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Garage Door Openers Castle Rock Co


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Thinking of remodeling your home in the most economical way? Garage Doors are the best option to upgrade your home as it requires low investment with high ROI. Contact Elizabeth Garage Doors to help you choose the right Garage Doors for your home.

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Garage Door Openers Castle Rock Co

  1. 1. Call 303-646-3340 today!“Your Doorway to Home” Garage Door Upgrades the Most Economical Way to Increase ROIExpecting a return on investment from a home remodel project is natural. There are several waysto upgrade your home on a budget. Based on the results of a national study, the Remodeling Costvs Value Report 2010-2011 reports that a basic garage door upgrade could mean as much as an 84percent to 100 percent return on investment.Traditionally, kitchen and bath remodels are popular as high ROI home improvement projects.However, garage doors are not only very economical to upgrade, but also give your home aninstant facelift, while adding significantly to its resale value.It is a fact that the garage door makes up one third of the house’s front view and is used in mosthomes as a front door. Chosen wisely, it also adds to the curb appeal of the property.Most home upgrade investments do not pay off immediately. But in a fluctuating real estatemarket, one of the best investments that can quickly increase the value of your home is in agarage door replacement. Responsible for a prospective homebuyer’s first impression, the high ROIon the garage door is because the investment is low.Garage door material options:Popular garage door options are:  Steel, easy to maintain and cost-effective  Wood, which gives the richest looks  Recycled wood composite, green option  Glass doors framed in aluminum  Fiberglass, better insulation than steelBesides these, there are several innovative new materials in the market with a variety of designsthat can be customized to the look of the property.Garage doors are made of the basic unit and the overlay as embellishments and are usuallypurchased without the overlay. The most common type is the standard door with steel panels withan embossed design. Since they are not insulated, they are used in detached garages that have noheating. For garages that are attached to the home, insulated garage doors are a better option,especially if the garage is used for more than parking your vehicle.Decorative doors cost more but they look good. There are many options available in overlaysranging from steel to different types of real wood like cedar, hardwood and others giving you achoice in looks.Choosing the right garage doorIf you plan to replace your garage door, you will need to consider the following factors:  Proper measurement of the size  The right style  Insulation, to protect from noise, weather elements and keep energy bills in check, particularly if the garage is attached to the house
  2. 2.  Storm resistance to protect from tornadoes and strong winds, since the garage door is a home’s first line of defense. Some manufacturers offer hurricane ready garage doors.  Insulation, safety issues, windows and the garage door opener.Garage doors must be maintained periodically. Opt for a professionally installed garage door thatlooks beautiful, is easy to operate, adds to your security and lowers your energy bills, while raisingthe equity on your home.Elizabeth Garage Doors, LLC.We offer same-day service in most cases.2031 N. Highway 83, Franktown, CO 80116Phone No: 303-646-3340Fax: 303-646-4235Email-Id: info@elizabethgaragedoors.comWebsite: