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The Unknown Black Privileges in America


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Black people have many privilege in America. That are commonly talked about.

Published in: Education
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The Unknown Black Privileges in America

  1. 1. The Black Privilege Black privilege does INFACT exist. Let’s take a look.
  2. 2. All you hear is white privilege, white privilege , white privilege…. To be honest blacks have privilege too.
  3. 3. Darkness controls all of the colors. Darkness is not the reflection of all colors. Darkness is the absorption of all colors. Our black absorbs everything!
  4. 4. Have you ever seen a diamond in the ground? The blacker the berry.
  5. 5. Who are the best dancers. We can do any style of dance you throw our way.
  6. 6. Who are the only people not affected by time? Time is on our side.
  7. 7. We control the wind. Think About it! Who are the best singers.
  8. 8. We have the Earth under our control. Who’s been here the longest.
  9. 9. Who got style? And always had it.
  10. 10. Who got swagger? We stride on our own turf or abroad.
  11. 11. Who’s the toughest? Tough as steel, expensive as oil.
  12. 12. Who got soul? We can simply feel. Have you notice most people can’t do that?
  13. 13. We got culture. Everything you see, just like Africa, originates from us.
  14. 14. So why don’t you want to be black? Smart Confident Bold Trendsetter Melanated to the fullest Athletic Fast Beautiful Ageless Cultural Swagger Soul Style Ageless Dancers Singers Amazing Bodies Passionate Resourceful Magical Flavor Innovators Creative Royal Dominant Necessary Powerful
  15. 15. Credits dCaVfQ-5smkES-a44ncJ-93xGQ3-8C2wJf-dtjzAm-27rLAM-dtjzwL-bwhpcX-7uBxRc-bwhpb8-qpfzi1-4L3X31-93uyc7-7PjyTk-pRQ7Rj-tz2uS7-ayrYfS-36srUW-dMchjt- y7VV9G-4qDLxq-7ubz9p-4pDjnb-y3Cnwk-dtnnr-wZ87LH-aAnZkf-b5EcTV-4DZSYL-4Eab8m-7PorAE-pXSh82-qaDcn8-4DVAW2-yqaSfd-qtWa9C-93yzFA-5aBaQY- 5nvwHt dCaVfQ-5smkES-a44ncJ-93xGQ3-8C2wJf-dtjzAm-27rLAM-dtjzwL-bwhpcX-7uBxRc-bwhpb8-qpfzi1-4L3X31-93uyc7-7PjyTk-pRQ7Rj-tz2uS7-ayrYfS-36srUW-dMchjt- y7VV9G-4qDLxq-7ubz9p-4pDjnb-y3Cnwk-dtnnr-wZ87LH-aAnZkf-b5EcTV-4DZSYL-4Eab8m-7PorAE-pXSh82-qaDcn8-4DVAW2-yqaSfd-qtWa9C-93yzFA-5aBaQY- 5nvwHt/ wo6LKb-7LAX2q-wmssjh-8eY7US-doCrn4-9qNvQr-z8LDwW-ekWMae-o27RLQ-d1Hr6h-99jwHX-5WWjuk-9HtAt9-oiqs4b-wE8T3R-wn9UuM-yihiXY-2iFCPU- vGLW1P-wBk3kQ-vGCykw-vGLVrx-3GRr88-bZbfK1-akcriq-dKCcoV-64Jvip-oGUgHW-4wChtn-vrUdLZ-wo6NYu-aBzyWN-5VrUhX-w2bpep-dKCd3V-9Jvfeh-9Jvbk7- 9Huwp3 9poQaD-e8cfhG-dM9pnA-benBbK-bNjiMH-92xxjC-dSUpnc-7JP9tp-4AKyPQ-nLqoEE-nrP9Ny-87g3Y6-kC7v34-9kSvht-khkkti-e86tzM-91huLL-mssXgB-98R76g- yWTqdX-9ANUmT-e86zUv-5kWEeH-e86vKH-e86B3V-cbW4Sj-7t6gQV-9dsPvL-bYrpS9-e86Coc-fm5PYJ-rWyz2U-acANpQ-apCfSX-2nhUGY-9stfB8-61WSqf- 4N4dKL-9bSKef-5hsU1x nuirsk-n6srQx-bgFzig-bEQzfa-cFEpY9-cFEq51-cFEmfJ-bEQBdK-bEQzWe-bEQC2x-cFEhWE-cFEqbh-cFEeQ1-6SUQTY-cFEigW-cFEoXy-bEQA9M-brVK9d- cFEp4m-cFEhAy-cFEmyQ-cFEmsd-cFEdQf-cFEoFQ-cFEhfh-brVJAm-brVHSA-cFEoud-cFEojW-bEQApK-brVGvm-kDn241-nunHcX-mg7mx5-7yozbb-kD3V53- kDiJ8c-kDhP8B-kDpmRy