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London the whole world in one city pptx


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English project about the most important ethnic groups in London Nowadays. The Commonwealth, its origins and its influence in the multicultural London today. This project is part of the School project "Moving" for the first cycle of Secondary Education of IES LA MOLA

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London the whole world in one city pptx

  1. 1. The Commonwealth: From the British Empire to the Commonwealth and the multicultural London nowadays C. Ivorra Pellín
  2. 2. A) DESAFÍO O PREGUNTA MOTRIZ (PHOTOS) Where do you think these pictures were taken? Where do you think these places are? C. Ivorra Pellín
  3. 3. All of these pictures have been taken in London. C. Ivorra Pellín
  4. 4. 1 WHY DO WE FIND SO MANY DIFFERENT ETHNIC GROUPS IN THIS CITY? WHY DID THEY DECIDE TO MOVE TO THIS CITY FROM DIFFERENT PLACES ALL OVER THE WORLD MANY YEARS AGO? • C) ESTÁNDARES DE APRENDIZAJE • Bloque 1: Comprensión de textos orales • Bloque 2: Producción de textos orales: expresión e interacción • Bloque 3: Comprensión de textos escritos • Bloque 4: Producción de textos escritos: expresión e interacción. • Bloque 5: Elementos transversales a la asignatura • B) COMPETENCIAS CLAVE TRABAJADAS EN EL PROYECTO • 1. Competencias Sociales y cívicas • 2. Competencia Digital • 3. Competencia en comunicación lingüística • 4. Conciencia y expresiones culturales • 5. Aprender a aprender C. Ivorra Pellín
  5. 5. D) TAREAS:SEMANA DEL 13 DE MARZO (DÍA DE LA COMMONWEALTH) AL 17 DE MARZO • ORIGINS OF THE MULTICULTURAL LONDON: THE BRITISH EMPIRE AND THE COMMONWEALTH • The origins of this cultural fusion we find in London go back to the old British Empire and the countries that were British Colonies. After becoming independent, most of those former colonies began part of the COMMONWEALTH (a group of 54 countries which shares a common language, a legal and educational system. They support each other to reduce poverty, prejudice and ignorance and they also support each other to promote human rights and social developments. • Grupo A:We watch the video “CommonWealth Countries citizens” we have uploaded” in our course “Proyecto Aliados 2º ESO”,aula virtual IES LA MOLA • Reading and Listening monwealth • We also complete The Commonwealth Quiz mmonwealth-Day-2016-Schools-Pack-Primary.pdf • Grupo B: We do the same activities than our classmates in 2ª A Grupo C:We watch the same video and we also complete the quiz but we use a different link for the Reading C. Ivorra Pellín
  6. 6. Here you have some of the websites we visited to learn about The Commonwealth, its origins and how the countries which form The Commonwealth support each other to reduce poverty, prejudice and ignorance and to promote Human Rights and social developments. C. Ivorra Pellín
  7. 7. And here you have some of the questions of the quiz we answered at the end of the week C. Ivorra Pellín
  8. 8. 26th – 29th April (aula de informática C 1): We start to work on our Project again. Now we focus on London and the Title of our Project: LONDON : THE WHOLE WORLD IN ONE CITY MULTICULTURAL LONDON VIDEO: UmIuRaAw A video about the different ethnic groups in London. in our course “Proyecto Aliados 2º ESO”, we have different links where we can find information to prepare the questions for the final product: 2º ESO A /B: trivial online (KAHOOT) and the board game each group has to build. 2º ESO C: poster of Multicultural London with the most representative nationalities present in this city nowadays (Indian, Bangladesh, Arabic/Irish/Jamaican/Turkish/ etc). Their National flags, traditional dishes, borough of London where they live, etc.) C. Ivorra Pellín
  9. 9. These are some of the websites we have used to prepare our Questions for the Kahoot and also to find the information about The main foreign-based communities in London C. Ivorra Pellín
  10. 10. 8th – 12th May: We have already got all the information we need, so we start working on our poster or game board C. Ivorra Pellín
  11. 11. We form different groups. They have names related to London or the Commonwealth: Chelsea, Beefeaters, The Commonwealth C. Ivorra Pellín
  12. 12. China Town, Notting Hill, or the Royal Team C. Ivorra Pellín
  13. 13. Just the last details to complete the questions and board games C. Ivorra Pellín
  14. 14. 11th May: it’s time to try our Kahoot in the Computers Room C. Ivorra Pellín
  15. 15. And we have had great fun with it!!! C. Ivorra Pellín
  16. 16. 15th May: it’s the day for our self-assessment. We also show our board games to the other class-mates and we vote for the best one Self-Assessment of the project LONDON: THE WHOLE WORLD IN A CITY Teacher: Conchi Ivorra Pellín (Inglés) General Knowledge of the content studied in this project I know a lot a lot about it I know almost everything about it I only know some of the things about it I don’t know anything at all about it I know the most important facts about the COMMONWEALTH (what it is, its origins, what the states members share, etc.) I know the most important facts about Multicultural London (the most important Ethnic communities living there), amazing places to visit, historic or popular sites to visit, etc. My individual contribution in this project Always Sometimes Hardly Ever Never I have worked on the project every day, handling the questions, board games at the required deadline. I have done my part when working in group Personal opinion about the project Yes Most of the time Hardly Ever Not at all I have learnt lots of new things and I have enjoyed learning English in a different way We also value what we have found more difficult in our Project or what we have liked the most. And finally we have voted which is the Best Board game of those made by the different teams. C. Ivorra Pellín
  17. 17. We complete our self-assessment Questionnaire and we play a “trivial game” with our new board-games C. Ivorra Pellín 16th May
  18. 18. C. Ivorra Pellín
  19. 19. We also prepare our poster about “MULTICULTURAL LONDON”. We looked for information about the main communities of foreign origin living in London nowadays C. Ivorra Pellín
  20. 20. C. Ivorra Pellín
  21. 21. And this is the result. Our poster about Multicultural London Map of “London Neighbourhoods” C. Ivorra Pellín