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Content Analysis is King


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Published in: Technology
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Content Analysis is King

  1. 1. Content Analysis is King Emma Persky #caik
  2. 2. The Web is Full of Interesting Content and Data
  3. 3. Without Context Data is Meaningless
  4. 4. Simple Content Analysis is Not Rocket Science
  5. 5. Trending Topics
  6. 6. Recommended Content Content
  7. 7. Ratings
  8. 8. Shoe A
  9. 9. Shoe B
  10. 10. Hyperbolic Discounting
  11. 12. select sum ( 1 / (1 + [constant] * datediff(now, v.created_at) * / [vote_count] ) as discounted_average from votes v
  12. 13. Play with Coefficient to Fit Your Data
  13. 15. Semantic Analysis
  14. 16. Yahoo Term Extractor OpenCalais Topia TermExtractor Kea Maui Maui Maui Maui Maui Maui Maui http:/ /
  15. 17. Emma Persky is a vocal evangelist for the barcamp movement, an avid traveler and a vibrant storyteller. She is easily roped into insane adventures such as Whuffaoke, a karaoke road trip across the US, or a trip across the atlantic to party at SxSWi for 43 hours. You can't miss her with her bright red hair and distinctively British accent, so make sure to say hi. When Emma is not at home in London, England, engineering software for Gumtree or planning another barcamp, she can be found on an intrepid expedition, collecting stories for her blog, TermExtractor Topia OpenCalais <ul><li>Emma Persky vocal evangelist barcamp movement avid traveler vibrant storyteller Whuffaokekaraoke road tripUStrippartySxSWi43 hourshoursEmmahomehome in LondonLondonEnglandengineering softwareGumtreebarcampintrepid expeditionstoriesblog </li></ul><ul><li>engineering software road trip british accent emma persky barcamp movement trip barcamp emma england expedition accent hair engineering planning london traveler persky storyteller blog party movement evangelist whuffaoke gumtree hours hi atlantic home adventures british stories sxswi road software </li></ul>Topic: Technology/Internet (95.1%) Social Tags: Technology_Internet Time Traveller Evangelist GumTree BarCamp Cities: London Countries: United Kingdom People: Emma Persky Relations: a vocal evangelist for the barcamp movement
  16. 18. Trend Analysis http: / /
  17. 21. Bursty Data
  18. 22. Buckets, Trees and Histograms
  19. 23. Map/Reduce
  20. 24. Topic Detection and Tracking and Tracking
  21. 25. Content Exploration Exploration
  22. 26. Sentiment Analysis
  23. 27. Pizza Based Content Analysis
  24. 28. Emma Persky [email_address] @emmapersky @emmapersky @emmapersky