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EnergyDeck UK Version


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EnergyDeck is designed to make it simple to track and manage your organisation’s resource consumption, while providing powerful collaborative features that go beyond what’s available in the market today. EnergyDeck operates along four basic steps: Track, Analyse, Learn and Share.

EnergyDeck operates on an omni platform and makes it easy to track consumption data for different categories - from electricity to travel, input sources - from utility bills to smart meters, and multiple formats.

EnergyDeck is a key supporter of the European Interoperability Framework for smart meters and also backs the DECC's call for open systems in smart meter interoperability and interchangeability in the UK.

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EnergyDeck UK Version

  1. 1. Web:   Twitter:  @EnergyDeck   Email:      Summary Product OfferingEnergyDeck  is  a  new  type  of  energy  and  resource   EnergyDeck  comes  in  three  main  editions:  management  tool,  providing  organisations  with  the   • A  free  version  that  allows  users  to  track  1  site  ability  to  track  and  manage  all  their  consumption  data   (building)  and  up  to  5  meters  (input  sources)  in  a  single  online  platform.  Users  can  conduct  analyses   • Premium  plans  allowing  for  up  to  100  sites  and  500  and  benchmarks  to  identify  savings  opportunities,  and   meters,  of  which  100  AMR  (i.e.  smart  meters  with  gain  additional  insights  by  leveraging  the  community.   automatic  feeds  of  consumption  data)  In  addition,  EnergyDeck  makes  it  easy  to  learn  about   • Enterprise  versions  for  very  large  users  that  can  be  resource  savings  measures  and  track  implementation.   adapted  to  specific  requirements.  Approach Why EnergyDeck Track EnergyDeck  provides  a  range  of  advantages  over  Excel-­‐ based  tracking  approaches  and  other  platforms:   Track  all  consumption  data  in   • Powerful,  yet  easy  to  use   a  single  platform     • Cost  effective  with  free  entry-­‐level  version     Analyse • Covers  all  consumption  categories  from  electricity   and  gas/fuel/heat  to  water,  waste  and  transport   Identify  trends,  outliers  and   benchmark  your  sites   • Smart  metering  capability  (up  to  1  minute  intervals)     • Flexible  export  of  all  consumption  and  site  data   Save • Easy  user  management  and  account  sharing   Set  up  savings  measures  and   • Automatic  conversions  and  emission  factors   get  access  to  existing  projects   • Automatic  carbon  footprinting,  incl.  GHG  Scopes     • Advanced  analytics  and  benchmarking   Share • Impact  tracking  of  savings  measures  (projects)   Share  best  practices  via   • Best  practice  projects  database   Groups  and  the  Projects  DB   • Groups  and  messaging  functionality    Customers and Partners ©  2011-­‐2012  EnergyDeck.  All  rights  reserved.  EnergyDeck  Ltd  is  registered  in  England  &  Wales  under  company  number  07826977.  
  2. 2. Web:   Twitter:  @EnergyDeck   Email:  Product Tour  Data Tracking Carbon ReportingEnergyDeck  makes  it  easy  to  track  consumption  data  for  different  categories  (from  electricity  to  travel),  input  sources  (utility  bills  to  smart  meters)  &  formats.   The  Reports  functionality  in  EnergyDeck  allows  you     to  produce  comprehensive  charts  and  data  Analytics summaries  across  all  consumption  categories.  These   are  automatically  generated  based  on  the   consumption  data  and  internal  emission  factors.     Project Tracking, Database and GroupsThe  EnergyDeck  platform  offers  a  range  of  Analytics  features  designed  to  help  you  better  understand  your  consumption  data  and  identify  savings  potential.    Benchmarking Setting  up  resource  conservation  measures   (‘projects’)  can  be  done  in  a  few  simple  steps.   EnergyDeck  will  automatically  determine  the  project   impact  and  calculate  cost  savings.     In  addition,  all  users  of  EnergyDeck  have  access  to   our  Projects  Database,  where  the  submitted  savings   measures  are  stored  in  fully  anonymised  form.   Projects  can  also  be  shared  at  group  level.     And much more… This  is  just  a  small  selection  of  the  features  offered  Benchmarks  enable  you  to  compare  your  sites  across   by  EnergyDeck  across  all  versions  (incl.  the  free  your  portfolio,  against  external  standards  or  the   one).  For  a  full  product  tour  and  more  information  EnergyDeck  database.   please  visit:     ©  2011-­‐2012  EnergyDeck.  All  rights  reserved.  EnergyDeck  Ltd  is  registered  in  England  &  Wales  under  company  number  07826977.