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Irish Immigration


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This is a collection of resources for high school teachers to use when teaching the topic of Irish Immigration.

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Irish Immigration

  1. 1. Irish Immigration Grades 9-12 Emily Zwart
  2. 2. RationalOn the Statue of Liberty, the symbolof America, it reads "Give me your tired, your poor Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free The wretched refuse of your teeming shore Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” These lines hold the promise that so many emigrants hoped would prove true.
  3. 3. Rational• The topic of immigration is one of vital importance for all Americans, especially during our modern era.• Focusing on the experience and background of Irish immigration provides insight into a manageable case study of struggles and accomplishments• Technology adds to this study in that it allows students to look at evidence across the ages and think using 21st century methods• Students can achieve a more interactive understanding of the experience of others and the realities of the past and present
  4. 4. Youtube Video• Famine to Freedom: The Great Irish Journey (click link to access video)• This is an informative and entertaining video that provides a comprehensive background on Irish history and the immigrant experience.
  5. 5. Blog Link• Latest News Blog from the Coalition of Irish Immigration Centers (click link to go to website)• Through this site students can learn about current updates and issues with Irish immigration from a reliable, and Irish-based webpage.• It is important to gather information from global perspectives, as well as from American and Irish viewpoints, this opinion is Irish-based.
  6. 6. Podcast• Irelands New Immigrant Wave (click link to access podcast)• Through this podcast students can listen to a scholar speak on more modern issues in Irish immigration.
  7. 7. Agencies/Organizations • IRIS Homepage (click link to access webpage) • The IRIS organization works to provide aid and assistance to refugees, asylees, and immigrants who are living in America. • The site would be useful for students to look through what is available for immigrants in the United States and to see what sort of services are the most necessary.
  8. 8. Agencies/Organizations• Emerald Isle Immigration Services Homepage (click link to access webpage)• This site is more specifically focused on Irish immigration in America, especially because the Emerald Island Immigration Services was founded by Irish immigrants.• The blogs and other resources available also provide great insight into the Irish experience and current advances.• Video Blog from this Site (click link to access video)
  9. 9. Agencies/Organizations• The Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform (click link to access webpage)• This site is the homepage of the Irish Immigration Lobbyist page and contains many resources and updates on Irish immigration and how advocates are working for change.• The site contains news updates and blogs to keep students informed on the debate over rights for undocumented Irish immigrants in America.
  10. 10. Graphic Organizer
  11. 11. Teaching Materials• Immigration Webquest (clink link to access webpage)• This site is very interactive and takes students on a tour of the immigrant experience through Ellis Island.• There are multiple different sources such as videos, documents, and images for the students to explore
  12. 12. Teaching Materials• Digital Story Telling by Immigrants and Refugees (click link to access webpage)• This site provides students with firsthand accounts of the immigrant experience and appeals to the audio and visual aspects of learning. Participants in collecting, editing, and telling the stories
  13. 13. Teaching Materials• Virtual Tour of Tenement Museum (click link to access website)• This site allows students to take a virtual tour of the Tenement Museum. The tour goes through the poor conditions that many incoming immigrants had to face, including the Irish.
  14. 14. Teaching Material• Images of Immigration (click link to access webpage)• This site allows students to look through photos based off of Edward A. Steiner’s book along with textual descriptions to add context to the images.
  15. 15. Teaching Material• Irish Immigration Lesson Plan with Worksheets and Primary Sources (click on link to access webpage)• This lesson plan focuses on the Irish experience and has the students look at art and short readings. The primary sources and worksheets are included.• Irish Immigration Web-Based Lesson Plan (click on link to access webpage)• This lesson plan is also on the Irish, but focuses on images and language. There is a worksheet as well, but the sources are mainly found online.
  16. 16. App Site• TED App (click on link to access app)• This free application can either be a website, or an ipod app, and gives students access to TED talks that vary in topic. There are many different videos on immigration that can be accessed through the search bar.
  17. 17. Subject Specific Site• PBS Home Page (click link to access webpage)• This site provides reliable information for any social studies teacher on a variety of sources.• When searching “immigration” or “Irish immigration” various sources and videos become readily available.
  18. 18. Uses of the Internet• United States Census Bureau (click link to access webpage)• This site is invaluable for the topic of immigration. Both students and teacher can find information on the population of the United States as it pertains to immigration throughout different years.
  19. 19. Uses of Internet• Global School Net (click link to access webpage)• This source connects students and teachers globally so that they can collaborate on projects• The teacher can also create interactive online expeditions to distant places, such as Ireland, to help students better understand a different culture
  20. 20. Web 2.0• History Pin (click on link to access webpage)• This site is very useful for collaboration between students, teachers, and a global community• The basis of the site is to “pin” history where ever it can be found and work to gather as much history as possible• This website can be used in communities, schools, and smaller groups. It could be adapted to various uses in the classroom setting
  21. 21. Web 2.0• Addict-o-Matic (click link to access webpage)• This feature customizes webpages to a specific search. Students can use this site to search under immigration and Irish immigration and gain access to varied sources from all different types of online media.
  22. 22. Conclusion• This presentation combines a variety of sources that allow students to travel through time, as well as look into the future, when talking about Irish immigration. They will be able to interpret broad themes of immigration and ground their understanding with the case study of the Irish. Through using technology, they have access to more resources that a text book and chalkboard can provide. As a nation of immigrants, this issue is key to our concept of our national and individual identity.
  23. 23. Sideshare• This presentation can be found on slide share• (click the link to access the webpage)