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Feelings and emotions


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Published in: Education
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Feelings and emotions

  1. 1. FeelingsHow to express feelings and emotions elenec EOI Avilés 1
  2. 2. Listen to some people expressing their feelings in different situations elenec EOI Avilés 2
  3. 3. fee l...? uld you ow woH elenec EOI Avilés 3
  4. 4. if two people gave you completely opposite advice? confused elenec EOI Avilés 4
  5. 5. if you were unhappy and frustrated because of your boss ? fed up elenec EOI Avilés 5
  6. 6. if the police told you that your flat had been burgled? shocked elenec EOI Avilés 6
  7. 7. if you didnt get a present you were hoping to get? disappointed elenec EOI Avilés 7
  8. 8. if you were about to talk in public for the first time? nervous elenec EOI Avilés 8
  9. 9. if a very good friend didnt invite you to his party? offended elenec EOI Avilés 9
  10. 10. if a friend helped you a lot with a problem? grateful elenec EOI Avilés 10
  11. 11. if you went to study abroad and were missing your family? homesick elenec EOI Avilés 11
  12. 12. if you thought you had lost your passport but then you found it? relieved elenec EOI Avilés 12
  13. 13. peo ple e th ese how ar w?And ling no fee elenec EOI Avilés 13
  14. 14. desperate devastated furiouselenec EOI Avilés 14
  15. 15. stunned exhausted thrilledelenec EOI Avilés 15
  16. 16. miserable astonished delightedelenec EOI Avilés 16
  17. 17. More activitiesDevelop your vocabulary for describing emotionsSome emotion idioms-ed /-ing adjectivesWhat are extreme adjectives?More about extreme adjectivesAdverb collocations and extreme adjectivesListening 1: what are these three women feeling?Listening 2: you will hear how four men are feelingSong: Something beautiful by Robbie Williams
  18. 18. Talking timeChoose two or more adjectives from belowand tell your partner/s why you felt like that.Can you remember a time when you felt...? Amazed Delighted Exhausted Furious Grateful homesick Terrified Really EOI Avilés elenec fed up 18