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Ws ivana eklund english (002)


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Digital resources in literacy teaching - workshop

Published in: Education
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Ws ivana eklund english (002)

  1. 1. Digital resources in literacy teaching Hanaholmen 4 april 2019
  2. 2. I Eklund & A Thörnroth Engborg. * Skolverket (2017). * C Hilli Digital and multimodal literacy Websites in the sfi teaching - students who are digitally competent adults • New strategies for reading - scroll, search, follow links, start videos / audio files, understand, judge • Multimodal content in interaction - text, image, layout, animations, video clips, sound • Placement of text elements on the page - new / older, important / less important information • Communication • Handling video manuals as scaffolding
  3. 3. Screen and sound recording (computer) Screencastify (computer) Record it! (iPad, iPhone) Video Editing MovieMaker (computer) iMovie (iPad, iPhone, Mac) Publication Youtube Google Drive Sharing
  4. 4. Digital literacy & digital competence Presentation of tools, navigation, login etc.
  5. 5. Search • find suitable keywords • voice search • assess links • search for specific facts • multilingual
  6. 6. reflection
  7. 7. Thanks for today!