Ues energy services pvt. ltd.


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Ues energy services pvt. ltd.

  1. 1. UES ENERGY SERVICES PVT.LTD.Welcome to Universal Energy ServicesWe are the company to support our customers to their satisfaction for energy uses in all sectors like powergeneration, co-gen plants, manufacturing, food and beverages, process houses, sugar industries, pulp andpaper, textiles, building constructions, oil & gas etc.Energy Conservation and new energy generation by renewable sources with allied evacuation anddistribution, polygeneration and demand side energy management solutions is the specialty as a servicecompany. We provide turnkey energy project solutions.About UsUES Energy Services Pvt.Ltd(UES) established in 2008 to fulfill the requirements of growing energy sector inINDIA, considering its expansion for privatization and globalization. UES is established as an ESCO andprovides consultancy in energy projects and energy project management in view of energy conservation andgreen technology. Energy management systems for renewable and non-renewable energy sources aredesigned and implemented by the company.UES team is highly experienced and qualified in the field of energy sector and its respective branches likeEnergy Audit, Energy performance contracts, Energy Management, Project Management, RenewableEnergies-Solar Energy,Wind Energy, Wind Solar Hybrid systems, SPV, Solar Thermal, etc.UES undertakes projects from a kW to MW sizes from design to implementation stages.Latest ProjectsUES works on projects involving players from both public and private sectors. We have developed a coretechnological expertise in a number of areas including small-scale wind energy, bioenergy, and solar energy. UES l energy services Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2. UES ENERGY SERVICES PVT.LTD.Our ServicesWe are specialized at advising entrepreneurs, corporations, NGOs and public authorities on sustainableenergy projects and strategies. We work with organizations for the development of business strategies and tosupport the evaluation and implementation of concrete industrial projectsUES is a management consultancy specialized in sustainable energy.  Project Consultancy  Turnkey Energy Projects  Power generation/Transmission/distribution/supply-demand side management  Polygeneration solutions  Conventional energy  Renewable Energy  Energy Conservation/Management & Audit  Energy Simulations Solar PV and Thermal Power Plants Services Basic Engineering for Feasibility Study and Detailed Project Report: Selection of Technology (Type of Solar Photovoltaic like Crystalline or Thin Film) Selection of basic type and size of modules Selection of basic array size and the inverter size. Preliminary Plot Plant and Equipment Layout drawings. Selection of size and type of various auxiliary systems equipments. Conceptualization of power evacuation system and power distribution system depending upon type and operating philosophy of Power Plant. Conceptualization of Instrumentation and Controls requirements Conceptualization of Civil and Structural works requirement Estimation of project cost and unit generation cost. UES l energy services Pvt. Ltd.
  3. 3. UES ENERGY SERVICES PVT.LTD.Detailed Engineering ServicesSolar PV Power PlantsMechanical Plot Plan and Equipment Layouts for various buildings and area Selection of technology and Array DesignElectrical Design of power evacuation system. Design of inverter system. Design of cabling details and cable layouts. Estimation of auxiliary power (Normal and Emergency). Design of High Tension and Low Tension power distribution system. Design / Sizing and specification of Electrical equipments like Transformers, Switchgear (H. T. & L. T.), Cables, Lighting fittings etc. Electrical system study including Relay Co-ordination. Design and specification of Variable Speed Drives for special applications. Design and specifications of various service systems like Plant Communication, Fire Alarm and Detection.Instrumentation Design and specifications of Instrumentation and Control Systems including PLC, SCADA, DCS.Architectural, Civil & Structural Architectural, Civil and Structural design including estimation of quantities for tender document, tender document for civil and structural works, plot development, drawings for statutory approvals and construction drawings for all buildings / areas,Procurement Procurement assistance to client i.e. Floating the enquiries to selected Bidders, Receiving Bids, Bid analysis (Technical and Commercial), Purchase recommendation, Preparation of Contract documents, Review of Vendors’ Drawings etc.General Project schedules and Cost estimates. Hazard and Operatability (HAZOP) Study. Technical assistance to meet statutory requirements including drawings and documents.Inspection and Expediting Services Review of Quality Assurance Plans (QAPs). Visiting Vendors’ works for inspection and expediting. Inspection and expediting reports.Construction and Commissioning Supervision Services Complete site supervision and management by deputing competent Project Manger / Construction Manager and supporting staff at site. The responsibilities shall include: UES l energy services Pvt. Ltd.
