance.Com
 And We Will Show You How