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Emma's Guide to Great BarCamping


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Emma describes 10 steps you can take to have a great barcamping experience. First presented at BarCampCork2

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Emma's Guide to Great BarCamping

  1. Emma’s Guide to Great BarCamping Emma Persky storyteller, geek, believer, etc.
  2. How to make the most of barcamp in 10 easy to follow steps
  3. Step 1: Be Prepared
  4. Be Prepared • Make slides and notes in advance • Free to listen and partake in other sessions • Iron out those glitches
  5. Step 2: Go Alone
  6. Go Alone or in a Small Group • Greater opportunity to meet people • Network in groups of 2 or 3 • Introduce to each other
  7. Step 3: Arrive Early
  8. Arrive Early • Barcamps not every weekend • Get your session on the grid • Breakfast (if your lucky)
  9. Step 4: Be Prepared for Change
  10. Be Prepared for Change • Barcamp is all about challenging convention • Be open to adapting your session • Consider entirely new sessions on the back of discussions at barcamp
  11. Step 5: Don’t Be Afraid
  12. Don’t Be Afraid (to leave a session) • Not every session is for every one - multiple trakcs • Engage with the group before you leave • Find another session!
  13. Step 6: Make Few Plans
  14. Make Few Plans • Anything can happen at barcamp. No, really! • Opportunities to socialise outside barcamp, or perhaps share a ride • If you make plans, you will miss out!
  15. Step 7: Bring Cards
  16. Bring Personal and Business Cards • Don’t let people forget you • Business cards for those interested in your work • Personal cards for everyone (else) • Online contact details
  17. Step 8: Keep in Contact
  18. Keep in Contact • Collect those business cards • Add people to your gmail account, and import to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Upcoming, Dopplr etc. • If your really keen, do it on the way home, but whatever you do, don’t wait!
  19. Step 9: Have Fun!
  20. Have Fun • Really! Barcamp is not just about networking and learning • Fun with likeminded people • Play werewolf, uncricket, buzzword bingo, etc. • Take your eyes away from the screen
  21. Step 10: Organise Your Own Barcamp
  22. Organise Your Own Barcamp • Most important step of all • Give back to the community, locally or for a specialist topic • Don’t worry about it, just do it!
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