  4. 4. UES ENERGY SERVICES PVT.LTD. Quality of construction / erection work. Planning and controlling the Construction / Erection work to meet the project schedule. Reporting to design office the site progress with short falls, if any, and corrective measures.Projects1.Design, development, testing of 1kW wind turbine –Pune2. Design, development, testing of 1.5 kW wind turbine-Kolhapur3. Design, development, testing of 3.0 kW wind turbine—Kolhapur4. Design, development, testing of Parabolic concentrating continuous water heating system Ahamadnagar5. Design, development, testing of Sheffler type water heating system for industrial applications6. Design, development, testing of Sheffler type water heating and steam cooking system for institutionhostels buildings.7. Design, development, testing of cylindrical horizontal commentating type water heating system –Kolhapur8. System designs and implementations of power packs under JNNSM9. System designs and implementations of wind solar hybrid solar systems under JNNSM.10. System designs and implementations of off grid SPV system under JNNSM11. System designs and implementations of RPSSGP under JNNSM12. Energy conservation project/boiler modification for EE improvement analysis and technical solutions toco-gen plant .The O&M practices for long term operations of grid connected co-gen plants.13. Energy conservation project/turbine failure analysis and technical solutions to co-gen plant .O&Mpractices for long term operations of grid connected co-gen plants.14. Industrial Energy Audits15. Buildings energy audits16. Simulation, optimization and thermal analysis for energy conscious buildings17. Certification for energy conscious buildings18. CDM projects19.Self sufficiency in energy utilization for NGO under VDP-NABARD20. Development of energy parks21. M&V under EPC contracts22. Feasibility studies for various energy projects-renewable and non renewable energies.23. Net Zero Energy for building envelopes/energy conscious building designs and passive solar architectureprojects.24. Testing of wind machines and solar PV modules –lab developments work25.Turnkey consultancy & EPC contracts –solar pv power plant project –Maharshtra.Many more in hand for executions at various sites in Maharashtra and India. UES l energy services Pvt. Ltd.
  5. 5. UES ENERGY SERVICES PVT.LTD. 1) Technical skills profile:Sr. Department Name Qualifications Fields ExperienceNo. in years + 1 Overall Mr. N.N.Shinde M.Tech.-IIT-IIBE Management, Energy, Power 25 Admin Plants, R & RN energy technologies.2 Operations Mr. M.M.Wagh M.Tech.-Energy Management, Energy, Electrical, 15 Tech. Civil,Mechanical Mr. S.N. Shinde MBA,I.B.M. Green Management/Solar PV, 2 Software, Process management Mr. K.S Ghume B.E. Electrical, Electrical, System Engineering 15 M.Tech (ET) Mr. P.G.Babar B.E. Electrical, Electrical, System Engineering, 3 M.Tech (ET),M.B.A. Wind Energy Mr. Amol Raje B.E. Electrical Electrical, Grid connectivity, 4 Synchronization Mr. B.E. Electrical Electrical, Solar PV 4 M.Wakankar Mr. Sunil B.E. Civil, M.Tech. Civil, Structural designs, PP 20 Kulkarni (ET) Planning Mr. Nitin B.Arch., Green Architecture, Planning 6 Shinde Mr. Sanndeep B.E.Mech Mechanical, Solar Thermal, project 15 Patil management Mr. B Karande B.E.Mech, M.Tech. Energy, Cogeneration Power Plant 15 (ET) Mr. A. Patil B.E.Mech Mechanical, Solar Thermal, 10 Process Designs, Site Project Management Mr. Ajit Katkar B.E.Mech Mechanical, Project Management 10 Mr. Ganesh B.E.Mech Mechanical, Software 6 Shinde developments, CAD/CAM Marketing Dr. D.B.Devi B.E.Electrical Legal, EPC Contracts, Sales 22 M.Tech. (ET)3 Mr. Vijay Patil B.E. Electrical, EPC Contracts, Risk Management, 4 M.B.A. Energy Trading Mr. Baikerikar B.E.Mech, M.B.A. Marketing, HR 64 Finance and Mr.N.N.Shinde, Accounting Mr.M..M.Wagh Mr. A.M.Desai5 Energy Dr. D.B.Devi B.E.Electrical Energy Audits, ESCO 22 conservation M.Tech. (ET) and Energy Mr. A Patil B.E.Mech 10 Audits Mr. V Patil B.E. Electrical, 4 M.B.A. Mr.Laykar S B.E.Electrical 46 Computer Mr.APatil M.C.A. Programming 6 Division Mr.S.N. Shinde B.E.Computer Networking, Software 2 UES l energy services Pvt. Ltd.
  6. 6. UES ENERGY SERVICES PVT.LTD.2) Advisors to Company:1) Dr. P.S.Patil – M.Sc., P.hd.-----Solar cells, thin films2) Er. Anil Kolap-- B.E.Electrical, M.Tech (ET)----Electrical, Grid connectivity3) Er. Dhaval Anthapurkar-- B.E.Mech, M.Tech (ET)----Mechanical, Boilers3) Software Skills to Company:  MS Office  MS Project  AutoCAD  CAM/ CATIA/ ANSYS  WASP  Energy Plus  SSE / HOMER  RTE screen  MATLAB  Various Simulation Tools  Programming in C, C++, VB, .Net, SAP  Networking ToolsContact: UES Energy Services Pvt. Ltd. Base Unit, Balvant Appt, Rajarampuri 13th Lane, Kolhapur (MS), India. Pin- 416008. Cell: +91 9823587183. Email: uesesco@gmail.com info@uesesco.com Website: www.uesesco.com UES l energy services Pvt. Ltd.