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League Rules

  1. 1. LEAGUE RULES WHAT IS FANTASY FOOTBALL? Ever wish you could put together and own a professional football team with your favorite players? Elite Fantasy Football League is a way to make your dreams a reality. Here at EFFL, you own and manage a professional football team, with all players having been drafted by you. You use real athletes’ weekly performances and stats to generate points for your fantasy team. The fantasy season lasts 16 total weeks. During the regular season, you set your weekly lineups and then go head-to-head with other team owners. Then based on your record during the regular season, you may have the chance to advance to the playoffs, where you can compete for the title of Fantasy Football Champion. WHY PLAY WITH ELITE FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE? At EFFL, we offer the best variety of entry fees and we distribute TOP PAYOUTS in all of our leagues. See for yourself: Compare our payouts to those of industry leaders: MPARE OUR LEAGUES & PRIZE FUNDS TO THAT OF FANTASY INDUSTRY LEADERS: Fantasy League Price AntSports Quest ELITE Headquarters $25 -- -- -- $195 $50 $420 $301 -- $450 $75 -- -- $570 $700 $100 $865 $661 -- $960 $150 -- -- -- $1485 $250 $2310 $1950 $2290 $2550 $500 $4920 $4645 $5100 $5400 $1000 $10,440 $10,195 $10,790 $11,160 $22,800 (95% $2000 -- -- -- Payout!)
  2. 2. COSTS/ENTRY: There are 9 different entry fees to choose from - $25, $50, $75, $100, $150, $250, $500, $1000, and $2000. There is a one-time fee for the entire season. You will be entitled to unlimited transactions throughout the season. There are no additional waiver or trade costs. EFFL provides both 10 & 12-team leagues. However, we reserve the right to make leagues 8 or 14 teams and adjust accordingly or to postpone a draft date if a league has not filled up in time. Leagues may also be added, based on demand. If leagues fill up quickly and there are no more available, feel free to contact EFFL via phone or email if you would like us to add more leagues and we will do our best to accommodate. PLEASE NOTE: When registering for membership or for leagues, please check your spam/junk mail for email confirmations. Please remove us from spam to ensure that you receive all further communication without difficulty. PAYOUTS: Payouts will be distributed to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in each league. Each League will pay out a certain percentage of its entry fees to the winners and that will be considered the “pot” for that league. The percentage of the payout varies according to the entry fee paid - The higher the entry fee, the higher the percentage paid out to the winners. Official payout amounts will be as follows: Payout structure for 10-team leagues: Payouts (10 Teams) League Payout % 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place Price $25 65% $110 $41 $11 $50 75% $255 $94 $26 $75 77.5% $394 $145 $41 $100 80% $544 $200 $56 $150 82.5% $843 $310 $87 $250 85% $1445 $531 $149
  3. 3. $500 90% $3060 $1125 $315 $1000 93% $6324 $2325 $651 $2000 95% $12920 $4750 $1330 Payout structure for 12-team leagues: Payouts (12 Teams) League Payout % 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place Price $25 65% $132 $50 $13 $50 75% $306 $112 $32 $75 77.5% $476 $175 $49 $100 80% $653 $240 $67 $150 82.5% $1010 $371 $104 $250 85% $1734 $638 $178 $500 90% $3672 $1350 $378 $1000 93% $7588 $2791 $781 $2000 95% $15504 $5700 $1596 CLAIMING/REDEEMING YOUR PRIZE: Once the fantasy season has ended and all of our prize-winners have been determined, Elite Fantasy Sports will mail all of our well-deserved winners their hard-earned prizes in the form of a check. Checks will be mailed WITHIN 3 WEEKS of the season ending. However, in order to claim their prizes and receive them in a timely manner, winners must email us at info@elitefantasyfootballleague.com with the following information: 1) Full name 2) Mailing address (please include apartment numbers) 3) League name 4) Name of your team 5) If your prize is $600 & over, please include your social security number. A 1099-
