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Content Marketing World Sydney: 125 tweeted takeaways


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After the whirlwind that was Content Marketing World Sydney, we scrolled through the endless stream of #cmworld tweets to bring you a bite-sized selection of the event's top takeaways.

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Content Marketing World Sydney: 125 tweeted takeaways

  1. 1. We scrolled through thousands upon thousands of tweets from #CMWorld Sydney We really did. It was exhausting.
  2. 2. No, seriously, we really did.
  3. 3. Top 125 tweets #CMWorld Sydney’s To bring you
  4. 4. It was an outstanding 72 hours. So outstanding, the event’s hashtag, #cmworld, fast became a Twitter trend.
  5. 5. This Old Marketing was broadcast live for the first time, with Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose welcoming guests (another first!) Todd Wheatland and Tim Washer.
  6. 6. And the outageously talented @kellykingman graced the 300 attendees from 13 countries with her finely-crafted graphic recordings.
  7. 7. It was jam-packed with all kinds of things.
  8. 8. Like crucial life lessons
  9. 9. Intense physical activity
  10. 10. Supermodels
  11. 11. Typos (A beautiful irony when one considers the sheer number of copywriters in attendance)
  12. 12. Hard-hitting stats
  13. 13. Eloquent adages
  14. 14. Acronyms A suprisingly entertaining inevitability
  15. 15. And sharks
  16. 16. But there were lots of content marketing insights, too.
  17. 17. Like predictions and acute industry observations
  18. 18. Models and frameworks and strategies, oh my!
  19. 19. Models and frameworks and strategies, oh my!
  20. 20. Models and frameworks and strategies...
  21. 21. Oh my! They were big on this stuff, weren’t they?
  22. 22. Helpful tips and advice
  23. 23. Sorry, lots of helpful tips and advice
  24. 24. Facts and research
  25. 25. Scientifically persuasive videos
  26. 26. Snackable stats
  27. 27. And case studies and examples
  28. 28. Hungry, anyone?
  29. 29. And the nitty-gritty stuff? Well...
  30. 30. There were discussions about collaboration and teamwork
  31. 31. Lots of them
  32. 32. Value
  33. 33. Lots of them, too
  34. 34. Creativity
  35. 35. And precisely how not to be creative
  36. 36. Let’s say it was a pretty creative couple of days
  37. 37. Of course, storytelling remains the belle of the marketing ball
  38. 38. Video and mobile were given a mention [insert understated, marginally sarcastic tone here]
  39. 39. What about content auditing & measurement? Tick.
  40. 40. The relevance (and importance) of print? Tick.
  41. 41. Thought leadership? Tick. Although one of the event’s more prominent delegates was on the brink of launching a coup d’état against the beloved term.
  42. 42. And finally, personalisation Because where would we marketers be without it? Destitute, we assume.
  43. 43. All images courtesy of Content Marketing World Sydney’s wonderful delegates. Complaints & compliments may be forwarded directly to @mahlabmedia For content marketing insights, tips & advice visit: @mahlabmedia