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Media Pitch

  1. 1. Media Pitch Shaun Evans
  2. 2. Hypothesis I expect to find out more about the powers of hacking on the internet and how hacking can also be used for good instead of bad. Relating my investigation to very current stories such as Edward Snowden and the NSA.
  3. 3. My Idea... My idea for my essay is how hacking affects our privacy. I could concentrate on the two biggest organised hacking groups, Lulzsec and Anonymous who both originated from Reddit or Tumblr.
  4. 4. My idea continued... I want to also concentrate on how hacking into our systems means the hacker can access nearly everything about us without us even knowing. But at the same time, some organised hacking operations are planned for the good of people. For example, the hacking group Anonymous brought down multiple child porn websites from the internet and found out information about every single member of those websites and leaked their information on the internet.
  5. 5. Why did I pick this subject? The main reason I want to do my essay and production about hacking is because many people underestimate the power of hacking and hacking is also a very current discussion at the moment. Also research USA Today, are you ready for a cyber-attack (video)
  6. 6. List of texts to analyse nist/komando/2013/09/06/cyberattack- hackers-syrian-electronic-army/2757833/ “How prepared are you for a cyberattack?” computer-hacking-organization-17975.html “The Effects of Computer Hacking on an Organization”
  7. 7. Edward Snowden I will also be concentrating on Edward Snowden who revealed to the world that the NSA is monitoring our internet searches and what we do on a daily basis. n Many support Snowden’s work calling him patriotic but a lot of others see him as against his country.
  8. 8. The NSA The NSA (National Security Agency) may not be a hacking organisation but they are monitoring everything we search for on the internet, meaning our privacy is breached. The NSA could be related to the theory of the hypodermic needle, because they have brainwashed the public into believing Edward Snowden is a criminal. Also, then the public jump on this bandwagon and call Snowden a criminal or a traitor, when they don’t understand what he did.
  9. 9. Anonymous and Lulz Security Both groups originated from websites such as Reddit and Tumblr, but both groups are completely different in their motives. Lulz Security hack into websites and companies for a joke or for the “lulz”. Whereas Anonymous are a lot more serious, hacking into illegal websites and bringing them down, also helping the smaller person such as civilians in third world countries. Meaning they have been sometimes named the “Robin Hoods of the cyber world”
  10. 10. Lulzsec -says-lulz-security-effective-as-schoolboys- boasting-about-imaginary-girlfriends/story- e6frfro0-1226076458883 “Lulz Security about as effective as ‘schoolboys boasting about imaginary girlfriends’”
  11. 11. “Developing: Anonymous is currently keeping multiple child porn websites offline right now for #OpAlice: @reportapedo. #TangoDown” - Anonymous (@AnonOpsLegion) mous-hackers-attack-north-korea-news- website-flickr-account-and-twitter- feed/story-e6frfro0-1226612875474
  12. 12. Linked Production My linked production will be a film trailer about two hackers who steal £50m from bank accounts and get arrested and are forced to work for the government against cyber attacks from terrorists… There will obviously be more but this is only a brief description