  4. 4. MISC Form will be sent at the end of the following year. PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU DO NOT SEND US YOUR INFORMATION BY THE PRONOUNCED DEADLINE, YOU WILL RECEIVE ALL EARNINGS AS A CREDIT TO YOUR EFFL ACCOUNT, RATHER THAN A PRIZE CHECK. THIS CREDIT CAN BE USED FOR ANY FUTURE LEAGUE ENTRY FEES. IF YOU CHOOSE TO NOT USE THE CREDIT TOWARDS LEAGUES, THEN YOU WILL BE ISSUED A CHECK IN THE AMOUNT OF YOUR BALANCE AT THE END OF THE FOLLOWING FANTASY SEASON AS LONG AS YOU CONFIRM YOUR INFORMATION. ELIGIBILITY: Leagues are open to: (a) Registered Users; (b) legal residents of one of the fifty (50) United States, Washington D.C. , Canada, and Germany; and (c) at least eighteen (18) years of age or older (except in Alabama and Nebraska where you must be 19 years of age or older) at the date of registration in the Contest. THE COMMISSIONER: The commissioner of a Fantasy Football League is responsible for coordinating and managing the league. Elite Fantasy Sports will serve as the commissioner for all of EFFL's Fantasy Football Leagues and will therefore be responsible for approving trades, resolving any disputes or alleged rules violations, and any other issues that may arise during the season. THIS IS A GAME OF SKILL: All game fees charged are based on supplying our participants with the true look and feel of owning their very own football team. All games are strictly considered games of skill. EFFL rewards the players most skilled in compiling and managing a team over a 17-week period. In our leagues, we will reward participants for their time, effort and hard work in managing their fantasy football team to a prize-winning finish. THE DRAFT: PLEASE NOTE: EFFL highly advises using INTERNET EXPLORER for your internet
  5. 5. connection during online league drafts and mock drafts. EFFL is not responsible for problems that may occur when using other sites like Firefox, etc. All draft dates/times are predetermined and will occur promptly at the time listed on our Leagues page. Once you have paid your entry fee and have been accepted into the league, you will immediately be given your random draft position. You will be permitted to request to swap draft positions with another member of the league up until midnight the day before your draft is scheduled. All drafts will take place on each individual league’s home page. All drafts are live and done in serpentine (snake) fashion. Meaning, during odd numbered rounds, the order will be 1-12. During the even numbered rounds, the order will be 12-1 (wrap-around). Each team will have 2 minutes make their selections. A live, online draft typically lasts between 2-3 hours, depending on how long it takes for owners to select their players. What if I miss draft picks? If for any reason owners are unable to make it to the draft on time or if they do not make their selection before the allotted time is expired, the computer will draft the next person listed on your draft list. If you do not pre-rank your players and put them in your draft list, then the computer automatically select the next highest ranked player. Rankings of players are based on the average draft position the players have been taken in drafts leading up to the 2009 season. IMPORTANT: In automatically making the selection for you, the computer will not account for how many RB’s, WR’s, QB’s, TE’s, PK’s, and DEF’s you need or may want on your roster. Thus, it is in your best interest to be present and on time for your live drafts. Can I Pre-Draft? Owners will have the option to “Pre-Draft” or “Pre-Rank” players, if they know that they will be unable to attend the live draft. However, in using this method, owners should ensure that they have pre-selected or pre-ranked enough players to cover the majority of draft. Using this method also doesn’t ensure that you will have the right amount of positions covered in your roster. Meaning, you could still end up with too many WR’s or TE’s when the computer selects for you. Pre-Drafting should be used merely as a way to guard against an unforeseen emergency that may prevent owners from being present at the live draft or cause them to be late. Once again, EFFL highly recommends being present for live drafts to ensure that you get both the players and number of positions that you really want.
