MN319 Digital Market Review on the Alcohol Sector (Beer and Cider)


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MN319 Digital Market Review on the Alcohol Sector (Beer and Cider)

  1. 1. MN319 E-MarketingMarket & Digital Review of the Alcohol Sector in Ireland(Beer & Cider)Group Members:Adam LeonOrla FinglasEmma SlevinAdam WheatleyAisling McEvoy O’Connor
  2. 2. IntroductionWe researched the alcohol market sector in Ireland,focusing on the following beer and cider companies.•Heineken•Bulmers Ireland•Guinness•Carlsberg•Budweiser
  3. 3. Market Background• The Irish alcohol industry is a multi-billion euro industry, in 2012the market was worth €6.390 billion.• The main alcohol producers in Ireland are Diageo, C&C Group,Heineken Ireland and Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard who producevarious alcohol beverages such as Guinness, Budweiser, Carlsberg,Heineken and Bulmers Ireland.• The on-license alcohol sector in Ireland continued to decline in2012 with growth in off-licence sales. Alcohol brands must be morecompetitive due to increased supermarket alcohol brand sales.• The market was also hit with an increase in the level of VAT from21% to 23% in January 2012• Early indicators for 2013 for bar sales from the Retail Sales Indexare disappointing. In January 2013 bar sales volume dropped by 6.9% compared to January 2012.
  4. 4. The 5 Brands Reviewed• Budweiser was established in 1876, by Anheuser-Busch in Saint Louis, Missouri,and is part of the Diageo Group. It is America’s most popular beer along withinternational popularity.• Bulmers Ireland was founded by William Magner in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary inthe 1930’s and is now part of the C&C Group. It is the leading Cider brand in Ireland.• Carlsberg was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1847 by J.C Jacobson, and isnow part of the Diageo Group. It is a successful beer in the Irish market.• Guinness was established in 1759 by Arthur Guinness, at St James’s GateBrewery, Dublin, and is now part of the Diageo Group. Guinness has a strong Irishheritage and has become the highest selling beer in the Irish market.• Heineken was established in 1873 by Gerard Adrian Heineken. The brandorginates in The Netherands, and is brewed in Co. Cork ,Ireland. It is a popular beerin Ireland.
  5. 5. Website Review• Each website has an “age gateway” for the purpose of confirming thevisitor is the legal drinking age.• All of the websites convey their brand’s distinctive colours making thesites attractive. They all too have information about their products andthe background of their brand.• The Guinness, Heineken, Carlsberg and Bulmers Ireland websites are userfriendly and easy to navigate through. However the Budweiser site iscluttered with many images and dark colouring, making viewing andnavigating difficult.• Guinness, Bulmers Ireland and Carlsberg links their website to theirFacebook and Twitter pages. Heineken and Budweiser only link theirFacebook page to their websites.
  6. 6. Social Media ReviewTwitter: Guinness Ireland has the highest number of followers on Twitterwith Bulmers Ireland having the lowest. Budweiser started their page inJanuary 2013 and have 13,758 followers, they have increased theirfollowers by promoting their involvement in the Super Bowl and theircompetition to help name the baby Clydesdale. The best company fortweeting and interacting is Guinness Ireland with over 2,400 tweets.Facebook: In terms of the number of fans, Heineken is the superior page,followed by Budweiser, then Carlsberg, Guinness and lastly, BulmersIreland. While Heineken has the greatest fan base and reach Budweiser ismore engaging with their fan base with the highest PTAT rating.YouTube: Heineken has the largest number of subscribed users, whileBulmers Ireland has the lowest. Carlsberg, Guinness, Heineken andBudweiser all have links to their other social media sites or their websites.Bulmers Ireland fails to link social media accounts to the channel.
  7. 7. Mobile Review• Bulmers Ireland, Budweiser and Heinekens’ mobile websites have thesame content as on a computer with a responsive design. Having aresponsive design with a clear layout makes the sites easier to navigatethrough the mobile site.• The Guinness mobile website has the same content as on a computer butdoes not have a responsive design and requires you to zoom in.• The Carlsberg mobile website is different to that on a computer; thehomepage directs you to either their Facebook page or YouTube page.• Heineken, Carlsberg, Budweiser and Guinness all have links to their socialmedia sites on their mobile site but Bulmers Ireland does not.
  8. 8. Mobile App Review• Bulmers Ireland’s App provides the user with event listings along with updates oncompetitions once you’ve scanned a bottle of Bulmers Original or Light.• Carlsberg’s most popular App was for the Euro 2012, and allowed fans access tofixtures, highlights, news and interviews during this competition.• Budweiser’s App enabled fans to contribute to the FA cup man of the match, and alsodisplayed fixtures, results and starting times of these matches.• Guinness’s App informed fans of the simple 6 steps to “make the perfect pint.”• Heineken’s App which runs with UEFA Cup, allows interaction with others worldwideto anticipate the outcomes in matches such as goals, penalties and corners.
  9. 9. Facebook Boss Metrics Report
  10. 10. Top Facebook Posts Per Firm
  11. 11. Twitter Boss Metrics Report
  12. 12. Top Tweets Per Firm
  13. 13. Report PromotionWe promoted our report on various social media sites:•Personal Blogs via Word Press•Twitter accounts•Facebook•YouTube•LinkedIn
  14. 14. Conclusion• A strong online presence is important in today’s highly competitivemarkets, in particular social media.• A strong digital media strategy increases brand awareness.• All 5 brands have a presence online with areas of strength andweakness.• Overall Bulmers Ireland is the weakest across all online mediaplatforms.• Heineken have the strongest presence online, with the highestnumber of fans across combined social media platforms.• Budweiser also has a strong presence as they have high levels ofengagement as per their number of fans. However presentation canlet them down, e.g. their website is cluttered and not user friendly.• Guinness appear to target the Irish market best, throughsponsorship and promotion and they have the most Irish socialmedia accounts.
  15. 15. YouTube Video