  6. 6. ROSTER REQUIREMENTS/STARTING LINEUPS: Roster will compose of 18 players, and there are no limits on the number of players you can draft at each position. There are 2 Lineup options to choose from – Normal and Flex (both 9 starters). See below for specific positions in each option: Normal Flex QB QB RB RB RB RB WR RB/WR WR WR WR WR TE TE K K D D SETTING WEEKLY LINEUPS: All owners must set their lineups weekly. There is no default lineup. This is done to encourage full participation in our leagues and so that EFFL can see which owners are no longer active. If a team's lineup is not submitted by 11:00am Sunday, the software will automatically submit a lineup based on the highest ranked players not injured and not on byes. EFFL will continue to monitor all owners' activity on the site throughout the entire season. For those owners who abandon their teams and no longer log-in to their EFFL accounts, their prize money will be forfeited. SCORING SYSTEM: Offensive Stats (includes QB, WR, RB, TE, K): Passing Yards = 1 point per 25 yards Passing TD = 6 points Interception = -2 points Rushing Yards = 1 point per 10 yards
  7. 7. Rushing TD = 6 points Receiving Yards = 1 point per 10 yards Receiving TD = 6 points Point per reception = 1 point Fumble Lost = -2 points Rushing/Receiving 2 point Conversion = 2 points Field Goal = 0-39 yards = 3 points, 40-49 yards = 4 points, 50-59 yards = 5 pts, 60+ yards = 6 points Extra Point = 1 point Extra Point Missed = -1 point Defensive Stats (D/ST): Sacks = 1 point Interceptions = 2 points Fumble Lost (INDIVIDUAL PLAYER PENALIZED) = -2 points Fumble Recovery = 2 points Touchdown (credited to D/ST, not individual player) = 6 points Safety = 2 points Kickoff/Punt Returns for TD = 6 points 0-2 points allowed = 10 points 3-6 points allowed = 8 points 7-12 points allowed = 6 points 13-16 points allowed = 4 point 17-20 points allowed = 2 points 21-30 points allowed = 0 points 31-34 points allowed = -1 points 35+ points allowed = -3 points WINS/LOSSES: Each week, in head-to-head match up, the team with the greater number of points will earn a Win and the team with the lesser number a Loss. During the regular season, if a match up results in two teams having the same number of points, each team will be awarded a Tie. During the playoffs, however, there are no ties. The tiebreaker will be bench scoring. If this does not break the tie, then the team with the higher playoff seed will be awarded the win. SCHEDULE & PLAYOFFS:
  8. 8. Regular Season: All leagues will consist of 13 regular season games, followed by 3 weeks of playoffs during weeks 14, 15, & 16 of the NFL season. Throughout the 13 weeks of the regular season, owners will play every team in their league once and then randomly selected teams after that. Playoffs/Seeding: The top 6 teams in each league will advance to the playoffs. Teams will be seeded from #1 to #6. Division winners in 10 team leagues will be seeded #1 & #2, with the best record earning the #1 seed. Then the next 4 best records will be seeded #3-6. In 12 team leagues, division winners will be ranked #1-3 seeds, with the best record receiving the #1 seed, and so on. The next 3 best records will be seeded #4-6. If there is a tie for seeding, total points scored will be used to break the tie. If there is still a tie, then it will come to Head-to-Head record. The playoff schedule is run similar to the NFL playoffs and will be as follows: 10-TEAM LEAGUES: Week 14 (1st Round Payoffs) - The 2 division winners will be seeded #1 & #2 and receive a bye - Wildcard teams - seed #3 vs. seed #6 and seed #4 vs. seed #5 Week 15 (2nd Round Playoffs) - Best division winner #1 seed vs. lower seeded winner from week 14 - Worst division winner #2 seed vs. higher seeded winner from week 14 Week 16 (3rd Round Playoffs) - Fantasy Bowl Championship features the winners from week 15 - Losers from week 15 compete for 3rd place 12 TEAM LEAGUES: Week 14 (1st Round Playoffs) - The top 2 division winners will be seeded #1 & #2 and receive a bye - The worst division winner will be seeded #3 and face wildcard team seeded #6, Wildcard teams seed #4 vs. seed #5
  9. 9. Week 15 (2nd Round Playoffs) - Best division winner #1 seed vs. lower seeded winner from week 14 - Worst division winner #2 seed vs. higher seeded winner from week 14 Week 16 (3rd Round Playoffs) - Fantasy Bowl Championship features the winners from week 15 - Losers from week 15 compete for 3rd place Tie Breakers for Playoff games will be as follows: 1) Bench scoring for that week 2) Higher seeded team coming into playoffs BLIND BIDDING/FREE AGENCY: EFFL utilizes the blind bidding system because we believe it is the fairest method available, allowing all owners to have a chance at obtaining a player during the week. All teams will receive $1000 in Bidding Dollars (not real money) for the year to be used for bidding on players throughout the season. Blind bidding begins after week one of the season and continues until the end of the season, including playoff weeks. So, owners are encouraged to spend their bidding dollars wisely. Blind bidding occurs weekly and begins every Tuesday at 8am EST and ends Thursday at 7am EST. Once the blind bidding period is over, owners can then pick up a player on a first come first serve basis through free agency. Free Agency ends 12:59pm every Sunday. Starting at game time Sunday afternoon (1pm), free agency will then be locked until the Blind Bidding period begins the next Tuesday morning. PLEASE NOTE: Free Agency will be in effect from the time your draft ends until week 1 begins. HOW DOES BLIND BIDDING WORK? The process is rather simple. The owner that bids the highest on a player will obtain him. It works similar to a silent auction in that no one knows what the others are bidding on that player.
  10. 10. The blind bidding minimum is $1. If you bid $50 on a player, and the next highest bidder was $25, you will pay $50 for that player not $25.01 or $26. So, careful bidding is a must. If there is a tie in the bidding, the player will be awarded to the owner with the worst record. Next tiebreaker is lowest points. Final tiebreaker is whoever entered the league first. You can bid on multiple players for each player dropped, but you must rank your preference of which players you would like to add to your roster the most. If you do not get your 1st preference, your 2nd will be considered next, and so on... You cannot bid on players for more bidding bucks than you currently have in your account. Once a player is cut from an owner, that player will not be available until the next Blind Bidding period, reducing the chances of someone “dropping” a player so that another owner can “pick him up” shortly after. FREE AGENCY You may pick up as many free agents as you’d like once the Blind Bidding Period is over, but before that free agent’s game has started that week. Once that player’s game has begun, he will be locked and no longer available until the Blind Bidding period begins the following week. All Free Agents are $10. **Free Agency will also be in effect up until Week 1, after which the Blind Bidding process begins** TRADES: The weekly deadline for trades is Friday 11pm EST. The season trading deadline is 11pm on Friday, November 5th. All trades must be accepted by that time. There is no limit to the number of trades you can make throughout the season, up until the season trade deadline. All trades must be even in numbers between owners. Meaning, in any trade, each owner must trade the same amount of players All trades will be reviewed and approved by EFFL within 24-48 hours. Once a trade has been agreed upon by 2 owners, members of that league have 24 hours to protest the trade. If there are no protests and EFFL deems the trade fair, the trade will be allowed. If a trade is vetoed by owners and EFFL deems that the veto reasons are not valid and that the trade is fair, the trade will be allowed. An email will be sent to all league members once a trade has been accepted. If a trade is protested, owners must give a valid reason as to why they
  11. 11. think the trade cannot help one of the teams or how the trade may be a product of collusion in order for EFFL to consider a veto. There is no minimum number of vetoes needed in order for a trade to be rejected. If EFFL agrees or understands the side of the protester(s), no matter how many vetoes there are, EFFL will then reject the trade. The two owners can then work out another trade that would be deemed fair. EFFL will approve all weekly trades by Saturday night. All players approved will be eligible to insert into lineups for that week, as long as that player’s game has not been played yet. It is the responsibility of the owners to make sure that their lineups are adjusted accordingly once their trades are approved. It is highly advised that owners offer trades early in the week in order to give optimal time for reviews of trades and adjusting lineups. INVALID PROTEST EXPLANATIONS: 1. “This trade is stupid.” Owners cannot just provide a couple of words complaining about the trade, without a detailed explanation. 2. “This team is getting the better end of the deal.” The purpose of trading is to improve your team as much as possible. EFFL will not punish owners who drafted well and end up with good trade bait for the season. 3. “Several owners vetoed this trade.” It doesn’t matter how many owner vetoes there are. It is up to EFFL to determine if the trade is valid and thus, EFFL may or may not approve it. REASONS FOR VETOING A TRADE: 1. The trade in no way benefits one of the trading teams (Adrian Peterson for Heath Miller). 2. Collusion – 2 league owners that know each other, making an obvious attempt to improve one team at the expense of the other team. 3. There is a valid veto by a league owner who provides a detailed and reasonable explanation for that veto, OR the owner who is getting the short end of the deal is unable to provide a valid reason as to how the trade does benefit the team. 4. Trading players from a non-contending team to a contending team. This is more common closer to the season trading deadline. 5. Partners in Trading – 2 teams attempt to help each other out by trading to cover each other’s bye weeks and short-term injuries. **EFFL TAKES TRADING VERY SERIOUSLY. OUR GOAL IS TO PROVIDE OWNERS WITH THE FAIREST FANTASY FOOTBALL ENVIRONMENT
  12. 12. POSSIBLE. REFUND POLICY: At Elite Fantasy Football League, *ALL SALES ARE FINAL*. No refunds will be administered. If a league does not fill up, we will gladly place you in another league that most matches the one you were originally registered for or push the date of the draft back in order to help fill the league. We strongly encourage you to participate in one of our mock drafts so that you can get a feel of our site and decide whether you would like to participate in one of our leagues. We aim to provide the best customer service. Please feel free to contact us via phone or email with any questions or concerns that you may have before entering one of our leagues. We'd be happy to speak with you.